Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I get an 8gb Ipod touch or a 80gb Zune?

I have had an ipod before but im unsusre. The touch only holds 1750 songs and zune hold 20,000 for the same price. which one is better?

i have read tons of reviews and dont know what to choose?
i dont care about touch and the internet because i have a palm centro that does both of those things.

i do travel alot (esp on planes)

Answer by G Man
Depends, the Touch has many apps and is really nice. Also depends on how many songs you have. Why not just buy a 32 GB iPod Touch?

Answer by w!cked
Do you want to be able to search the internet?
Do want extra applications and games?
Or would you rather use a device completely for the Zune?

Honestly, you probably can live with an 8gb touch. Just put your favorite songs on there.
As for the Zune, it’s software is terrible. It’s gotten better, but not good enough. Apple is doing quite nice in the past year with iTunes. But again, it comes down to what you want- extras or just music?

Answer by hannah[=
depends do u want touch screen, internet access awesomeness
or do you want…
somthing that can hold a bunch of songs/movies

i’d get the zune if ur a traveler(planes, ext)
or an itouch if its just for everyday

Answer by Mohammad [Go Spurs!]
The Zune in my opinion is way better. I’ve had both at one time, and I liked the Zune a lot. I also had Palm so I didn’t need anything else as for the Itouch. I managed to add a lot of games and other things that I could do on my Ipod on my Palm.

So a few things to consider:

Zunes are great in a lot of ways, The Zune at first is hard to get used to but after getting a while and learning about it you will get used to. The software is easy to use, like other people said it’s hard it’s actually very easy. All you really need to do is drag and drop. I really enjoy the software and it’s a plus.

Zune is also very good to add videos, music, podcasts, listen to radio, add pictures, and play games on at anytime. 80GB Zune holds 15,000-20,000 songs without anything else. That is a lot of music of course. I have personally about 6,000 on my Zune but I also have 15-20 movies and it’s actaully really helpful.

Itouches are great for doing multiple things with applications. I think Apple is a real dissapointment and I really dislike there quality. I would recommend this if you want to do a lot of different things have like one movie and about 1000 songs. Unless you really don’t care about how much room there is on there, I wouldn’t recommend getting it.

So, I recommend the Zune for a music lover and somebody who wants “a lot” of stuff on there Zune, and I recommend the Itouch for somebody who will use it for miscellaneous things or for limited music. Good luck choosing.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : For Britney Fans (or Britney the 90s fans)?

Can you remember what book you had about her that was the most fun/best to read? I’m in a very nostalgic mood and I am about to order a book from back in the day about her haha 🙂

Answer by darth v
I like Britney but I didn’t know there were books about her. Which book are you ordering? Are you a Britney fan from the 90’s? I did not follow her from her beginning. I sort of started to listen to her from her Oops I did it again song. However, I fell in love with her after watching her performance at the Palms resort in Las Vegas at the 2007 VMA awards! Her performance of “Gimme More” was great! Despite the negative popular opinion I liked her moves. Also her body, she only wore a black bikini but she looked really fine and that was after giving birth to one child. I fell in love with that song instantly.

I’ve a question. From her 1st album Baby one more time I really like the song “You drive me crazy.” I don’t understand why she made a remix out of it, to me the original song is much better and I wished she made a video based on the original version. I don’t like the drums in the remix and it sort of stops in the middle. Why did she have to ruin the original song and make a video(based on the remix)? Why did she have to make a remix at all? THe original is much better it has a steady drum beat and that’s what I like about that song!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any websites on the net that I can go to learn Metal?

I am a beginner, I know chords, I can read music(basically I know the basics). I like all the styles, but Metal is my favorite! And I was wondering if there was a website any one knows of that is dedicated to just teaching Metal. I doubt it, but wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Answer by Adam
honestly, there’s no way you can “learn” metal. if there was, they would probably be teaching it in school… jokes. anyways, well, the best bet is just listening to all your favorite metal bands. learn the difference in their playing styles. do they use a lot of dual guitar harmonies? do they play lots of power chords? or just plain riff carnage. then after you know the differences, learn how to execute them. there are LOADS of instructional videos on youtube on how to play em. there are plenty of things that guitars and metal are linked to (obviously) here are a few examples
1. power chords
2. palm-muting
3. alternate-picking
4. tremolo-picking
5. hammer-on / pull-off
6. string bending
7. pinch harmonics
8. scales
9. sweep-picking.
I’ve put them in an order of relevance not difficulty. for me every great metal guitarist HAS to learn how to play power chords. and even though sweep picking is equally as important, not every metal guitarist can sweep-pick. my advice is take your time learning the list in its order and don’t just jump straight to number 9 because its more interesting. I’ve been playing for 3 years and I’m still stuck at number 8. so don’t worry about it. practice a lot, be persistent, and most importantly… never give up!

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