Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Questions about the palm pre?

I want to know what it can do and what apps it has now that its been out for awhile, is the 8gb memory causing problems compared to the 32gb the iphone 3gs has, is there a video recording update or app, should i give up on it and get the blackberry storm or iphone 3g s?

Answer by jose o
For your own safety, steer away from the iPhone 3GS unless you also want to get stuck with something that can scold and leave you 3rd degree burns on your cheek or palms. There have been recent reports of overheating to the point of the iPhone’s casing to change from white to brownish color as well as forcing the phone to shut off.;jsessionid=BEKGODU0TEHYIQSNDLPSKHSCJUNN2JVN

So far there are no issues with the Palm Pre’s 8GB memory. In fact, you can use the Palm Pre as an 8GB USB Flash Drive. I’ve already transferred photos, videos, and PC files from one computer to another using my Palm Pre as the data transportation device. It’s been very handy.

As you may already know, the popular reason why the Palm Pre is so special is it’s ability to multitask. No other smartphone in the market will allow you to run multiple built-in and 3rd party applications at the same time and yet allow to switch back to any of them as easily as you can on the Palm Pre.

So far no video recording update….can’t wait myself. The camera is really excellent quality.

What I’ve found very useful or cool on the Palm Pre so far are the following:

Synergy feature or Palm Pre’s options of allowing you to sync your data on the Internet and onto your smartphone. You can sync all your contacts data from your Google account, Outlook account, or Palm profile account easily through WiFi or the internet.

Palm Pre supports multiple calendars. So you can also sync your various calendars from Google and Outlook and it will allow you to keep track of merged view of all your schedules and appointments.

Receive Yahoo e-mails directly into your Palm Pre. Rather than logging into yahoo’s website just to read your e-mails, Palm Pre has designed an easy way to allow you to setup your Yahoo accounts onto your smartphone directly without having to logon all the time.

Sync your Photos from and Palm Pre includes built-in apps so you can easily access your Facebook and MySpace accounts without going through a web browser.

It has Craigslist and YouTube app that works great without going through a web browser. Just setup your filters and it will list all the results.

The text messaging app for the Palm Pre also includes the option to add your AIM or Google Chat accounts.

Palm Pre comes with GPS navigation software so it can talk and tell you turn-by-turn instructions to your unfamiliar destinations.

Answer by Chanceman
Get the Pre that sucker is bad out!!!! PEACE!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Palm vs Pocket PC – which do you prefer?

I have a Palm TX which I have had for 2 years now and am thinking of changing / upgrading. Which would would you recommend? Another Palm or a Pocket PC? which model

Answer by Cherry
the Palm because it’s more “user friendly”

Answer by jaizn2001
Pocket PC is 100X better. Its basically a miniature computer. Because of this, there is a windows browser and thus there are more office, gaming, and downloadable programs. Palm doesnt even come close.

Answer by mahesh mahadevan
PALM is better than Poceket PC .. no tension with PALM >> its totally user friendly … Pocket PC gives tension .. 🙂

Answer by jessibell
The Palm Lifedrive is the best of both worlds. Have had it two years now and I wouldnt trade it for anything.

Answer by ackmondual
I’d go with Palm. However, the only upgrade for Palm would be to a Treo a sidegrade to a T|T3, as Palm is stagnant in non cellphone PDAs. AFAIK, there are some new PPCs, but don’t think there’s that much in there either.

PPCs DO have better gaming, altho I’d think even a semi-serious gamer would’ve already gotten a GBA, DS, or PSP by now (the latter isn’t as expensive as it was years ago).

PPCs have better hardware selection. E.g. some $ 500 HP ipaq model a friend showed me had PIMs, music player, video, photos, cell phone, GPS, a VERY BRIGHT spotlight, wifi, and BT to say the least. Not bad a price considering all you’re getting, in one package.

I’ve also read up where several PPC users switched back to Palm, with a few who didn’t regret going to the PPC camp from Palm. Some issues cited with PPC include:
-the Windows interface shoehorned into a QVGA or VGA screen just doesn’t work out for some
-as u near your handheld’s usable memory, the device gets very noticeably slower
-Some PPCs still had bugs associated with alrms fixed. If alarms don’t work correctly, then the PDA is useless to me, except for games.
-apps feel bloated

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible to loose 20lbs by the end of June?

Answer by tou860
depending on weight, exercise and nutrition and yes it’s possible!!!

Answer by 4JESUS
Yes…it is possible…
Read carefully…
I have experienced success by eating like this:

Cut out all breads, pasta, cookies, cereals, crackers, chocolate, sweets, icecream, cakes, pizza, all fast food etc…basically anything made from flour & away from sugar. They are all called simple carbs. They are carbs which leave us hungry for more & that’s what makes us fat. Go on a “gluten free” diet…You will lose weight & not gain if you’re careful to eat correctly.
We need to have complex carbs. (fruits, veggies, salads, protein.) Have lots of fruits & veggies.
If you want a snack like crackers or something…go buy gluten free rice cakes from health food store. Snack on 1 or 2 a day. The only sweet you can have is maybe a tbsp of honey on a rice cracker. Just don’t have more than one.
Also you can buy gluten free flour from the health food store & make your own bread.
Make sure you have ahead of time (like night before) cut up carrot sticks to munch on the following day. You can put lemon on them for more taste.
Avoid cold cut meats. No ham, sausages, mortadella, salami, pepperoni, etc…If you can, stay away from dairy products…believe it or not:dairy makes us fat too…like a cow.
By doing this…you will lose lots of weight.
I’ll give you an example of what to eat okay.?

breakfast: 1 banana & 1 kiwi or orange
cup of coffee or tea (no milk or sugar)
drink 2-3 glasses of water

lunch: grilled chicken or turkey breast(portion should be the size of your palm) w/ some lemon squeezed on it…mmm I like lemon
romaine lettuce salad, tomato, grn onions, grated carrot, radish & whatever other green you like in there. Dressing should be balsamic vinegar or wine vinegar w/ olive oil.
stay away from ketchup, mayo & bbq. sauce

or you can have stir fried veggies w/ rice…also very good. You can eat rice but not pasta.

snack:14 walnut halves or 20 almonds
a fruit
lots of water
some tea

dinner: hamburger or fish w/ brocolli or spinach
you can have 1 or 2 rice crackers (or save them before bedtime)
lots of water
cup of chamomile

before bed: pray to the Lord to help you lose weight. To give you self control. Keep asking until you receive. The Lord hears you & loves you.

The secret to success is to be “ORGANIZED & COMMITED”. It won’t work out if you don’t prepare.
You should have your salad, greens & veggies washed & cut up the night before so it’s ready to eat for lunch the next day.
Make sure you have bought all your ingredients/food the day before.

Take a multi-vitamin & calcium every day.

It’s not impossible to do…just believe you can do it.

Don’t forget to exercise, drink lots & lots of water & you will see results.

Lastly, DO NOT take diet pills. They can do some serious harm to your heart. Plus they don’t work & they’re a waste of money.

A nice site is
they have a calorie counter, fitness tracker, exercise videos.

Answer by ^.^
Okay, I know that losing 1 pound per week is healthy, so I think you could lose around 16 pounds and still be healthy. You may be able to lose another 4 pounds if you try hard enough!

Good luck with your goal, and stay healthy! (:

Written by PsychicWilliam

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