Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what do you think of palmistry? (palm reading), does anyone else do them?

i was always interested in divination techniques but palm reading is the first i have studied and practiced. whats your take on it? experiences? do you practice it too?

Answer by Amber
I dont do palmistry, but my friends do it to me.
Its about the circle and square thing..
I dk, but yes I think its very interesting and fun.

Answer by Kale
I started reading palms when I was about 12, casually, not professionally of course. I actually find it slightly more accurate than astrology.
For instance, I know two girls who are fraternal twins. They were both born on the same day, 2 minutes apart. Astrologically, the differences are minute. However, they are very, very different girls. One is loud, funny, not very book smart, more artistic, etc. The other is moody, reads a lot, is very intelligent and reserved. Their palms reflect these differences perfectly.
What I like about palmistry is that the lines and mounts on your hands change as you do, where as your chart is set the minute you are born. No two people have the same hands, but everyone born within the same hour as you has the same chart as you.
I like to think of the chart as your potential, and your hands as what you are. It is a very interesting thing to study, and if you learn it, you will find it helps you instantly assess what type of person someone is when you meet them.
But you have to be careful about palmistry because there is a lot of false info out there. If anyone says they can tell you how many kids you will have, or how long you will live, they are doing it wrong. That is the sort of parlor tricks palmistry, not the real stuff, which just tells you about your personality and the kind of potential you have. It tells you how you live, not how long you live, etc.

Answer by robert stephenson i.d no 62858
i did tarot and palmistry in new orleans for 20 yrs.i dont know about the square and triangle thing.4 basic palm types earth,air,fire,water/major lines head line,life line,loveline every one of the fingers relates to a ring finger=venus,thumb = mars,pinky=mercury.the firmness of the mounds.fingernail shape etc.more important is the feelings “vibes”that you get from the person like most things of this nature going with your intution is a good thing

Answer by Peter Dolding
I have been reading hands for about 20 years now, for me Palmistry is the most powerful tool to see where someone is on a Karmic level.

Palmistry is not about what is going to happen it is all about potential it shows how someone reacts to certain situations, it shows if you like the nature of the beast.

It shows the difference if you like of what the person was born to be and what they have become.

My funniest experience was doing a reading for a girl, now there are 7 signs on the hand that show how sexually active a person could be and this girl had all the signs in abundance it litterally ouzed sex.
The first thing I said to her was that sex was a huge priority in her life and then without thinking what I was saying I said and you will turn a hobby into a career, as you can imagine I suddenly realised what I had said! Obviously I got very embarrased, she just looked at me and said “how did you know?
So to sum up Palmistry show the real person Who they are, what they are and what their potential is.

Answer by Hand Research
Hello Mary,

Thank you for your question.

I think every professional palm reader will answer your question differently – because palmistry has traditionally been a very solitude activity.

But with the rise of ‘scientific palm reading’ (based on e.g. the dermatoglyphics, major palmar lines, fingernails & finger length) things have become a little differently.

Generally, palmistry is misunderstood … because historically it has been associated with predicting the future. But today palm reading has become a tool in spiritual counseling. However, quite a few practitioners have adopted more and more insights that were developed by scientific researchers.

And there is so much more to say about modern palmistry … maybe you would like to read more at my website – see the source below.

I hope this answer will become useful for you.

Greetings from The Netherlands,


Answer by Robert
Yes, I do it. The theory of palmistry is very logical. You will have to understand the theory of karma for that… Our palm lines change according to our deeds. So, definitely fortune has its part to play but, what we want in life depends on us 90%. Besides this of course major lines on hands like travel, marriage, emotions, study, love, fortune and other lines play imp role. You may find this link interesting..

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free palm reading? (20 characters)?

ARe there any sites where you can send in a picture and get your palm read for free? any?

thank you!

Answer by Tommycat
I got one and it was really fun! Mine was in person though, she was a beautiful nice lady from India and I took her very seriously as palm reading is important in their culture. She said my husband will be tall, unemotional and something of a player and I will have two kids. I doubt it but it’s all for fun anyway isn’t it!

Oh and she said I have fish on my palm and that means I am very sensitive.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : read my palm , ? ( pictures)?

ive gone over some lines in marker, becasue my camera was to shit to pick up. can you read it for me , my friend who can read palms said something about a lfie changing experience. because my travel line interfears my fate . can this be good? also theres a star on my fate line, what could this mean?

if you dont beleive in palm reading , or are going to write a silly answer like ‘ i hate palm reading its stupid’ then don’t ill mark it as spam!

love elle xo

Answer by Waxr
Palm reading is bogus.
It has no scientific basis, and it consistently fails objective tests.

Answer by Marsbar
It looks like an intricate design of palm trees.

Besides, if your friend has read your palm, there is no reason for stupid ignorant people on YA to do it again.

Good luck with your life changing experience.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

Carlos Pena Palm Reading


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