Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the best nightclubs and bars in New Orleans?

I’m coming to New Orleans for Spring Break and was wondering what are the best night spots. Also, is there a lot going on during the weekdays? Or do they just party on the weekends in New Orleans?

Answer by NOLA guy
New Orleans doesn’t really have a “Spring Break” time like Fort Lauderdale but there is always something going on. There are usually more people in the French Quarter on weekends than during the week, but that also depemds on what is going on.

Things to do in New Orleans:

For general info:

New Orleans hosts many festivals and celebrations throughout the year:

There are many tours offered and examples are:

The Saint Charles Streetcar is the oldest continuously operating street railway in the world and is a “tourist attraction” in its own right. It is part of the public transit system, as are the Canal Street and Riverfront streetcar lines:

There is always music, but the bands change: Go to and click on Music then Listings or to and click on Listings, then Music.

Music clubs often advertise “No Cover”, meaning there is no charge for entering. However, clubs with “No Cover” often require that customers buy a beverage each for every “set” of music (which can be every 20 minutes) so KNOW THE PRICE before you sit down. Clubs do that because some people will sit in the club all evening drinking nothing (clubs only make money from the drinks they sell – not from the music). It is also a good idea to pay for each round of drinks (in clubs on Bourbon Street) as it is delivered so there can’t be any confusion at the end of the evening.

An incomplete guide to bars & clubs:,LA/Nightlife/

Some famous drinks are VERY potent compared with regular cocktails that have only 1 to 1 ½ ounces of alcohol. For example, a Hurricane is basically 3 or 4 ounces of rum in something like red Kool-Aid, and a Hand Grenade has at least 4 ½ ounces of Everclear + rum + vodka mixed with melon liquor. They don’t necessarily taste like an alcoholic beverage and it is easy to over-indulge.

Wander around the French Quarter, enjoy the architecture, watch the street entertainers (do tip), and visit some of the historic buildings that have been turned into museums (go to and click on Historic Attractions).

Cafe du Monde is in the French Quarter and you shouldn’t miss having cafe au lait & beignets ( Another great coffee shop is the Croissant d’Or (at 617 Ursulines Street), which is open from 7:00am to 2:00pm and has food in addition to pastry.

Visit the Bottom of the Cup tea Room for a reading:

The Palm Court restaurant is very nice, has moderate prices, and offers live jazz starting at 8:00pm: 1204 Decatur Street, (504) 525-0200.

Maximo’s Italian Grill has great food and atmosphere: 1117 Decatur Street in the French Quarter, (504) 586-8883.

Cafe Degas is a very French restaurant near City Park at 3127 Esplanade – which is not within walking distance of downtown (5 to 10 minutes by taxi). They are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays (504) 945-5635).

The Napoleon House restaurant is at 500 Chartres Street in the FQ, and has a menu of great local dishes:

Buffa’s is a neighborhood restaurant at 1001 Esplanade Avenue that is open 27/7 and has live entertainment:

More restaurant suggestions:,LA/Restaurants/

Preservation Hall has traditional live Jazz and doesn’t serve alcohol so all ages are welcome:

New Orleans has ballet, opera, a symphony orchestra, and theatre:

There is a free ferry across the Mississippi at the “foot” of Canal Street. It is a short trip but like a harbor cruise w/o a guide:

The Aquarium, Audubon Zoo, and the new Insectarium are world-class attractions ( and you should see them if you can. The Zoo is several miles from downtown. You can drive to the Zoo (which has free parking) or take public transit from the French Quarter.

Go to for info on museums.

Harrah’s Casino is in the Central Business District: (age 21 required for entry)

New Orleans City Park has a variety of attractions + free parking. (

Check for ideas about other things to do.

I hope you have a great time!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you really relate & get to the heart of?

A person with Sagittarius moon? I know they say how they are commitment-phobes who dislike being tied down, but how do they really process emotions. Is it as shallow as everyone says it is or is there something deeper there we are missing from these folks? Articles you read about them are not really in-depth, they just say when the going gets tough, these people run. There has got to be more to it!

Answer by Falumple
One thing I’ve noticed about anyone with Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, and Mercury in Sagittarius is that you’re right, they are restless spirits that really like to roam free and be independent. Sure, some are shallow and some haven’t met the right person yet. Most often though, is that they are not looking for someone to tie them down and keep them grounded. Some are looking for someone to “run free” with them and not bog them down with commitment talk.

Everyone is different though, and some are just not mature or haven’t come into their own. I have a friend that was wild and reckless, very much so, in her youth. She’s Sag Sun AND Moon, if you can believe that. She was very detached from her relationships, and though she was deeply in love with him, she was still wild and independent and didn’t get too close. He cheated on her and broke her heart. She. Was. DEVASTATED. But, for some reason, after the grieving and pints of ice cream (’cause what girl hasn’t been there, right?) she learned a very valuable lesson about what’s expected when TWO people are in a relationship and to not take them for granted. The guy was scum, yes, but would he have cheated if she had given herself a little more emotionally? Would he have cheated if she were a little more grounded and open? No one can say for sure, but all we know is that she has grown up from this experience and was even engaged for a time, but broke it off because she couldn’t be with another that had too much baggage. She didn’t settle and we’re so proud of her for it!

I believe that they have to go through some sh*t to learn a thing or two about themselves and what they can be capable of if they just try to enjoy a relationship instead of running away from it, thinking it’s going to compromise their character. Some, like my friend, learn the hard way. Others mature before this can happen. Some don’t ever want to learn and float from guy to girl to guy to girl because they can. But as I said, if they can find someone to run free with them and show them that a relationship isn’t just about being tied down, then you’ve got a Sag anything in the palm of your hand.

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