Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do you think of the Lg Env Touch?

I am getting it today from Verizon to replace my basic blackberry (which drove me nuts…I missed the touch screen of my palms!). Any suggestions on the touch…what do you all think of it?

Answer by Jezzaaaaa.
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Answer by Jared
I have had my Env Touch for almost six months.
I’m a former blackberry user also.
Here’s what I discovered:

– Occasional glitch (display or mp3 player hangs) easily fixed by turning off and back on, I’ve experienced maybe 3 in the 4 months I’ve had it. (you know our blackberries needed to be reset now and then)

-Battery life for talk time and blue tooth does get drained fairly quick. Think about getting a 2nd battery/car charger if thats an issue for you. Still not bad.

-Excellent MP3 player. Can’t say enough about it. Voice recognition hears you say your mp3 file title and it plays it. Preset equalizer options.. Stereo speakers when opened, excellent sound from headphones.

-Touch screen. A little getting used to, but very easy, works really well, versatile, will give you an on screen keyboard if you flip the phone horizontally with the phone closed. Even has the option of hand writing recognition. Get a stylus and your good to go.

-Keyboard is great.

-Will read your text messages out loud for you, yep, it has an option – very top, 2nd icon from the right is the button.

-Great list of tools, you can store and read (not edit or write) .pdf, word, or excel files. My stupid blackberry pearl couldn’t do that.

Get a micro-sd card. The Touch will take up to 16 gigs, and thats about as big as they do.. but 4 gigs would do it.

Bottom line I love it. The quirks are no big deal, if they happen, it’s really a full featured phone. Verizon’s applications and games are a little pricey… but need for speed is cool.. vz navigator competes with the best of them as far as any GPS device goes. And yes, the MP3 player is really that good!

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I just failed my driving test, I have no job, I cant find a job, iam like fuken depressed and chit
I need money and a car and ill probably be happy lol
where or how do I start
iam sick of the bus
I cant even go on dates because I dont have a car
and I could get dates like nothing but no money or wheels
this fuken sucks

Answer by edwinvenomtoxin

Answer by Generalist
G Are you desperate enough to try anything legal? Try using the LDK. i was in a similar situation once and started to learn about the LDK with some members. Within three days, I had a good job and $ 3800. just fly magically into my life.
Life Decryption Key
By Generalist 12-08

Life often looks like a secret puzzle or an encrypted message, especially when we are facing problems. We need to decrypt the message and make some decisions.
The first is to decide if we want to control our lives, or want to rely on an outside force. The second is whether we believe that causes produce effects. This document is intended for people who want to be responsible for their lives, and who accept that causes produce effects. Effects are produced by causes and we have to make the right causes to get the effects we want. Those who want to control their lives rationally and responsibly, and accept that effects are produced by causes, please read on.

Instead of guiding ones life by the flurry of concepts, hopes, fears, and aphorisms we learn, it is more effective to conduct daily life while using a concise, accurate and short set of reality descriptions. We need a mental key to make the jumble understandable and make decisions more accurate and easier to enact.

The key exists. It is intended strictly to improve the conduct of daily life. It is a primer on how to improve the here and now. The future will be determined by how we deal with the present.

The question naturally occurs, “What are the right causes to optimize life for oneself and others?”

Please write down all the words of intangibles that attach to life such as love, imagination, dreams, life, hope, fear, hate etc. Then write down all the words that relate to the tangible aspects of life. Think of brain, body, table, car clouds, air, soil, and on without limit. Yet, there is no mind without a brain. There is no car without thought. There is no wood for a table without the intangible life of a tree. The list of tangibles and intangibles is endless in English. However, the inseparability of tangible and intangible aspects is summed up in the words Myoho.

Write down all the words for causes you can think of and effects those causes can have. They are all summed up in the words Renge-Causes simultaneously produce effects like the flower and the seed of the lotus.

Everything is always changing. Write down all the words that come to mind about things changing-Clouds, faces, butterflies, concepts, memories and on and on. They are all summed up in the Japanese word Kyo. Because everything is always changing, no one is stuck where shehe is.

The three words Myoho Renge Kyo include every aspect of life and exclude nothing.

This formulation, used with focused intention, serves as a life decryption key to enable anyone to see the relationships that exist between good concepts and harmful ones. It was derived over thousands of years by brilliant people in India and China and finally used as the title of the Lotus Sutra in Kumarajiva’s translation of the Lotus Sutra. A 13th century Japanese monk named Nichiren recognized it for what it is and realized that anyone could guide their life better by using this key. He discovered the great treasure of life where anyone had access to it and dedicated his life to providing clarification and access.

The way to use it is to add the shortened Sanskrit verb for focusing intention and create Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. This is spoken repeatedly with the palms pressed together to close the energy circle and focus the mind-brain-body on the essential realities. It releases delusions and limitations as reliably as vitamin C cures scurvy.

Since we each have our unique paths and desires, there is no prescription for what people should focus on when they use the tool. It is all available. The human mind has vast possibilities to explore once we resolve the confusion. There is no intent to move anyone to think in a certain way. There is definite intention to help human beings to think more effectively in ways that improve their individual and collective lives.
For more detailed information see Or
Caveat; SGI does not use the term life decryption key. That term is my attempt to summarize the essence of the philosophy taught by SGI.

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Chapter One

I look at myself in the mirror. Long wavy light brown hair slung across my shoulder and across my chest, deep brown eyes, a slender figure. I’ve been told that I am beautiful many times, though I never see myself as beautiful but an average girl working at downtown Starbucks selling coffee.

My hair will NOT behave today! I try to pull it nicely in a bun but all the pieces end up falling out into little strands. I already am not confidant in getting the job at the interview today and now that my hair has decided to be a hot mess I’m sure he’ll take one look at me and right from there decide not to go for me.

I’ve always have been a sucker for literature. Writing, reading, poetry etc…. have always been what I’ve liked to do. Throughout my entire school years I was known as “A book worm”. I can’t help it, I just love how I can express myself by writing. I am yet terrible at public speaking. I graduated from UFT (University Of Toronto) last year and finally got to move to New York where my family is.

I will just leave my hair down for today. I sprint towards my closet knowing I’ll be late if I waste another second on my stupid hair! I get in my pastel skirt, white blouse & the matching jacket for it. “Looking good!” I tell myself encouraging. Who am I kidding! This is uncomfortable.

Grabbing my binder, phone and wallet I decide to run out the door. Let me tell you running down the stairs from the 10th floor with high heels is not an easy task to do! I decide to check my phone for any messages. (32 missed calls) is what I see when the light shines in my eyes. WOW! No doubt their all from the only person who ever texts she’s been my best friend ever since we were in middle school. “I know she’s been worried all week for this interview of mine. But I spent all week assuring her that things were going to go smooth and that I’ve got this. Now? I’m not so sure myself.

I decide to take the next ten minutes of the subway ride to cool myself down and think of what I’ll want to say to him when I arrive in his office. It’s my first ever time going to such an extreme, serious interview for a job. I don’t even know who this guy is! He could be in his thirties or fifties!

The next thing I know is that the subway has pulled up in its station. I get off. The station is crawling with people, everyone pushing and shoving each other to get to where they desire to go. I nervously walk through everyone, taking a cab I get out in front of a giant skyscraper biggest building I’ve probably ever seen in my life.

The entire building is glass. Clear. So clear that its reflecting the sun. Taking a deep breath I step in the building. High ceilings, crystal chandelier, hanging off. The design completed with the finest of furniture. The main desk is large and fancy. The waiting seats all made of leather. The floors are marble, waxed and cleaned. Incredibly clean so that if I look down I can see my figure on its shiny surface. The desks look customized just to fit such a luxurious space. The place is filled with employees and clients.

After walking to the front desk & asking for some help, the blonde beauty directed me to his office. She had me sit down ” Would you like anything to drink Ms. Reed?” I shake my head because nothing seems to come out of my mouth in that moment. She gestures for me to go in the his office. My entire body is shaking, my palms are getting sweaty and the last thing I want to happen is fall right in front of his eyes making him think I’m a total klutz & not right for the job. ” Keep your composure Anastasia” I repeat to myself over and over.

The room is bright from the sunlight coming in through the glass windows. I do not believe what I see. A tall muscular figured man in his twenties sitting behind the desk. His fair dirty blonde hair pushed back, his blue eyes piercing, mysterious almost dark. I walk up to his desk; he waves me to sit down on the black leather chair. What with the leather everywhere?

He takes a good look at my resume, and then up at me. “Wow, so you’ve worked at Starbucks, stores & diners…? ” I nod approving what he just said. “I see you graduated with honors, that is impressive Ms. Reed.” I feel more confident that he mentioned that. “But there are great other applicants who are also applying Ms. Reed. I’ll have to sleep on it for a bit. The interviews will end on tuesday evening & I will call the hired employee on thursday morning at my earliest convenient.” He gives me a smirk, gets up, so I follow his lead. He shakes my hand & I notice the look in his eyes. Something’s different the way he looks at me, none of my bosses have ever
No harsh comments please. Just tips on how I can improve it. 🙂 thanks
What really worries me is do I have a lot of punctuation and grammar problems or not?

Answer by Blood
Email me at I am a writer and have had several short stories published in several magazines. I would be glad to help you, but you simply cannot expect that someone can give you the perfect answer in one simple answer on Yahoo. It will take many emails back and forth to edit any piece, let alone yours. I hope I can help! Also, I found a website that might be useful. It is called I hope this helps too.

Answer by Sumantah
Work on catching and keeping a reader’s attention. My mind wondered when I started reading because its the same kind of thing I’ve read 1000 times.

Answer by Melody Chuks
Im a psychologist.. For ur level its perfect.. Just read more of articles,newspapers,magazines etc. Study hw they present their ideas. That shud just help inkase it comes any day as essay. Use more of huge words to improve vocab,just get a dict in ur phne,then most words u wanna use,check for its substitute. Thats hw i succeded bk in sch

Answer by Piper
Your grammar could use some work, but you’ve developed a nice voice! Don’t give up! I’d recommend reading some grammar guides- perhaps an MLA handbook? Just to refresh on some basic formatting things. The one big issue here that I noticed was a big information dump- giving way too much info about the narrator early on. That kind of stuff should be given slowly. Readers want action, not backstory- so simply give less information about the main character and try to present it in a more interesting way. Show things about her instead of just telling them.

Answer by KIRKUK
so what actually happened to the Jimmy fourfingers then…ah i see ..your keeping us in suspense …i loved the way you turned it into a psychological thriller about the Japanese Yakuza….

Answer by Smells like New Screen Names
First let me preface this with the caveat that this is not the sort of fiction I’m at all interested in. Near as I can tell it’s either chick-lit following the usual path of young girl taking the city by storm, or it’s an intro to yet another bit of S & M “erotica.”

It seems to touch the usual cliches of chick lit (and herotica) hair, cloths, and cell phone. Not to mention the stock school-girl picked name. However the conventions in such things usually require a bit more “realism” or focus on such things. No chick lit ever leaves it so plain, while most real fiction would skip these stock cliches. So I’d say you either need to steer into the conventions or steer free of them. In addition, the dialog seems dry, the type of stuff you wouldn’t bother repeating if you were telling us a story over coffee.

Personally, I find this work a bit dull. It doesn’t seem to contain anything true, let alone a true voice, just a pile of conventions. If I’m going to read a first person novel, I need to feel as if the person is fully realized in the first few pages. So whether you’re writing smut or writing the usual fashion fiction, you need to turn it up a bit. If you can’t give me Anastasia, then you at least need to feed me you.

Answer by Vuvs
Well I do like to think everything has potential, so keep working on it. Right now, I’d suggest making the beginning more unique. I don’t notice any punctuation or grammar mistakes right away, but the scenario of the character looking in the mirror is actually very cliche. It’s just been done a million times and one rule is not to describe in beginnings. Concentrate on what’s unique about this character and her situation. Here’s a link to other beginnings that are generally considered cliche.

Hope that’s helpful, anyway. Right now my attention picks up when she’s nervous and entering the building. When it gets to her name, it makes me wonder if you are writing a 50 Shades fanfic since it starts the exact same way. If you’re serious, hope I helped.

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