Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Pokemon Black 2 Team Questions?

Hey everyone, I am doing a pokemon black 2 playthrough for the first time and I have just finished pokemon black (the first). I am first off playing on DesMuMe so I cannot trade or anything that requires wifi. My team looks as follows and I have just beaten the Driftveil Gym and am at a standstill for my 6th team member. My team looks as follows:

Zorua- (25) Fury Swipes, Faint attack, scary face, taunt
Lucario-(29) Return, quick attack, work up force palm
Darumaka (30)-work up, fire punch, thrash, headbutt
Servine (29)- slam, growth, leech seed, seed bomb
Trapinch (29)- rock slide, dig, bide, bulldoze

I do not have a water type at the moment and I am not feeling the need for an electric type either. I need a counter for flying types and plus the water type. I was thinking Carracosta because of his water rock typing but you cannot get him for a long while in Pokemon Black 2 and I would have to have already beaten the elite four. Also I was looking for a possible water ice type but all that are available are only obtainable later in the game. I am thinking about getting rid of Zorua and picking up a crustle and also getting a Jellicent so give me your thoughts on that.

Thank you for reading all of this and for your answers.

Answer by Cameron
Old pokemon games were much better ,but if anything, they should make them on computer, so we can play trade and fight. 😀

Answer by TJ
I’m TJ, and I’d like some info. Sorry this is not a formal answer but… You’re using a Nintendo ds emulator for pc I’m assuming? Also where did you download the rom to play Pokemon black 2? Was it because I didn’t see it there. PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH THE INFO @ I would REALLY appreciate it!

Answer by ?
Your team is a little under leveled right now. you should probably level them up to at least 35. Most of your Pokemon evolve then.

I think yuo should replace Growth on your Servine with Coil. Since it seems to be using Physical attacks, using coil would be better. It boost up your Attack, Defense and Accuracy!

And yes you should get a water type. Do not get Carracosta. I used it in White, and it faint very easily due to the many weaknesses and slowness it had. For water types, I would recommend an Azumarill, Jellicent, Swanna(which is from Ducklett, which you will encounter soon) Starmie if you can wait till the beach themed towns coming up, or Floatzell. All water types listed here can learn an Ice type move.

I suppose Crustle is good, but its speed for me is a major turn off. So that’s wy I like Zoura better. Plus it evolution looks cool. It’s a bit fragile, but it has good attack and Sp.attack.

Hope I helped!

Answer by Ram.k
how about swanna and starmie
also arcanine or volcarona might be better than darumaka for you
also you should be coming along a snarl tm which will be great for zorua

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can we get into Las Vegas clubs without using bottle service?

My husband-to-be and I are going to Las Vegas for our honeymoon and really want to go to a club one night. Bottle service is just not in our budget.

How can we get into clubs without having to wait in line for hours?

I heard tipping the bouncer can help. I also read that buying those “skip the line” passes online don’t always work at clubs either, so those are ideas I’ve already heard of.

We’re ok with going during the week when its less busy. I want to stay on strip. While it would be cool to go to something like Pure, I’m open to going somewhere maybe a little less known, but a place that is still good times.
Also, we’re wondering if maybe a lounge would be a good option. I want good music and a place to dance, but it doesn’t have to be such a huge night club.

So suggestions on places to go, what day to go and tips on getting in would be great. Thanks so much.

Answer by Morgan C
Find a group of very attractive women and ask if you and your husband can go in with them


I appreciate you wanting to advertise your website, as it is in every answer you make. I am all for a person trying to make a buck. I was giving this woman the best way to guarantee an quick entry without a lot of cash. But if your site helps her I am all for that.

Answer by Iris
Pure is not really great or anything. I really enjoy Body English at the Hard Rock. Its about ten mins from the strip. Always a good vibe.

If you want to stay on the strip then I would suggetst Jet. It is a lot of fun. I know you are against buying the passes but the ones for Jet are upheld you just have to call a bit in advance to reserve your passes because they do sell out. I believe they are $ 40 a piece. Call the number that you would use to reserve tickets with any of the cirque du soliel shows through MGM/Mirage.

Studio 54 is not what it was when it first opened.
The Bank at the Bellagio is full of old guys looking to buy a piece of *ss.
Prive at Planet Hollywood is ok
LAX at the Luxor is not too bad it was fun
The Revolution lounge at Mirage is really cool.
Diablos at the Monte Carlo is a definate good time and not super expensive.
Blush at the Wynn can be fun on the weekends during the weekdays it is just dead.
Rum jungle at the Mandalay Bay has an awesome reggea night during the week.
Anything at the Rio sucks major.
The Palms has the Playboy club and Moon(i think its moon) you buy your entry for one but can go into both. It is expensive.

I usually just do the gay scene. Its super cheap tons of fun no lines and you can always find a seat. The only down side is that all those hot guys are gay….lol! On the plus side you dont have to worry about some guy grabbing you inappropriately.

As for the other clubs I have never really had to many problems since local ladies usually get in for free.

Answer by lauren p
Morgan C… come on…

You dont need to get bottle service to get into any club. what I have been doing is going through They can get you in really cheap and they are front of the line passes to all the good clubs. Whnever I go I use their vegas party planner and have them figure out a good trip for me it always works out great.

If your around on a wed I would def suggest going to godskitchen at Body English its a great time! If you go thorugh that site they have an hour of free open bar as well.

Voodo is a great lounge to go to with live music and a rooftop bar
Moon and playboy at the palms are always great its so much fun
Blush at tryst is always fun and is a great enviornment

I could go on forever but id just suggest uring the party planner and have cheap vegas clubs do all the work for you

Morgan truthfully it is not my site but I do swear by it.

Really all I want is to get a really good score here on yahoo answers lol Clubs are one thing I know as well as gambling (me and the hubby count cards) so naturally they are the ones I answer most.

I Just thought it was an un needed response “have your husband find a group of hot girls” I was just offended just applying it to my own relationship. Although you are right it would work… sadly…

No hard feelings

Answer by John M
certain clubs like moon and rain sell tickets online, that might just be your best bet

Answer by Justin M
You should bring some girls with you to get in easily…Rain, Moon, and Ghostbar shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I just wish there was something someone could say to make me feel better?

And every time I feel this way I get online. Despite knowing that even within the limitless words, I will find absolutely nothing to comfort me. I am incapable of learning. This is a play that keeps repeating, and I have memorized every step of the act. Powerless to stop the progression, I know how it will end. Tomorrow I will wake up, regret the cut on my palm, the de-assembled razor by my bedside, the calories consumed, the time wasted, and tired of trying to rationalize self forgiveness, I will opt to do the easier thing, forget. It is a terrible contradiction, is it not? To feel as though I have maximized my potential to despise myself but still try to regain positive, beneficial emotions. Why not just abandon myself at the train tracks? I am hovering close complete apathy, and unable to move towards or away from it I am left with only a tight feeling in the chest. Do I want to cry or not? Yes, this play is definitely set on loop. The long, fruitless rant is just now finishing up (and might I say I still have that nagging feeling that the grammar of it is atrocious? I suppose it is only fitting that the syntax should be on the same poor quality as the semantics.)

Answer by Tee
God loves you (if your not a believer than I’ sorry) but you have to pick your self out of those emotions your drowning in because your only going to keep feeling that way and nothing will get better if you sulk in your problems and have to tell yourself you are worthy and you deserve goodness and claim it and it will come to you. I know my words may not help you, hopefully you grasp my concept. I don’t like for people to feel this way. If you believe in Jesus just pray.

Answer by Rêveur
I feel the exact same way at the moment. But I do hope that we’ll get through this. I pray to the stars everything will be fine.

Answer by Jerry
“No man who is not willing to help himself has any right to apply to his friends, or to the gods. Demosthenes.

From George Bernard Shaw:
“This is the true joy in life – being used for a purpose
recognized by yourself as a mighty one; being thoroughly
worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; being a
force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod
of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will
not devote itself to making you happy.”

Practise a relaxation method, daily, and when needed, such as: (free) or or or Yoga Nidra, (a series of easy mental exercises only; no flexibility required) at (also view pages 1, & A about self harm/cutting). When practised regularly, they will enable you to find a way of being; awareness, without suffering, when you need it, and is a valuable means of helping you through the worst parts of life.

“If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.” – William James.

Read: Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think, by Dennis Greenberger and Christine Padesky (Paperback – Mar 15, 1995) & “Feeling Good.” The New Mood Therapy. Harper Collins.1999. ( updated sequel to his US bestseller about treating depression & anxiety; very comprehensive), by David D. Burns, M.D., & Change Your Thinking by Sarah Edelman, from your bookstore, or

Answer by ?
Yes! Embrace the absurdity of life! And then cry out that it has indeed molested you!
We don’t need answers! Just better questions! If you feel 10 different emotions at once I declare thee alive! And more: a human! If you feel an infinitesimal creature at the prospect of paving a path, then I detect a human! Like a phantom itch it shall not disappear with scratching, yet how else may one respond to an itch? We certainly can not rationalize it or subdue it with logic.

It may even be worth it to kill your computer for it murders the contingent world. Give it a funeral. Recount no fond memories of its life. In your eulogy express its negative influence in your life and tell your friends this friend was no friend at all.

This taste for death may move you. You may become unable to satiate it. You will want to begin killing other robotic beings. Cellular telephones, mp3 players and videogame consoles! The gun is good! It shoots death and purifies the Earth of the filth of brutals. The penis is evil! It shoots life and poisons the Earth with the plague of men as once it was.

Give up. Give up hope. Self-image. Give up the illusion of rationality. See the chaos. The accidental thoughts in the infinite potential of. Angles. You can only be contained to so many.

And if this has done little or nothing to clear up any confusion that is just as well.

Answer by washington i
You seem like you are deep in your dark thoughts right now. I hate it when I get into my dark thoughts. You could always try and find some help. Hugs.

I can’t help you out with the self-forgiveness. I haven’t figured that one out myself, so if you do lemme know.

Nice writing by the way.

Good luck.

Answer by cousins_primo
Proverbs 4: 20 – 23

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