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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do you think about this beginning of my story?

(The part with the /slash/ is suppose to be in italics to represent the past)

I picked up the single piece of white chalk from the floor and wrote 76 neatly on the chalk board above my cot. Seventy-six days since I last saw daylight. Since I last saw civilization. Walking around the room I pursed my lips and looked up at the sealed door above me. It labeled ‘quarantine’ on the inside, as well as the outside. I remembered from when the man walked me down here.

/”When will I leave?” I asked chewing the inside of my cheek as I walked down the rope ladder. The man in the black suit below me climbed down carefully. “Will I ever leave?” I asked after he didn’t respond.

He gave a grunt and dropped down two feet, landing on his feet with a small thud. I clenched my teeth together, did I have to do that too? “If you have faith. Now jump down. I’ll catch you.”

I looked back up at the open door and closed my eyes. ‘Bye’ I mouthed and dropped down, being steadied by the man. “Thanks,” I muttered.

He led me through the rooms. There was a bathroom and bedroom off to the left and to the right there was a big room with a door off to the side that was full with food. Food that wouldn’t spoil quickly; dried fruits, assortments of nuts, bottles of water. I sighed and pressed my lips together. I tried to act calm and collected, but I had to wipe my palms on my jeans every five seconds because of how sweaty they were.

“There’s a chalk bored, if you get bored,” he smirked lightly and led me to a desk in the corner of the big room. There was a sketchpad. My sketchpad with my charcoals and colored pencils. I stared in awe and ran my hands over the book. “The Professor thought you’d might like that with you. There’s a few extra sketchpads in the pantry as well as some books your mom had brought you.”

Mom. I felt the tears sting in my eyes, I fought to keep control. I couldn’t cry, I wouldn’t. That’s a sign of weakness and I sure didn’t need to show it to a man I didn’t even know. “That’s excellent.” I turned away from the desk and bit the inside of my cheek. I missed my mom, I really did. She was always taking care of me even when she was alone; she always cared.

The man cleared his throat and I glanced up at him. “I hope you enjoy your stay.”

“Oh I will,” I replied smoothly and walked to the other room. I wasn’t going to watch him leave; taking the rope ladder and shutting the door. I couldn’t deal with that./


That’s what I have so far. What do you think? Would you read more?

The basic plot of the story is; Maddison, the protagonist, is locked into quarantine for unknown reasons (to her anyways) and she’s been stuck in there for around three months and she’s gotten so bored and lonely she just disappears reality. She creates her own world in her head; living her ‘reality’ out in that world. In her actual state all she is doing is sitting on her cot staring at the chalk board. (The state she is in is weird; she’s alert, but she’s not focusing on it.) One day after she’s having the time of her life in her world she hears a knock. She though nothing about it but it was so loud she snapped out of her world and was back in her cell. Who is outside?

That’s all you know for now 😉

Answer by Sara
I don’t know. Sounds a bit like one of those “heavy” Russian novels of imprisonment and despair.

I’m a big fan of dropping the reader immediately into action or mystery, so that you’ve got him asking, “why is that?” “who is this?” “what caused this?” or other such questions.

Too much flashback works against you, especially if it’s more interesting than the heroine’s present predicament.

You’ve also got to build the love of the character in the heart of the reader, or he won’t keep reading.
Right now I’ve got a book downloaded on my Kindle that lacks any kind of connection to the main character, and I regret buying it. I tell myself, I don’t care what happens to the hero, one way or the other. Even after a hundred pages, I still don’t care.
Give your reader some reason to love this heroine, other than feeling sorry for her.

Answer by Sally
I think this is perfect, except you need to add like and extra oomf for your hook. I love your hook to your story it just need and extra push.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How many of you think Celtic Woman are great?

I first seen them on PBS some years back. I was totally hammered. Their voices are amazing! I seen them in concert in Tallahassee, FL. a couple years back. I don’t think there has been quite a phenomena like this in decades.

Answer by BoosGrammy
They have amazing voices, so clear, so pure. I love listening to them sing.

Answer by alcan52
Wait until you see the new PBS Show that will air on November 28th and the DVD that will go along with it. I went to Ireland for the DVD filming back in July and it was AWESOME!!!

Im planning on seeing them 4 times for their fall tour and already have tickets for a show on their spring tour.

I have traveled the country seeing them about 30 times over the last 4 years. Considering that I have to travel from Alaska to the Lower 48 to see them, its a long trip each time I do see them. I was in West Palm Beach back in May to see them. It was a great 2 shows.

They are awesome and not only can they sing but they are nice as well. You can go to the website for Mairead to learn more. All the members of Celtic Woman read this site along with their families. They all love this site.

Also if you want to see pictures from Powerscourt in Ireland during the filming you can view them here,

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I bought some vitakraft chocomilk drops for my two small dogs?

I looked at the ingredients and it says that it contains cocoa powder. Can dogs eat cocoa? I thought that they couldn’t eat chocolate. Isn’t this the same thing? Has someone else purchased this product for their dog(s). If they did, are they okay to eat it? I’m afraid to give it to them now.

Answer by ScottieDog
I saw these several years back at PetSmart. I read the ingredients and questioned the cocoa powder to a store employee. He was great and went to get information. He talked to the store manager who told him that the store would not sell unsafe pet treats. The employee also went and talked to the store vet. The vet said he would not feed the treat to his dogs. At that point the employee came and told me what each person said. I took the vet’s advice and did not buy the treats.

There are yogurt drop versions of these treats that don’t have cocoa. I just don’t think it is a good idea to get the dog used to wanting the taste or smell of chocolate. Probably isn’t enough cocoa to harm a pet when fed as a treat. Personally, I would not use these. Also, these contain a large amount of sugar and I don’t think that is good for my dogs. I feel even with the yogurt treats, that the level of sugar outweighs the benefits (if any) of yogurt probiotics. There are better treats to pick from out there.

Taken from Amazon:

“Product Description
These are the ultimate in dog treats. ChocoMilk drops are an irresistible snack that adds valuable vitamins and minerals to your dog’s diet. Dogs love the taste of these treats which is chocolate and milky. ChocoMilk drops contain Lecithin, an important nutrient generally found in milk and egg yolks. These treats are convenient to feed and store with a re-sealable lid. ChocoMilk drops are aseptically packed in a sealed container to preserve the freshness of the product.

Important Information
Sugar, whey powder, palm kernel oil, skim milk powder, cocoa powder, corn starch, lecithin, vanilla, Vitamin A acetate and palmitate, D-activated animal sterol, di-alpha-tocopherol acetate.”

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