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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is Moby dick and how long does it take to read?

So I managed to strike a deal with my dad. I read Moby dick and answere 30 questions that he comes up with he will send me to California to stay with an aunt for a week. But I have to read the book first. So my reading speed is about when I’m I to it, I can read a 400 page book in a week and a half (city of bones) but if I’m not into it I will pretty much keep puting it off. So any words of encouragement and help of what is about and stuff would be great. Please and thanks! And can’t take anymore of this freaking 12°f weather. I NEED to see some palm trees. And not on tv.

Answer by 99 problems
The book is about this sailor who tries to catch a whale I think. There are AR test about this online, I’m sure, that you could just use to practice with. You can study your butt off about this book and become ready for the questions that way.

How long it takes depends on how fast you’re willing to read it. I understand. Sometimes I read 300-400 page books in a day, sometimes I can’t get through 200 page ones if you get on your knees and beg me.

I haven’t read Moby Dick, but if it’s written anything like 1000 Leagues Under the Sea, then BLEH! It it is, and your taste are like mine, you really don’t stand a chance. Winter will be over by the time you inch your way through it kicking and screaming.

Answer by bluebellbkk
It’s a book about a sea-captain and his search to find a huge whale – Moby Dick – that caused him to lose his leg years ago.

I can tell you it’s not an easy read, but (for example) my 19 year old nephew read it last summer and loved it. Take your time, don’t try to rush through it (though you can probably skip most of the very technical information about whales), and really try to see why this book is a classic.

I’d be lying if I said you could speed through it in a week. You could physically “read” it, but you wouldn’t take any of it in, you’d be cheating yourself, and you wouldn’t be able to answer your father’s questions. Take it seriously, if your goal is so important to you.

Answer by Marty C
It is supposed to be one of the best novels..I gave up when they began stripping the whale apart..

Answer by P
Librivox audio book say 24 hours.

Would listening to an audiobook meet your dad’s requirements?

Answer by Diane
Moby Dick will take you twice as long to read as the longest length of time you can possibly imagine any book in your native language taking you to read. It’s a classic but it can be a gigantic chore in places.

Answer by May
It’s a book. You are never going to read it, that’s why he picked that one.

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