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i am 15 and i just want to know some good accurate free psychic love reading sights

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they dont go together

Answer by john m
I am a good psychic……..I can’t sense nothing wrong in You………You don’t have a relationship. but that is not wrong.and it will change .

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can Someone Give Me a Free Love Reading?

Can Someone Give Me a Free Love Reading?, thanks jay.

Answer by Max F
Here you go:-

Your star sign is at the crossroads of Saturn and Jupiter and that may well mean tat your love life is in some sort of a hot and cold situation which you are helpless to do anything about because you are a person who is sensitive but may not show it whereas your other half or the person you like/love may think you are sometimes not there enough for him/her. In your own way, you will convince them of your sincerity and it will move them one day

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there any psychics willing to give me a free love reading through the computer? I’ll answer any questions!?

I really like this guy, and I want to know if were meant to be. I also just want to know what will happen within my love life

Answer by dd
I suggest Clarity from She is a true psychic. If you are willing to pay $ 20 give it a try. It’s well worth the money. I talked to her just a while ago and she was dead on.

Answer by LiveReadings
It looks like your love life is a bit stagnant right now. You have a lot of integrity and are a bit of a loner. Your inner fears are holding you back currently.

However you are destined to fall in love really soon. Within about 4 months it looks like good news. Something happening really quickly and away you go.

As to this current guy – if he is someone who has a very logical and sharp mind and a little on the narrow side (either slender or narrow minded) then I feel there will be disappointment sexually with him.

If this does not describe him then he is not in your future and some other guy is who will disappoint your from a passionate perspective.

Keep the faith as the guy you end up with is lovely. He comes into your life quickly and almost sweeps you off your feet. He is not in your current neighborhood and you have to get out and about your usual stomping ground to meet him. But love will blossom on both sides when you do.

He is a waterboy. You will now him because you will feel very soothed when you are around him. No need to impress him. You can be yourself.

It’s very beautiful.

Answer by Magen
You should check out the psychic I’ve gone to for years:
She’s the real deal. It’s not free, but close enough. $ 5

I’d check her out if I were you. I email her questions all the time and she’s really quick and really accurate!

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