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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Simple easy way of reading palms(for fun).?

Don’t read out at me or waste my time telling me that its all fake.
i know that.
i just wanted to know if anyone knew simple easy ways of “reading” palms.
im think of doing it for a demonstration speech.

please gimme something.

Answer by daisyduck4007
great question i dont have the answer but looking forward to it

Answer by Amanda R

Answer by princess.tootsies=)
im looking for an answer to how to read somebodys mind!

Answer by 1deagan0
Any basic book on Wicca includes a quick section on palm reading.

Basically, you’ve got three lines–head, heart, and life. I think head is the top one near your fingers, and life is the one that goes along your thumb muscles. Long line=long life, deep heart or head means a deep love or a tendency toward deep thought. If the lines form an M, your supposed to get married, if they form an S, you’ll stay single. If a person has a lot of calluses, they’re hard working, if they’re hands are long and graceful, they’re artistic. I’ve heard that smaller lines crossing your lifeline represent a brush with death–and lines crossing your heart line can indicate children. Have fun with it!

Answer by MiCH xx EllE
i did palm reading for a demonstration speech it was a bit tricky but i used diagrams and just explained the 3 basic lines, the head line the heart line and the life line. you can look up wat each one means and maybe some other small things like wat the same of your hand mean ect.
also, its pretty hard to find good info about palm reading on the internet so maybe buy or check out a book.
good luck (:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are palm reading accurate?

My friend conducted a palm reading on me and some disturbing things I have been contemplating but rejected had popped up and I wanted to know if they are accurate. This came from the same friend who said another friend has no fate line and would die a sudden death…?

Answer by LifeisBeautiful
Yes all your finger prints are unique and it won’t match with any other person in the world.
Hence there are some predefined leaves written based on individual prints which is called Nadi written by Ancient Sages in India.

There are hardly very few true readers in south India at Chidambaram while many fake readers are coming nowadays.

So palm reading is true and definitely accurate with those ancient transcipts.

Answer by William
Palmistry also a type of science,many research work has been done,some lines in the palm shows very accurate but one has to study the line properly then predict.You can try this source.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : palm reading question pentagram in the palm of my hand.?

i have a small right side up pentagram in my right palm. what does this mean ive had it forever. its about a half a inch in diameter. almost in the center of my hand just under. help

Answer by SammyD
I have a star in my palm and she refused to read me..I’m talking about a palmisrty professional.

She said I am special>>?>>.I just looked at her and said ok. I never found out why.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

Rachel Maddow Palm Reading


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