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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm Reading for a curious person 10 points?

10 points for a GOOD or THOROUGH palm reading. Thank you πŸ™‚

Right Hand Dominant


Left Hand

David your answer reads douche bag and a$ $ hole if you are the only one to answer my question which was just for fun I will make sure I delete this question.

Answer by David
These lines indictate great foolishness and gullibility.

Don’t get mad at me! This I what your palms say, I been doin this for like 27 years! That’s really what it says!

Answer by Amazon Warrior ΖΈΜ΅Μ‘ΣœΜ΅Μ¨Μ„Ζ·
Hate to break it to you, but palm readers cannot read hands off of pictures off the internet. There are lines that are faint and are invisible to the camera because of the lighting.
Besides those photos are bad. Your left hand is all scrunched up while your right hand is soo flat that that you are making any lines that could guide you disappear.

Sorry but those photos don’t work.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone do palm reading please?

I will show a picture of my palm as soon as possible. If you need to feel it, well I’d be sad because than no one can read my palm. It has to be free or I won’t believe you. Please be honest.

honest?you,ll have a better chance of me telling your life.and what to watch for.i don,t even want to do that any more,i just get tired,you,re wrong yeah you right??3 of out 3 i was,oh,good guess,the last i have to your palm.i.ll tell you what you want to see it is not easy for anything supernatural.but,somedays electricity flows.even over the computer screen,that scares me,,,byeee

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Katy Perry Palm Reading

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