Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I pick an LG VU or Samsung Eternity?

Well as of now I have a Palm Centro, and its my 2nd one in 1 month. They keep breaking so I’m getting either an LG Vu or Samsung Eternity and don’t know what to choose! Please Help!

Answer by v5latino

Answer by betty
Get the eternity
-better camera
-has a accelorometer
-over all better phone

if your on a budget , LG Vu is a pretty good phone too ­čÖé
but its your choice

Answer by Billy J
Get the eternity. It is so sweet!

Answer by AAA
Get the eternity it is a better phone i had the same dilemma. You should check out this website for its features,

Answer by lgdareforum
Both are good phones.

Answer by girlballer2010
Both very similar phones, but one really beats out the other with it’s bigger screen, better look, and great apps and features such as the accelerometer.

From the reviews i read on the att website [and my father’s opinion] people can either LOVE or HATE tha Lg VU.. They say that it is too hard to text on in both modes, the screen doesnt respond adequately, and it freezes up WAY TOO MUCH. I have the eternity and i love it. The keyboard is spaced and easy to text on. It come’s with widgets, that the VU does not come with. A Built in entenna [so u have no hassle] better 3g coverage. And Alot more apps. Also, it has a 3mg camera. The Eternity is a UPGRADE from the Vu, so why not get that instead. The VU is the eternity , jus with a smaller screen and it’s harder to use obviously. The eternity has more things that makes it a “friendly” phone. Thats what the saleslady told me , and my father works for att and studied them both and even said the eternity is better. SOME PEOPLE HAVE EVEN SAID IT”S BETTER THAN THE iPHONE!

The samsung is great… you’d love it.

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Answer by slydad
It’s well written but I don’t really get who Lily is?
A loveable freak methinks.

Answer by 5 ft 7 Texas Heaven
With no offense meant is this a second posting of this? I’m sure I’ve read it or know that Kels read it, and I want to wrap myself in it, but yes it could be improved by tightening it up, reduce the word count by not using filler, create the same sense in a more succinct way.

What I’m more curious about however is the back story that may have inspired this.

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