Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Question Regards To Anxiety?

I went to a shrink to analyse me today (Not that I need one) but he mentioned that he thinks I’m anxious & when I think about it I think he was right.

I feel unhappy, bored, tired, (Spiritually) if that makes sense?

I’m a pretty down to earth guy, proud, grounded (Focused), intelligent & very creative. That’s my traits, so what would be the best piece of advice for someone like me?

Answer by Lynn Henty
learn CBT relaxation skills
most shrinks dont give advice so look up CBT on the net

Answer by Susie Q

Don’t do therapy. It masks a health problem. It’s like palm reading. If you’re anxious, that means you’re nervous. If you’re nervous, then your nervous system is over-stimulated. The nervous system is stimulated by toxins. Avoid toxins to become less nervous.

<> Restlessness from faulty brain chemistry from too much nervous system stimulation.. Avoid toxins.

For tips read online about chemical sensitivity Good luck.

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I want to learn to play guitar over the summer. I have an acoustic guitar that I bought a couple years ago – I took lessons but it didn’t work out. I want to teach myself. Any good online guides so I can learn the notes and chords and how to read music? I really want to do this. Thanks 🙂
HappySmiles, I’ve never actually played Guitar Hero and I’ve played real guitar before so I do have some experience, and I’ve been told I have natural talent. Obviously I didn’t mean I’m going to be Jimi Hendrix, I meant learning the notes and how to properly play. So thanks for judging me without knowing anything about me, I appreciate it 🙂

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ingles e2 palm reader

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