Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some things you noticed different from the Twilight book and the movie?

There was a lot of mistakes…can you guys help me
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please dont give simple answers like the first answers…
for example:
book: prom was in the gym
movie: it was like in room

Answer by Little Miss Wolf <3
Bella was blinking CONSTANTLY.

Answer by loose change
didn’t watch / read it, since it looks like an emo harry potter book

Answer by ♥.:Ms. Crazy:.♥
The blood test in science class was missing in the movie.
The Field scene was different

Answer by neva_no1s_angel
its an impossibility for there to be a such thing as a black vampire >_> vampires lose pigmentation.
bella was bitten before edward got there, not while he was there.
victoria was not in prom.
when jacob talked to bella at prom, they were inside.
bella figured out he was a vampire with jacobs help, not on her own

Answer by llao
In the book, BELLA cook for dinner. In the movie they eat in the diner

In the book after bella&&edward had dinner at Port Angeles edward drove bella home but in the film he didin’t bec of charlie’s friend Waylon died and Bella and Edward saw their parent’s car at the police station and saparate there.

in the book, cullens drive fast in the film not much

in the book, cullen’s house is pale white, in the movie yes its white ‘inside of the house’ outside ugh.

idk the rest but yea.. there are lots of mistakes

Answer by Matilski
I noticed that Bella’s reactions to different things were off to how I thought them up in my head. Like, for example, near the end of the movie Edward tells her to go back to Jacksonville, Bella is suppose to freak and start hyperventilating, but all she does is stutter, and say ‘no’.
Another one was that Laurent WAS NOT how I pictured him at all…I’m not racist but, I pictured him as a strange little French guy, not some Black guy that didn’t even have a French accent.
I also, noticed how Bella found out and confronted Edward was not at all right to the book. I was looking forward for the first kiss, when he shows her the meadow for the first time, and she faints. But, alas, it never happened.


Answer by starbright_77
In the book Bella cooks for her dad and in the movie they go to a restaurant. Also alice and rosalie help bella get ready for her prom that doesnt happen in the movie. The blood typing in class was missing and the school field trip never happened. Also they never say the whole story about james and what he knew about alice. Their first kiss in the movie was all wrong! they dont speak about jaspers powers. edward never took bella to his favorite spot in the movie. Also they didn’t include much about bella being a restless sleeper and saying edwards name in her sleep.

Answer by Felissa M
Billy couldn’t drive in the book
He could in the movie

Answer by ECullen♥
Neva, it is definitely possible for a black person to be a vampire. What are their genetics not exactly the same as us? Have you not read New Moon? All of the Volturi are Italian, which are much darker skinned than most Caucasians. Eclipse? Maria was Hispanic, Jasper comments that she is pale, but still olive skinned. Breaking Dawn? Zafrina and Senna? Definitely Amazonian vampires. YES, Black!

Any who on to your question.

* OMG, The Cullens house! It is very modern and artsy in the movie, in the book it is old and white, with Michelangelo-ish art hanging everywhere.
* In the book, Waylon Forge does not exist. In the movie Bella first meets him in the first diner scene.
* When Jacob shows up at the prom in the movie, he hasn’t grown a good foot as he did in the book. This is kind of essential to New Moon.
* Charlie and Bella eat at the diner every night. In the book, Bella cooks.
* Bella finds out about the truck in Charlies cruiser in the book. In the movie she sees it when they pull up to Charlies house.
* In the book, Alice and Bella’s friendship begins forming. Alice even helps Bella get ready for prom in the epilogue. In the movie, Bella just says Alice loaned her the dress.
* In the book it isn’t revealed that James and Victoria are mates until the end. In the movie it is verrry obvious!
* In the book, as Rosalie doesn’t approve of Edward being with Bella, she and Emmett are not present when Bella first comes to the Cullens home. In the movie, she and Emmett are assisting cooking dinner.
* In the book, Emmett has curly hair. In the movie it is buzzed off. Same with Charlie, that’s where Renesmee gets her curls! =[
* Alice’s height is way off. She is supposed to be about 4’2″ but shes only a few inches shorter then Bella in the movie.
* In the book, Forks high school is a cluster of small buildings, in the movie it looks like a regular school. That one really got to me.
* In the book, Edward drives a S60R, in the movie he drives a C30.
* In the movie the website Bella is researching vampires on is called Apotampkin, in the book it is called Vampires A-Z.
* In the book, Bella evades Jasper and Alice in the airport through a bathroom with two exits. In the book she just walks out of the hotel and catches a cab.
* The meadow scene is approached differently entirely in the movie. In the book, Edward takes Bella on the day she invented to go to Seattle to avoid the ladies choice dance. In the book, Bella and Edward sort of skip class during the meadow scene.
* There are 2 dances in the book, prom, and the spring dance, ladies choice. In the book, there’s just prom.
* Alice’s past is not mentioned in the ballet studio in the movie, as it is in the book.
* Lauren and Ben are not characters in the movie, not by name anyway.
* In the movie, James bite Bella on the wrist area, in the book, she is bitten on the palm of her hand.
* In the movie, Edward struggles to stop drinking from Bella. In the book, he has no problem at all, he tells Carlisle simply, he can taste the morphine, her blood is clean.
* In the book, Edward first says he loves Bella on page 303, just before they play baseball with the Cullens. In the movie it is never even said.
* In the movie, Jasper appears with Alice and Edward on the field trip. Though, their is no field trip in the book, Jasper is a senior in the book, he wouldn’t be on the field trip anyway, had it taken place.
* In the book, Bella loathes the idea of prom. Edward even goes so far as to not tell her what’s up until they are nearly there. In the movie, she seems to have known ahead of time.
* In the movie, the rest of the Cullen siblings aren’t at the prom. In the book they all are. Jasper and Alice, and Emmett and Rosalie apparently putting on a show for everyone with their dancing.
* Victoria stalks Edward and Bella at the prom, in the movie. You can even see her in the very first scene. In the book shes not even thought of.
* In the book, Jacob and Bella sit down and Jacob tells her the stories of vampires his tribe knows. In the movie he only briefly mentions that its just a “scary story” and Bella is not persistent and flirting with him to get the information.
* In the book, Charlie puts snow chains on Bella’s tires. She comes to the realization once she is at school, and while she is distracted with the emotion that someone is actually taking care of her, the accident with Tyler’s van happens. In the movie, Charlie puts on snow tires, and tells her before she leaves.

-The movie is full of inconsistencies, and a lot of it was changed up and a lot of it completely omitted from the movie. I would literally be here all night trying to cover all that was left out! =/

Answer by girl
lmao.. no such thing as a black vampire meanwhile in the book she describes italian and other races of vampires who are “olive skinned“. It is sad when ppl don`t even see how they`re being racist.

Answer by big bang♥
The main difference was the way Edward treated Bella…in the book, he is so protective of her, but in the movie, he is DRAGGING her through the forest.
Bella usually cooks dinner, but she always eats out with Charlie.
Bella goes home right away after she is at Port Angeles with Edward, but she goes to the police station instead.
The blood test scene wasn’t in the movie and there was no field trip in the book.
The Cullens don’t cook when Bella first comes over and Emmett and Rosalie aren’t supposed to be there.
Bella and Jacob are INSIDE when they are talking at prom…and they are dancing.

that’s pretty much all I remember…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some stereotypes about Okinawans?

I’m making an character that is solely based off of a lot of Okinawan stereotypes, but I’m having a hard time finding some information. Can anyone help me?

Answer by ?
– Easy going
– Past is past and not future or now
– Love their neighbours/ family members
– healthy and vigorous seniors
– having a big party for somebody’s birthday, and keep on eating & drinking until midnight (this tendency is for elderly people XD)
– love pork, bitter melon, KFC, and seaweed
– kids play by ocean.
– lots of tropical flowers like Sunshine Tree’s

Many of them have 城 (castle) in their family names like 大城 (Big Castle). It could be because there were many fortresses.

Answer by Bobby_Boucher_#9
They eat cats and dogs.

They eat insects.

Thats all I got!

Answer by Locoluis
Sātā andāgī

Answer by thecheapest902
My personal opinion is that, I have not heard much “Okinawa stereotype”. They are like average Japanese.

Answer by sweet operon
very liberal, friendly, healthy, peace loving, laid back etc…

Answer by violentskies13
Short and hairy. That is the first thing that will come out of every Okinawan’s mouth. Being half-Okinawan, I’m kinda surprised you can’t find anything! That’s all we joke about, our stereotypes. I’ve known Okinawans who informally battle in hairy leg contests! Even sending relatives back to Okinawa if they live abroad.

Eat lots of pork (spam!) not fish. Tan (dark) compared to other Japanese. Laid back. Love to laugh. Strong women. No jobs. Anti-Japanese government and the Imperial family. (Where else does the Japanese flag get burned in Japan or people throw molotov cocktails at the prince? Well, not for awhile but still.) Anti-war. Okinawa doesn’t have trains like mainland Japan so we might not understand the rail map when visiting mainland Japan. We accept things as they are in the “que sera sera” way (the saying is “nankuru nai sa”). Our Japanese sounds funny. We don’t look so Japanese. Some Japanese still treat us like we’re not Japanese. Sometimes you don’t even see Okinawa on the national weather report, things like that. Lots of mental illness. Lots of American military stationed so more likely to know some English or be related to someone who is half-American.

For laid back, it’s kinda like Hawaiian attitude. It’s island time. Japanese are very puntual but Okinawans are late. Even opening their stores. You’d think it was a national holiday sometimes but eventually someone comes by to open the shop. Also, people think it looks like Hawaii so someone planted a bunch of palm trees.

For the castle being in names, it’s read as -shiro or -gusuku, the Okinawan way of saying castle, such as Oshiro (as written by the other poster) or Tamashiro or Tamagusuku. But the most common Okinawan last name is Higa. For old ladies, and I mean born before WW2, everyone knows someone named Kamado.

Need more?

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