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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does an indigo child’s palm reading look like?

yeah just wondering if theres way to recognize an indigo child through palm reading.

Answer by O8SERVER IV
Here we go with the “indigo child” nonsense.

It’s just a lame excuse that parents use when they self-delude themselves into thinking that their autistic children have special powers.

Answer by Oklahoma FAN

Answer by Autumn
Indigos are usually recognized by their actions and thought process, not through palm readings.

Answer by alastrione
*rolls her eyes*

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is fortune telling just “fun games”? How true is it?

I always thought astrology, palm reading, psychics was just momentary entertainment and schemes to get money from people. How true is it?

Answer by glassesguru
It depends on the inner gifts and accuracy of the person doing said things. Those things you listed are merely tools for a true clairvoyant, etc…There are those out there who have true gifts and do not scheme people out of their money.

Answer by JeanMa
It all goes down to how smart the person doing the “readings” is..

Astrology – an really unproven idea that based on the day your were born and alliance of planets your personality would be affected by universal forces. I do not know how true this is.. however I have found myself guessing right on people’s astrological signs by their personality.. weird.

Palm reading – your body is a map, a road map to where you have been physically and mentally.. and your hands are one of the most clearly read. There are marks, distortions, even development of your fingers based on your health that affect your whole hand.. not just the palm. ie. your finger tips maybe round and bigger than the rest of the finger if you have some type of liver disfunction. ie. the fleshy part at the base of your ring finger maybe fuller.. or even none existent depending on your emotional state. Weird.

Psychics are basically very good at reading people’s body language and mental state on a psychological lvl. You can tell a lot by someone observing how they talk, move or even type.

My advice.. don’t waste your money on this kind of stuff.. you want to know about your life and what is expecting you.. go visit older people and ask them about their life.. see how it turned out.. may give you more insight on how yours will. Or better yet.. volunteer to help others in need and stop thinking about you so much.. (used in a generalized “you” way.)

Answer by James Bond
No one can read the future (otherwise, they would play the lottery and wouldn’t need to work as a palm reader), and astrology is obviously a joke (people read mines all the time and it is either so general as to be useless, or it is the exact opposite of what my life is like).

No – it’s just fun and games.

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