Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do these tarot cards mean regarding my love life?

The person in question is a guy I was messing with and now we are in a battle field but I still care about him a little bit I don’t know if he cares about me at all. We just been arguing each other calling each other names through email. I’m asking I will miss him a lot when I go away to college and I haven’t seen almost 3 months and it’s driving me crazy.
Present Situation-Six of Wands
Your World-Justice
Your Lover’s World-Ten of Swords
Nature of Issues-Two of Cups
Obstacles-Two of wands
Lessons and Signs-Strength
Your Hopes, Fears and Desires-Temperance
Your Lover’s Hopes, Fears and Desires-Seven of swords
Challenges-Page of Swords
Outcome-Knight of Pentacles

I hate him but love him at the same time.

Answer by Lucius Ferdinand II
You shouldn’t base your life on tarot readings. Anyway this is Horoscopes section, not Tarot

Answer by ann
I’ll just read the second half, since I don’t know this particular spread. You hope that with patience he will come to you. He hopes to go it alone, as the 7 of Swords is a man who works alone. The challenge is that this man is not really looking at you. The page of Swords looks the other way. The outcome, the Knight of Pentacles, is another man you will meet.

I know you probably don’t want to hear it, but the cards are saying that you will and should meet someone else. I’d recommend that, too. When you are young, it seems that each relationship is very important, but really, only those that support our lives are important. When you go away, you will have a chance to meet a lot of young guys and you can find a better connection. Best of luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Wiccan readings for beginners?

I’m 12 years old and wanting to become a Wiccan with all my heart. I feel like it is the religion for me and I love it. I first need to become familiar with it. If anyone out there has books for it that help them than please share. If there are any articles that helped you or videos?

Anything so I can learn about it.
I’m sorry, the Wiccan religion is the one for me. I’m sure.

Answer by HeIsRisen
Wiccan is bad.
Jesus is good.
come to Jesus.

Answer by Wild Child
Awww, bless your precious Wiccan heart. You can be whoever you want to be. Don’t let anyone else tell you different. I don’t know of any books myself but you should go to your local library and do some research there.

Wiccan > christian

Answer by Epona Willow
Visit this reputable site
They also have a wonderful reading list.

Answer by ℒ’amour est le chaos
considering you are 12 i have a feeling you are wanting it for the wrong reasons and are making assumptions about it that arent true. However if you do have the right reasons and understand about it then sure go for it. I like wicca.

1. wicca doesnt revolve around spells entirely
2. its nature worship fort he most part
3. many gods

okay anyways you can read some here
and here

However before you do that i would suggest you try and take this test first to see if any other religions come up that may interest you. (just click the descriptions after you are done and read through them for the top matches) also please note that people do not necisarily need a religion to believe in things.

*dives into the foxhole before more fundamentalist christians come in preaching crap*

Answer by Somhairle
Start with anything by Gerald Gardner, he is primarily responsible for modern Wicca and, with Ross Nichols, the founder of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, assembled the basic symbols, rituals and theology by putting together pieces of older religions and magical systems into a beautiful new whole. Also, anything by John Michael Greer. He is a Druid and the Grand Archdruid in my order rather than a Wiccan, but his works are extremely valuable to anyone interested in Nature Spirituality, paganism or magic.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Arts & Humanities: My love for writing is distracting me?

I’m in my last semester at my university in getting my English Language and Literature degree and I am really getting distracted with my love of writing. If something in my classes pertain to what I write about or what is on my mind then I will tune in. I actually do try reading all of my readings for my classes, but I find myself spacing out alot and just writing poetry. I love poetry. I love listening to poetry. I love expressing myself through writing and currently I am working at my school part-time, but I also rely on my part-time job to pay for rent/bills/car-insurance and etc. However, the work that I am doing right now is clerical/office-type work. I’m grateful for this job because I do need it, but I am very much distracted in writing while trying to do my job. I always have my pen and pad out and write. I am always seeking intellectual stimulation. I’m not sure what to do. I want to be a high-school teacher, but will not be able to get certified until I go back to get my certification next semester in my grad’s program. I just want to make money by writing/becoming a poet/spoken-word artist. I am constantly writing about life/my experiences/interactions with people and etc. It just seems like my heart breaks on the daily when I am doing something other than writing. I just can’t be at a desk and do clerical work. I am grateful for what I have and what I’ve been given but so many people in my life tell me to go after my dreams and that they are regretful of not doing what they wanted. I am just at this point in my life that I just want to write. This is all I do. I can’t concentrate on anything else. I love listening to poets. I spend my free-time listening to poets and music. I don’t know what to do or what this means, but I am very much distracted by this.

Answer by Meg
This type of distraction is very common in people coming up to exams. Something else becomes so important because you don’t want to think about exams, etc. Some people even use this as a way of getting things done. Read this paper on structured procrastination, then think about whether this describes you:

Answer by ?
I used to have a dream to become an artist because people told me that I was talented. But, after realizing the salary of that particular career was excruciatingly low, I decided to become a dental practitioner since I was interested in that direction as well. Sometimes we need to wake up and accept the reality. Unless you are an awesome writer who is bound to make thousands of dollars, it is best for you to refrain from choosing to be a poet. Writing poems can be your hobby though. Reality makes life a tough pill to swallow, but you have to just take the hard way sometimes. Being a high school teacher may be tough, but you will know for sure that you will be pocketing a decent paycheck on paydays and that you will be loved (if you do it well.) My words do not mean that you should not choose to be an English teacher if that is what you want to be, but that when you are picking out careers, you need to pay attention to see if you will be fine barely having money and lacking food to eat.

Written by PsychicWilliam

Psychic William….. Likes to keep it simple and jargon free! Rather than me say how good I am, why not ask those in my room who have had a reading… Anyone can talk a good story.. You decide if I am what you’re looking for :oD

I don’t use any tools although I can use cards if you wish me too. My connection is always given in context and I present evidence all the time. It may be random but it makes sense….