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‘goodbye’ he said, as he left
walking down the stairs.
tears streaming down her face,
people she didnt even know could see she cared.
‘i do love you though, laura loo’
he said, as he went.
and although she denied it then, she loved him too.

The others dont understand,
daddys not coming home.
her palm pressed against the window as he drives away;
she’d never felt so alone.
it was all her mothers fault – she would scream.
daddy was her hero.
she hoped when she woke up, this would be just a dream.

Answer by Shurephyre
Father going to fight in a RETARDED WAR OVER FOREIGN OIL.

I’m sorry. I meant just in a war.

Answer by SmartyPantsX
Hey (:
I thought that was really good!
It was very emotional to read,
you gave really good detail,
you know why and what had happened,
which is important!
Descriptive, but good do with a little more,
I think laura feels trapped in a box sort of thing,
the fact that no one really understands.
I think you should consider writing poems, poetry and maybe limiricks too?
Best of luck ! (:

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I have a palm tx, and i would really love to add the navigation software to it, but it seems like they don’t make any for it! All of the GPS kits i read say that they work with the Treo.. but they say nothing about the TX… anyone know of a good GPS system compatible with my TX??
And what is the difference between getting the DVD software or the memory card? Which is better?

Answer by mysickpc
Hmmm.. I was going to just answer yes, but after some checking it seems that the software I was going to suggest (TomTom 6) has some issues running on the TX. I know that version 5 ran fine, so if you could track that down it should work fine.

Found a link:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are palm readings true?

…i mean is it something that only works whne u “believe” in it?

is it even worth wasting money on getting your palm read?

is it affective?

….for anyone with first hand expeerince….should i give it a try…??…and if so….how much does a typical pal reading cost?…I dont want to get ripped off neither you know.

-thanks! =]

Answer by cheryl v
dont waste your money,

Answer by Asther dela fuente
Nothing wrong with trying.
Palm reading shouldn’t cost much.

Answer by Psychic LPN Ed
I had one palm reader tell me I would die before age 25 and I had another tell me I would meet my future WIFE at age 20.

Well, I’m 29 and gay……

Answer by chainlightning38
Palmistry was used during the middle ages to detect witches. It was believed that certain spots on the hand indicated one had made a pact with the Devil. Palmistry was condemned by the Catholic Church but in the 17th century it was taught at several German universities (Pickover, 64). Britain outlawed palmistry in the 18th century.

According to Ann Fiery (The Book of Divination), if you are right handed, your left hand indicates inherited personality traits and your right hand indicates your individuality and fulfillment of potential. The palmist claims to be able to read the various lines on your hand. These lines are given names like the life line, the head line, the heart line, the Saturne line. The life line supposedly indicates physical vitality, the head line intellectual capacity, the heart line emotional nature, etc.

Some palmistry mimics metoposcopy or physiognomy. It claims that you can tell what a person is like by the shape of their hands. Creative people have fan-shaped hands and sensitive souls have narrow, pointy fingers and fleshy palms, etc. There is about as much scientific support for such notions as there is for personology or phrenology. All such forms of divination seem to be based on sympathetic magic and cold reading.

Although you can often tell a lot about a person by examining his or her hands, there is no scientific support for the claim that you tell such things as whether you will inherit money or find your true love from the lines or marks on your hands. One can suspect that many of those who think they have found support for palmistry are guilty of confirmation bias and have found it in the form of anecdotes.

The desire for knowledge of the future seems to be at the root of palmistry and other forms of divining secret knowledge through paranormal revelations. Also, fortune tellers relieve us of the obligation to gather evidence and think about that evidence. Our palmists and graphologists, etc., also relieve us of the difficult task of evaluating the consequences of taking various actions. They absolve us of the responsibility of decision-making. They are great comforts, therefore, to the insecure, the lazy, and the incompetent.

Answer by veerabhadrasarma m
You are the teacher, counselor, and healer when you do Hand Analysis and Palmistry

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