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So I let this drag do my palm reading last night… And she hit me straight up… Between my love life, finances, and personal

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Today, I have my palm read by a friend. She goes saying…. “You are the odd one in a community and you will fall in love six times. The first one, you will fall in love for a long time and you will go back to China. Then, something bad will happen to you when you’re there. You will also have trouble dealing with your children.”

So, speaking of me being odd, that was quite true because I had a bad childhood. As a result, I developed depression. It’s a fact that I had been falling into my first love for a long period of time. I fell in love with someone for three to four years which was only me being one sided feelings. Her predictions are accurate but I’m not sure about the China incidents and having problems with my future children.

Alright, what bother me the most is that about the odd thingy. Currently, I am curing myself from depression. I am losing faith because she also says that couldn’t be change.

Do I keep on battle(my sickness) till the end even-though my life is fated and seal? Should I believe her that I will be the odd one for the rest of my life and that couldn’t be change no matter what I do?
To C.C. No.2,
I know what you are thinking but I am not doing it even I had an attempt to do it before. What I am saying is that…. should I just accept my fate and give up changing for the better?

Answer by C.C. No.2
No! Don’t do it!

Just pray about it

Answer by Zero With Everything
Palm readers are intuitive guessers.
You are your own invention.

Answer by reinadelaz
Not to burst your ‘Poor Me’ bubble or anything, but depression associated with a bad childhood is nothing odd at all in modern society. Depression is a condition of the spirit which will not be helped in any way by listening to the vain babblings of a witch. Only God knows what the future holds and surrendering your life to anything but Christ will lead to destruction. God has a glorious plan for your life. Seek Him and He will make your path straight. God bless.

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Answer by auntb93
Don’t be silly. Predictions are mostly BS mixed with shrewd observations anyway. Your life is not fated at all. You are the master of your fate. Certainly there are circumstances beyond your control to which you must respond, but your response is under your control. You know that from the work you have done to battle depression.

Keep up the good work, and recognize that you really do have the responsibility for your own life. Make of it the best you can by making your choices based on rational analysis of the best information you can gather. Takes work, of course, but what worthwhile goal does not?

And good luck.

Answer by PalmistryFanatic
I have been doing palm reading for the last 12 years, and the first thing I always tell people before starting a reading, is that no matter what I say, nothing is set in stone, you are the designer of your life, and what I read today in your palms, it is only what you are creating of your self right in this very second. The line of the palm rejuvinate every 6 months, so don’t ever believe when people tell you you can’t change, ectually prove them wrong and try to use what they predicted at your advantage knowing that you don’t want to go down that path.

All the best,
Sara aka

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