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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some of the most overused poems/readings at weddings?

Just curious if anyone has any opinions on overused poems or short readings at weddings (excluding religious/biblical readings). Have you gone to a lot of weddings and noticed a trend, like the same poem or author cropping up in the readings?

For example, excerpts from the love and marriage sections of The Prophet are often used in wedding ceremonies, so some people may consider that to be an unoriginal choice.

Maybe I should clarify and say “often used” instead of “over used”…often these things are used so much because they are fitting for the event!

Answer by Ashley
pauls first letter to the corinthians

Answer by Lydia
I would say too – often used – Corinthians. However, I don’t at all get tired of hearing it because it is so beautiful – and meaningful for THAT particular couple getting married at that time.

Answer by EPiC
The most popular seems to be Corithians (Love is patient, love is kind …). And at least with my group of friends: e.e. cummings (i carry your heart with me …)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best free website for horoscopes?

Websites for:
-love readings

thanks a bunch

Answer by Vasudev P
You are free hear wright many question

Answer by kawaii ^_^

Answer by trinigirl
The best and most accurate is:

Others to check out are:

Answer by Mia-san

Answer by The Bear
I looked at cafeastrology once and liked it

Answer by Ck Thunder
well if your not looking for the silly day to day horoscopes,
star iq, hosted be rick levine and jeff jawer, has the event
theme pretty nailed.

Answer by smiley as can be
On yahoo of course!!


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