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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot reading,palm reading, fortune cookies Dose god approve of this?

I have just learned that witchcraft is a sin against god. I am a kid ok, when I started looking up witchery spells etc. that night was a wednesday night. I had a random verse saying “thou shall not do witchcraft”.Which I took as a sign not do; do it. I was like wow so I stopped looking it up. the it accorded that maybe Tarot reading,palm reading, fortune cookies are forms of witchcraft or Satanic works. And, if so I would like to stop doing it. So is it?

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No, God doesnt approve of fortune telling. It in the bible Deuteronomy 18:9-13.

When I was younger dabble in witchcraft and studied it. Still poor and did not get the guy to become my slave.

Answer by macadam_julia
The Bible condemns it, but most practitioners do not believe in the Bible.

The devil is not involved. He is a Christian creation, and pagans do not believe in him.

Since you are a kid, as you say, you should stay with your religion and not investigate others until you are an adult. And if that is a Bible believing religion, then stay away from witchcraft.

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people who read palms are given that tallent by the devil! And believing fortune cookies is like believing a two year old saying that your hair is green. Thank you so much for stopping witch craft. Both me & God are so pleased right now

God Bless

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It depends on how you are doing the Tarot card reading. If your goal is to tell the future, the Christian God would not like that. If your goal is to see different ways of looking at a situation, He should be fine with it.

Fortune cookies have no spiritual merit. God would be petty if he didn’t allow some advice every now in then.

Palm reading tells you a little about your personality. It almost never catches a glimpse into the future. You may want to avoid doing the “how many kids will you have” pseudo-reading both because its fortune telling and it is fake.

ANY kind of divination (runes, tarot cards, ect) does not claim to tell the future, thus it is not witchcraft. And you shouldn’t let what a 2000 year old book written out of fear douse your interests.

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A larger issue with tarot, palmistry etc is that this stuff just flat don’t work.

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Stay away from Tarot Cards. They are “evil” because they are powered by evil forces other than God, simply put.
GOD says that we are not suppose to believe in things like that. The only one we are suppose to believe in is JESUS.
God does not approve of it. By playing tarot cards, reading your horoscope, playing ouija board you are opening the door to the devil & his evil spirits.
It’s best if you read your bible and pray. Jesus loves you.

Answer by echo
What are prayers if they aren’t spells?
Do some research and talk to people you trust. Keep an opened mind and come to your own conclusions.

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so, yesterday night i went to a phychic on the boardwalk of ocnj. when i walked in, i sat down and paid her and she read both of my palms. she said i would live a life until my late 70s, which is a long and healthy life and that 5-6 guys currently like me seriously. im 13 years old and she said that i live like im a 20 year old woman, because im so mature. I TOTALLY have been thinking that for the past year because i honestly do live like that. she said im not a worrier at all, which is mostly true and that 2 of the guys that currently liked me are named john and anthony ,which again is 100% correct. i was totally freaked out.. she said i was capable of having twins and that i most likely would, but all in all im having 4 kids. ive always said that ive wanted to do that, she said i would drop out of college after a year or 2, or maybe not even go at all because i figured out that i wanted to become a actress or a model, which is trrue. ive been wanting to be a model for so long, just for the sake of modeling. i would sooo wanna do that. she said she saw me moving to LA and meeting my husband at a bar, and marrying him when im 23 , but i would be pregnant before marraige. and thats why we’d be married. she also said that i was a leader type and that i would go far and a bunch of other stuff just about my nature, and most of that is correct. i was just wondering if palm reading is true?! both of my friends moms had it done, and everything had happened. is it correct?!

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Have you ever asked yourself why you find things like this so fascinating? The reason, I suspect, is because down inside you feel uncertain and nervous about the future and think these things might help you feel more confident.

But this is precisely why I urge you to put your trust in God alone for the future. As I have often said, predictions like these about the future are almost never on target (or else they are too vague to really mean anything). Why build your life around them or get your guidance from them? They are only a substitute for the guidance you really need—which is from God.

My other concern, however, is one that I hope you will take very seriously. These things may seem innocent and amusing at first—but it’s easy to get more and more fascinated with them, and eventually become involved in occult practices that are not from God.

Don’t be misled: Occult practices are not from God, but from spiritual forces opposed to God. Instead, put your faith and trust in Christ. When we know Him, we know we are safely in His hands no matter what the future holds. The Bible is right: “When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists … should not a people inquire of their God?” (Isaiah 8:19).

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Some people will tell you that palm reading is accurate, some will disagree. I don’t believe any of it myself, because I don’t think that anyone can see into the future. What might be a good idea for you is to discuss your palm reading with one or both of your parents if you can, parents are the best life guides that you can have. Best of luck 🙂

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When palm reading is done by a good palm reader

YES its VERY true

very accurate
But this person was also psychic because she gave 2 names who were totally accurate

So You have a nice future ; and I am glad for you

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i mean, can a person really do that? is it real?

Answer by Fleur N
some people claim they can, but i think the lines are just, you know, part of a person. its kind of like just because your eyelashes stick out, or your fingerprints have strange patterns, it doesn’t mean that it means something. people claim they can read palms for money.


Answer by leviticus_squid
Give me $ 20 and I’ll tell you.

No it’s not real. Just a way of extracting money from the unwary.

Answer by Jenny p
That depends on who you ask.

There are people who will swear to you it is real while others will swear it’s fake.

I personally have gotten my palm read and was shocked at how accuratly the reader described myself, my life, and my ambitions.

The best way to find out is not to ask, but try for your self. If you don’t want to waist the money then look for websites that show you how to read your own palm and see if you find the information accurate. Though I wouldn’t trust just one website, not everything on web is true. ; )

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Don’t be silly; palm trees can’t read! They can’t tap dance, either.

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It is an accurate way of telling a person’t life, personality, and overall luck.

They collect a lot of samples and come up with the similarities the people have. For example, if there are a lot of people who both have the _____line and are _____, they conclude that other people who have the _____ line are _____ too.

*I substituted some words with ____ because I cannot give you an accurate description to fill it in with.

Answer by akaash a
look up what lines do what
all of it came true for my parents
also look up the baby trick
get a pregnant lady get a silver chain make them open their hand then hang it striaght down while suspended in the air then if it spins its a girl if it goes side to side its a boy

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Some aspects are true. Science had back it up. For example, people of a certain body type will have certain lines. People who develop certain diseases will share similar lines as other with the same disease.

Answer by Pam R
Hello Caca

Yes Palmistry is real.

It can be done from two perspectives.

1 – the lines are memorized & when looked at mean this & that etc. an experienced palmist would be able to read lines comparatitively.

2 – the palm or rather the energy from the person is read, linked into & the lines provide an additional link to spirit to provide guidance etc.


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Zayn Malik Palm Reading

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