Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palmistry Astrology and Tarot Readings?

Just for fun…Can you read my palm or future. Concerning Career, family, money, fame, and love thanks

Right Hand (dominant)

Left Hand(Non-Dominant)

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Answer by thorndrose
Are you right or left handed?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do you believe in psychic readings ?

I have seen many ppl go to them, i have been having a tough time with love and worrying about my future i just want some clarity. i was debating on going. what are ppls thoughts

Answer by HollyPaw
People out there charging,make a business out of peoples problems,and sorrows and worries,to help another for real has no mundane price tag.

Answer by Veronica Sawyer
I think like any good hustler, a psychic could sit you down in a room, tell you exactly what you want to hear, rip you off for 50 dollars and have you thank them for it.

Answer by Who wants a cupcake?
dont go…

u loose money

and thats of the devil (if u believe in him)

If u believe God dont go its of the Devil..
if u do… well lets leave it 2 him…

Answer by RootBeerMaster
It’s fake they only tell u want u want to hear or already know by looking at your face & body expressions.

Answer by diana
There are good psychics out there. I went to one for 20 years and she was always helpful and right on with what she told me. she retired and moved away so I had to find another one, which I did, she does astrology and is psychic and is very good as well. I suggest you try it once and see if it works for you. Good luck!

Answer by SARAH
I think there are true psychics & fake psychics so try & get a recommendation. A true psychic will help give you the guidance and clarity you need. Barefoot Psychics ( hand-pick their psychics & offer psychic services by phone/text/email. They currently have a summer offer on.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’ve noticed Aphrodite has many names, in Lament for Adonis, in particular, she is called by diff names?

Lament for Adonis:

And who are “The Loves”? The Muses?

Answer by Raith [strawberry + cupcake]
The Loves (the Erotes) are the personifications of love and desire and are attendents to Aphrodite. She has a lot of titles, epithets, and surnames such as Aphakitis, Kêpois, and Khryseê.

Answer by Stella
The other names are epithets. 🙂
“An epithet (from Greek ἐπίθετον – epitheton, neut. of ἐπίθετος – epithetos, “attributed, added”[1]) is a descriptive word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing.”

I’m not sure who the author means by “the Loves.” Maybe the Kharites (the Graces)?

Answer by Mike H
Well, loves and muses can be looked up in a thesaurus. Muses would be those she amused herself with, the loves could be either those she loved or those who loved her.

Keep in mind many gods have many many names, some even hundreds. The reason for this is before they become a united civilisation, each tribe/village etc would have different names for what equates to the same god.

Thus when they marry, move village or unite, the gods become one, different names belonging to different aspects of that god. It’s the same in Ancient Egyptian.

Answer by Katelynn
In Roman mythology, she is known as Venus. That’s the only other name that I can think of that’s not a title or a description.

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Poetry Readings 1: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

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