Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : [Psychics] Who ever give me an accurate reading will get 10 points!?

I need some free psychic reading of my past then my future .. the most accurate one will get 10 points šŸ˜‰
Born the end of JULY.

Answer by Drofsned
You were born (past) you will die (future)!

Pay up the 10 points!!!

Answer by First G
I sense that your masturbation habits has increased tremendously from your past…gimme 10 buddy!

Answer by Dawn
Try tarot. Theres also books that will give you personality outlook and past and future based on your birthday. But as for on here, 10 points isn’t enough, when a real psycic reading is worth alot more than that!

Answer by its-all-lies
i see false answers in your past and future.

Answer by Dev
Tell me your real name only then I can give you your past and future name

Answer by san_ann68
2 will do

Answer by Farrah
Your on the #’s 44..8..37..16..5

Answer by car_craze_gal

Answer by old school
You are insane. Your life line has something sticky on it. You shall die at the end of July.

Answer by guardian_angel14701
I whould have to have your name first.

give me your first and last name and i will

Answer by Judith O
You have to be with the person in real life. touching them, to get any kind of reading…… or at least see a real picture of them! sorry

Answer by a_delphic_oracle
Each psychic operates in their own unique way. I would have to be in your physical presence to ‘know’ anything about you. AND psychics can’t tell you what will happen. Only you decide that. They tell you your possibilities, apparently most people can’t ‘see’ that for themselves.

I DO know you are a skeptic.

Answer by HocusPocus
You will travel far, only to realize that psychics are con artists. And don’t become a vegetarian. Muahahahaha!

Answer by scorpion_devil2003
You are,
Generous and warmhearted
Creative and enthusiastic
Broad-minded and expansive
Faithful and loving.

Your negative points are that you are,
Pompous and patronizing
Bossy and interfering
Dogmatic and intolerant.

That’s all I am getting right now.

Answer by mad_hat
I sense a move in your future. I sense that you should make a commitment and stick to it, don’t be wishy washy. Someone close to you should see a doctor about their cholesterol. Wear the blue shirt the next time you go out. Have a great day…it won’t be today (the great day) but Saturday.

Answer by pangel
OK here goes for a laugh anyway
you come across to people as someone who is very head strong .. you approach things in your life in this way also .. all or nothing kinda guy
but in reality this isn’t the real you but a persona you have created to disguise the child inside
for some reason i am getting numbers with you so perhaps in relation to career ( accountancy perhaps )
you hate narrow mindedness and people who voice without reason
as you sit and think you will play with the palms of your hands in concentration or possibly they may need a little rub now and then due to discomfort also
oh you also like a gamble although not suggesting in any big way but ill leave it at that lol
and i dont do futures cause i said previously the future is yours :o)

Answer by tman
I get the impression that you are an outgoing and somewhat outspoken individual who likes excitement and becomes easily bored . An individual often in search of greener pastures when a partner loses the initial excitement or spark in a relationship you tend to begin looking for another rather than steadfastly sticking around and try to change things.
In the future I see you pursuing your happiness and being your own person regardless of any obstructions which may pop up to stand in your way. I see you eventually settling down with a more passive person who shares your love of excitement yet is confident enough in themselves to let you pursue fun activities on your own also. As far as work is concerned I see you as a people person and one who will work in a field which allows you contact dealing with people and services.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : does it cost money to download the palm pre apps?

i just got the palm pre. and dont know if it costs money to download an app or not. it wont say???

Answer by jose o
If it’s not specified in their app’s description, you can scroll down and click on the developer’s support page. If it doesn’t explicitly say free, you can always inquire with the actual folks who built and posted their app in the Apps Catalog.

Hope this helps!

Answer by ā™£Cā™£
as of right now all the apps in the app store are free, once the sdk is released and they start coming out with more apps they will start to cost. i also read somewhere that as of right now they have not came up for a way to charge for the apps yet either.

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What’s Your Motivation Number in a Numerology Reading

Written by PsychicWilliam

Psychic William….. Likes to keep it simple and jargon free! Rather than me say how good I am, why not ask those in my room who have had a reading… Anyone can talk a good story.. You decide if I am what you’re looking for :oD

I don’t use any tools although I can use cards if you wish me too. My connection is always given in context and I present evidence all the time. It may be random but it makes sense….