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Palm reading with my bestfriend over any other Sunday night >>

#love #spendthenights

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Sehun reading his introduction in his palm LMAO Sehun. I love you.

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Omg had my palm reading I have an amazing future woo! And I can pick anyone to love & I’ll have an amazing job, I’m a leader bitches

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm Reading Scare? =[?

So my boyfriend and i got our palms read, by a friend who says they know how to read it.
NORMALLY i dont believe in this stuff but its got me a little weird about it.
Basically he read my palm said id never get married
He read my boyfriends saying he’ll find his true love and stay married

Ive been with my boyfriend for like…a year D: ?
Is this BS? coz im not loving it lol

Answer by cryptidtruth
What someone makes up for money will not affect your life.

Answer by ash
Don’t listen to someone that says crap like that, their probably just messing with you. Just let life take you and don’t worry over it.

Answer by FranKie Loves Drums
Get rid of this friend and enjoy your partner. Maybe that friend can’t get anybody and hoping to get sympathy from you. Scru him. If you like your BF, than never mind the palm stuff.

Answer by cuuuutie:)
don’t worry about it, honestly, worry about things like that too much will only cause them to be true. forget about it and enjoy the time with your boyfriend 🙂

Answer by ♠ Hot Mess
You said a friend read this? Does this “friend” like you? Did he ever tried to get at you …or you think he ever had feelings for you? Get my point? haha.
Anyways, whatever with that. Like them people above me said, just enjoy being with him.

Answer by Smoochie Cuddlekins
Hey, maybe I can unscare you! I know a little about palm reading. First, open your left palm, and notice there are 3 main lines crossing it. You need to look at where the top main line (the life line) ends at the side of the palm, and clutch your hand in a fist. Next, notice any short lines that form between the base of your little finger and your life line at the side of the palm. If there is at least one, then you have nothing to worry about, because these lines (supposedly) mean the number of significant relationships you will have in your lifetime. Hope this helps!

Written by LoveDrNikki

I was born with my innate gifts of clairvoyance (see things), clairaudient (hear things), clairsentient (know things). By the time I was 3 I knew there were things that I knew that I could not tell anyone about because they got really weird if I did. At 13 I got my first deck of tarot cards (Ryder – Waite) and started doing readings professionally.

At 16 I had my first near death experience when I was in a pick-up truck that hit a semi-tractor trailer truck. My dad had died several years earlier – and he had been a semi-truck driver. I was fortunate enough to receive my Father as a Spirit Guide that day, My second NDE was when I was 18 – I was in a Piper Cub 2 seater aircraft that did a hard landing into the side of a mountain. I have spent my entire life studying and working with the wyrd and wonderful in all its guises. While not required by any means I enjoy using the Tarot or any of the other divination tools I have at hand you may want to use for your reading.

I have Doctorate Degrees in Divinity (D.Div) and Theology (Th.D.) from Northern Lights Seminary and continue to study. Among some of my other titles are Psychic Minister, Esoteric Minister, High Priestess, Shaman, Spiritual Coach, Psychic Coach, Psychic Healer, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Small Business Consultant, Paralegal, Executive Director and College student. I am honored to be a “reader’s reader,” meaning that many of the people do readings for are readers or spiritual workers themselves.