Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What could it mean that I keep getting the name of this guy?

I have a special place in my heart always for a particular person. I havent talked to him in years and years. Lately his last name has been showing up everywhere I look.
My husbands employer was bought out by a company with this guys last name. Of course I didnt think anything of it. The last 2 weeks or so I come across his name on things like a link from an internet page, author of a magazine article, actor on a tv show, and at least another 4 occasions.
Its driving me crazy. I’m not superstitious, dont believe in good luck or bad luck, dont get into things like palm reading, tarot, crystals etc, not even to read astrology. Dont like any of it. But by tonite I’m wondering if this is more than coincidence (which I dont believe in either). Did you ever have this happen or what do you think? Maybe I’m just “noticing” something I would normally overlook and it is meaningless?

Answer by luv2laf
Maybe this person needs your prayers right now. Something simular happened to me before. I started thinking of an old friend so I started praying for him and a couple days later he called me. He was really needing someone to talk to.

Answer by Angela D
Maybe you are unconsciously missing life before marriage.

I don’t know. I seem to be pretty intuitive. Sometimes I get up to get the phone before it rings. It’s rare but, sometimes I hear the phone ring before anyone else does. Sometimes I know who it is right when I’m walking to the phone or before it rings. It’s rare but, I can look at a person and answer their question before they ask it. I think it’s mostly that I read their facial expressions just before they speak though. I saw a $ 1000 reward picture up for a missing dog at a local grocery store once and a night later I wouldn’t go to sleep because I knew that dog was going to show up on my porch. I knew that reward was mine. lol I told my husband I was waiting for the I don’t think he took me serious at all. It took till 5:am in the morning. I was more than ready for bed. I heard something walking on my deck and I knew it was the dog. I opened the door and it came My daughter still tells people we turned a dog into money. The dog was a boxer btw. The woman really loved her Anyway, stuff like that happens to me sometimes. I would think that you are going to see this man soon. Or hear some kind of news about him.

Answer by ophelliaz
You are asking this question in the psychology forum. Psychologically speaking it is a coincidence. You may be more aware of this particular name simply because you have such a fondness for it. I started dating a guy then noticed a drug store with his last named for the first time despite passing it every single Sunday for over 2 years on the way to my sister’s house.

It’s like you said, you are just noticing something you would normally have no reason to note. A coincidence is when two things seem related but aren’t at all. Names are just words and are pretty common words to boot.

That you are thinking of this person so much may be a good reason to call him, provided, of course, that it is in now way a threat to your relationship with your husband. If your ideas are only toward friendship then maybe it’s just time to reconnect. If you have romantic feelings for him then you have much greater issues to deal with and your relationship with your husband needs to come first even just for your sake.

Answer by Marguerite
I believe it means something most definitely. What? I am not certain. Perhaps, he is thinking of you and calling out. Perhaps, something has happened to him. You’re picking something up from across the miles. I believe in this.

Answer by PAUL C
You packed your bags and now you must carry them.

i think it would be best to just leave it alone………so do you I’m thinking……..
when waking sleeping dogs use caution………some will bite..

Answer by mango
am agree wz (angela D)
i saw dreams all about my x-fiancee,saw his name in commercials and then,saw a person who just looks like him in a restaurant,my sister think it is he himself but i told her he is abroad 4 a long time,then i knew he came back the same day i saw the man at.since that day ,i always believe my feeling ,which someone called (woman sense)

Answer by root chord
it is all coincidence…and you shouldn’t be even thinking or putting meaning to it…you have a husband…

Answer by Char
You can find these reminders as long as you are looking for them. It happens to all of us. I liked the suggestion that it might be a call to prayer. At least, doing that won’t cause you any trouble. If you are meant to re-connect, then you will, without any effort on your part. Life is funny. C. :)!!

Answer by tania c
sounds like to me that u really never got over this person and now maybe he meeds to talk to u its like a sign that something is going to happen its freaky actually but i have had a similar thing happen to me but it was because i was denying to myself that i didnt like the person so the more i said i didnt like him the more his name would come up on tv street name etc. so maybe this is happening to u because u have been denying yourself of what u really want in life or maybe this is just a test to see if u really love your husband

Answer by chris p

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Websites on reading into the future with palm reading?

I want to know some good websites on reading my future in my hands. Any ideas?

Answer by Dekudude
I’m sorry, and don’t take this offensively, but palm reading is made up, and isn’t real. It’s impossible to see your future… it’s up to you to make it good, or bad.

Answer by kjason93
Most are scams which require money take your mind off the “fortune telling” on the internet

Answer by Achiever of Baller Status
I suppose you’d believe me if I told you I had an ocean-side resort in Arizona for sale.

Answer by Nick
I don’t know of any… But I can help you with a Psychic reading if you like?


Haha! Sweetie! I’m Lebanese too!

Answer by Estephany
just look at them and try toguess it worked to me!!!!

Answer by sweetie
hahah I actually got my reading done out of a coffee cup today from my aunt…it’s cultural because im lebanese and my grandma also does it just for fun you know…but it really sounded real what my aunt told me….maybe you should talk to somebody because you could get more info on that.

Answer by mojoman
Try this palm reading website from what I understand it’s palm reading in Australia. There’s is also a little palm reading course as well.

Answer by Mike A
Palm reading can’t predict your future. Take it with a grain of salt for entertainment. I know you can have a Toe Reading online by sending pics of your feet but they don’t predict the future either. My wife did a toe reading and it was pretty accurate for her personality, etc… She went to for her toe reading and meditation CDs too. I hope this helps you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Whats the best form of fortune telling?

I want to get my fortune told but i’m not really sure how to get it done.
Whats the most accurate or best way to get my fortune told palm reading or crystal ball or psychic or is there another way that i haven’t heard of?

Answer by lala
A good physic is the best reading you can get ; but the hardest thing to do is finding one [ a good physic ] the next best thing is a palm reader ; again its hard to get a good one . The best way to find a good physic is by asking your family and friends and your co worker ; there always someone who had a good reading but they do not talk about it ; not before you ask them . People are quite secret about their personal life and much more when it come to a reading with a physic ; because they are afraid to be laugh at

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

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