Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Ways to cope with depression?

I’ve been really down and almost emotionless the last 2 weeks. I don’t feel like crying and I don’t want to die or anything. I don’t feel anything! I’ve been having urges to run a knife across my palm and what not just to feel something (Don’t worry, I’m not going to). This is not normal for me at all. I don’t know whats causing this and I’m going to see my doctor as soon as I get home. But currently I’m in school and have finals all week but don’t know how to cope with this. Nothing matters and I’m having a lot of trouble getting myself to focus… I don’t know what to do! Suggestions or thoughts on this would be great! Thanks!

Answer by Jared
Go out with a group of friends.

Answer by professional expert
i always find a tv show that soudns good and watch as much of it as i can

Answer by Scotty
A hobby, hobbies do wondres especially when the hobby is musical. Learning magic tricks is always fun as well 😀

I assume you’re not feeling lonely because you don’t mention that, but I feel this video has a powerful message whether or not you are lonely.

Good luck with your depression, and I know you said you weren’t going to, but please don’t harm yourself in anyway.

And my goodness lol I read this post below and I was freaked out. Creative imagination you have, but to the person asking the question (don’t listen to them).

K thanks, bye ^_^

Answer by robert m
Well I am a bit older and feel so myself. Especially as my career has not gone as planned.

Try to keep hopeful and find something you love to do. I mean really love to do. Something that makes you get up in the morning and if you are not doing it you miss it.

Life sometimes gives you the opportunity to do something you really love.

Find someone who loves you and who you can love back.

Volunteer and help others where you can it does help

Good luck

Answer by Doug
Hang out with someone who’s worse off than you are, then you will feel better by contrast.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Verizon phone upgrade: Samsung Intensity, Lg Chocolate TOUCH, Samsung Rogue, DROID ERIS by HTC?

Samsung Intensity, Lg Chocolate TOUCH, Samsung Rogue, DROID ERIS by HTC

which one do you think is best? the rogue and touch requiere renewal/activation on nationwide calling plan w/ data package of 9.99 lrr higher. droid requries renewal activation on voice plan w/ data package or higher. :/
what are the advantages? my parents ask me why i need a new advanced phone..

Answer by Paul L
Droid Eris or Motorola Droid, the data packages are 29.99 compared to the 9.99 requirement on the other phones but the phones are better and you won’t have to worry about data overages. You can also get a 29.99 unlimited data plan on the other phones but they don’t have the advantage of the smart phones.

Answer by pancakes & hyrup
My advice (based on days of researching this same question) is the Droid Eris. I have watched dozens of videos and read dozens of reviews from multiple sources on everything from the phones you mentioned to the Bberrys and the Palms, etc, so all I can say is I have made an informed decision for myself, and I’m simply sharing that with you here.

Try this, go to either or, and check out their deals with Verizon’s phones. Do a pretend “buy” to see the real picture. Those two sites offer amazing deals for “new” and “current” customers..better than or even the Verizon stores, and I don’t know why that is.

For excellent phone tutorials and comparison, try Youtube, there are so many people out there, both pros and average joes who make videos on phones and explain them in depth. Very valuable resource.

As far as the LG Chocolate Touch goes, LG is a very solid brand all the way around, their stuff is not junk. The phone has great reviews, and since it’s not technically a “smartphone”, you can squeak by with the $ 9.99 25MB data plan. The Droids both have at least that $ 30 extra charge, or even $ 45 if you want corporate email. From research I’ve done, the HTC Droid Eris beats out the Motorola Droid by popular demand, although each have their respective pros and cons. I can only stress that you research all available avenues for yourself to see what will fit you.

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