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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some really good romance books?

Like love triangles,jealousy,popular guy falling for average girl,best friends falling in love, stuff like that
I’ve read books like
The summer I turned pretty-it was ok
Existence by Abbi glines-I loved the series
Crush by Lacey weatherford-loved it
Being friends with boys-it was really good
Double clutch and junk miles-loved these
Epic fail by Claire something-loved it

So books like these and whatever suggestions you think I would like would be awesome

Answer by caleb
I havent read it yet! But 50 shades of gray! Maybe your a little to young for that but hey! Its suposudly amazing

Answer by Rhaksha Ora
Flipped (although not very romantic it’s themed about that)

Answer by Laura
Try reading any of Nicholas Sparks’ novels, there touching and really romantic.
A bend in the road by nicholas sparks is good.

Also The Boyfriend League by Rachel Hanthorne is sooooo cute.
Island Girls (and Boys)
Caribbean Cruising
Thrill Ride
Tourist Trap
All of these are definitely the books your loving for.

Also help me out with my question too. Thanks. If anyone can help me with my question, please do. So far i have no answers 🙁;_ylt=AgBfPQ4KhUL3car89j86Q9fty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130107193621AAfBmFj

Answer by I am Me
Tiger’s Curse-Colleen Houck Love Triangle, definite jealousy, and average girl with model looking guys, trust me, best series EVER

Hush, Hush-Becck Fitzpatrick No love triangle but there’s still jealousy and the girl is average but the guy… not so much 😉

The wolves of Mercy Falls series (I think) The first book is called Shiver. It’s REALLY good as well

The Perfect Chemistry series- It’s just… perfect

Angel Burn and Angel Fire. Angel Burn is one that will make you face-palm but Angel Fire has a lot of jealousy. It’s a good story, trust me

Leaving Paradise

Answer by Pepere Eldridge
Shift – Jennifer Bradbury
Two friends set out on a cross-country bike trip. Only one arrives in Seattle. What happened?

Project 17 – Laurie Faria-Stolarz
When six high school students sneak into an abandoned mental institution to make a film about their night there, they do not expect the inexplicable and terrifying events that keep occuring within the crumbling, maze-like building, causing them to question themselves and, ultimately, to make different choices about the course of their lives.

Story of a girl – Sara Zarr
After she is caught with her brother’s friend in the back seat of his car, Deanna has to deal with a ruined reputation.

Wait for me – An Na
When Mina falls in love with a young coworker at her parents’ dry cleaners, she struggles between her mother’s dreams for her and true love.

Someone like Summer – M.E. Kerr
When Annabel, daughter of a contractor, and Esteban, a Latino immigrant, begin a relationship, they are at odds with many of the supercilious residents in the resort town of Seaview.

More than friends – Katherine Spencer
After her brother dies, Grace finds herself falling for his best friend Jackson, who has some serious problems of his own.

Enthusiasm – Polly Shulman
Fans of Jane Austen’s novels, Julie and Ashleigh decide to imitate their heroine and try to discover True Love in high school.

Undercover – Beth Kephart
A quiet girl writes love notes for the people in her school, but her feelings for one student may change her.

The Market – J.M. Steele
When Kate finds out that someone is rating all the girls in her class, she is determined to make sure her score rises, no matter what it takes.

The It Chicks – Tia Williams
Tangie and her friends juggle romance, classes, and the arts with their friendship as the “It Chicks”.

Good enough – Paula Yoo
Patti is trying to get into an Ivy League school to please her parents, but this Korean-American teen also wants to have fun.

Divine Confidential – Jacquelin Thomas
After she moves from Hollywood to Georgia, Divine still wants to live her life as a diva and find romance.

A higher geometry – Sharelle Byars Moranville
In the late 1950s, Anna feels she must choose between the traditional role her parents expect of her and her dream of going to college to study mathematics.

Every crooked pot – Renee Rosen
Nina uses makeup and different hairstyles to hide her birthmark over one eye, in hopes of fitting in.

Maggie Bean stays afloat – Tricia Rayburn
Maggie has changed, through Pound Patrollers diet and exercise, but can she attract Peter Applewood and still keep her old friends?

Cures for heartbreak – Margo Rabb
After her mother dies and her father becomes sick, Mia deals with growing up and finding love.

Mistik Lake – Martha Brooks
Odella yearns to know the answers to family secrets that have affected three generations of women in her family.

Off-Color – Janet McDonald
A white girl and her mother are suddenly forced into public housing, where she struggles for acceptance while also discovering she’s biracial.

So not the drama – Paula Chase
Mina is determined that she will be as popular in high school as she was in middle school.

Answer by HeartFantasyNovels
Redeeming Love – Rivers
Love Comes Softly – Oke
Last Song, Notebook, Walk to Remember – Sparks
Persuasion – Austen

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Some friends have invited me to go to Palm Springs with them in August. What do I need to know?

Is it a resort town? What type of activities are there?

Answer by lestermount
It is very hot.
There are not a lot of things to do.

Answer by GENE
I love the desert, but you need to know that the average daily high temp. in Palm Springs during the month of August is well over 100 degrees. Still, I’d be happy to go along for the trip – I’d probably spend most of my time in nearby casinos or lazing around a swimming pool. I enjoy swimming and reading a book poolside while catching some rays and taking an occasional dip in the water. I would also go for short walks at sunrise and sunset – desert sunsets are spectacular. I do the same thing when I visit Vegas in the Summer and I always have a great time.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some good activities I can do with preschool kids?

I am starting as an assistant teacher at a preschool this wednsday. I was told by the director that I can incorporate some activities that I think of into the days schedule. I really want to because after viewing the kids I will be instructing this past friday, they seemed bored and not really focused. So I was wondering is there someone out there with any easy projects or in-room activities I can show them? Thanks in advance.

Answer by Kaity
This is such an exciting opportunity for you! Well, you’re in luck! I have been working with preschoolers for long enough now that I can look back and remember that overwhelming feeling… Where to begin?

Sometimes it’s hard to capture the attention of young children. Be lively with whatever you do! It may surprise you to hear this, but they are easily entertained by the littlest things. Start out by having a reading time with them. Sit down and pull out a book. Don’t be afraid to act out the characters and let loose… Use funny voices and sounds that make the book fun for kids!

Try to do some fun crafts every week that mix with a theme. One week at our preschool we talked about families and relationships. Kids have a hard time trying to grasp how people are related. We made family trees by placing their hands in green paint and putting the palms of their hands different ways.. Their fingers were the branches of the tree… Draw out a little tree trunk for them to place under their branches.

Anything you can do with paint is always a hit! They LOVE to be messy… Playdough is a great play time exercise.. Tell them to make an animal and see what they design. Letting playdough sit out will help it harden and they can take it home to show mom…

I hope this is helpful to you! Try using google to find other fun preschool crafts. Good Luck!

Answer by Amber
Oh! There are a lot of resources out there for you! One of my favorite is “The Mailbox Preschool”. I subscribe to the magazine but check your local library. Our libraries have a decent teacher/parent resource section. It’s amazing and full of great books on literacy, mathematics, science activities, arts/crafts, large group/small group games/activities, etc. Take an hour or so and just browse! They’ll be great jumping boards for you!

I agree with the previous answer…be lively! Especially when reading…they love the expressions and something I don’t often see is books repeated. It is great when favorites are repeated because they can join you in the reading, they can retell, they can act it out etc.

Something you may wish to look for is whether they rotate their toys in their centers. This definately helps with boredom and lack of focus. Good luck!

Answer by Dad2003
I think this link may be helpful: My kids really love their projects. They have painting, crafts, collages, and play dough projects.
Also worksheets/activity sheets – just look for link on the site.

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