Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what is the best natural eyeliner?

which brand of eyeliner is the best. i’m trying to find natural products that are sold at wallmart.

Answer by edances2
Mary Kay.

Answer by bubblygum [♥]
brown eyeliner is best if you want natural.
i like pencil liners.
i think almay has pretty good eyeliner

Answer by misslilkev
I also like almay. depending on your eye color, they have liners that match. I’m not sure how natural they are though. if you really want natural go to whole foods, if there is one near you. blue eyes should have a nice darker brown. I use brownish-black. the almay actually suggested a goldish brown, but i thought darker was better for my light skin and blue/gray eyes. You may have to try a couple before you find the exactly right one.

Answer by LeeLee28RingoStarr!
well, brown.
but urban decay has THE BEST eyeliners…….unfortunatley u would have to go to sephora to get them.

Answer by Cows Say Quack
Well, where I live there aren’t any Walmarts but from reading there reviews I wouldn’t buy their generic beauty products, though they do sell well known brands. I would doubt they would sell cosmetics that weren’t full of chemicals, but there are many brands that sell natural make up.

Couler Caramel, a French company, are great and all their products are organic though they are a little pricey. You can’t buy products off their website but they do have a catalogue, eyeliner is on page 12. You can buy them off this website though:…

Nvey Eco are an Australian brand, there products are all organic and are made with natural ingredients, they aren’t tested on animals either. They are quite expensive, but I think it will be worth it for this brand:

Lavera is a company that makes many other things as well as makeup. There products come at quite a good price and are all organic and made for sensitive skin. They have a range of five eyeliners and all are made of beeswax and palm oil:

Lagona products are German and have all been certified “natural” by the BDIH, only awarded to the most environmentally friendly and natural cosmetic brands. Logona products don’t contain any Parabens, Phthalates, Petroleum or mineral based oils or Sodium Laureth Sulphate. You can’t shop online on the website but you can if you go to Beauty Bazaar and they do have shops in America.

As I said there are many natural cosmetic ranges on market so you may find other companies that make better cosmetics for you. Remember though, even though they will be more expensive then other more chemical-packed products they are much better for your skin.

If you can’t decide what colour to pick try :

Brown eyes: Gold, Blue or Plum
Blue eyes: Brown, Grey or Pink
Green eyes: Violet, Bronze or Grey

Hope this Helps (even though it was a little long)! x

Answer by Majkhdsg I
Revlon. This is the ONLY eyeliner I have ever found that doesn’t fade color-wise and the application is smooth.
Can purchase at any drugstore. & it’s about $ 7. ^

& I also heard that urban decay 24/7 is good. I’ve never used it though. (pricey comapred to Revlon eyeliner)

although if you apply dark eye shadow with a thin brush along your bottom lash line, it can look like eyeliner.
hope i helped(:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how can i get better at guitar?

I’m already pretty good at guitar and can play solos pretty good, like Afterlife. but i feel like i need to get better. i can already do clean sweeps, legato, and alternate picking. any advice?

Answer by Bry D
By saving your money

Answer by Brandon
keep practicing harder songs to perfect them,

Answer by Alexander Berg
Dont listen to those guys, take it from me: ive heard guys who think they can play guitar and all they play is the same song over and over. Take lessons. Im sure you can find lessons online. Learn how to read notes, how to read tabs, how to read chords. Learn the styles. I play piano and take my word, there is no way that practicing popular songs will get you anywhere. There is a guy, i dont remember his name, who plays piano. he picked up guitar, learned the notes, and being as talented as he is, he makes LOADS of money playing jazz shows where he plays two separate guitars at once:one with melody, another with counter melody. he didnt get there playing rock, bro.
Learn the theory and learn the instrument and practice those. i thought scales were boring and useless. now-a-days, i wow people by how fast and great i can play runs on the piano.
btw practicing is like working out. you dont want to start out benching 1000000000 lbs your first day in the gym. and what good does it do you if you cant lift the weight. guitar uses fingers to play, so i sugest you do these finger workouts to make your digits stronger.
simply tapping your fingers, going from pinky to ring to middle to index over and over will build muscle.
get a chord sheet and learn the fingering for the chords. same with scales. gradualy work them up to speed.
being a percussionist, i find this one the best: chop out. get a drum stick, you only need one. go home, sit on your bed, turn on some cartoons or whatever and chop out on the matress.
hold the drum stick about a third or the legnth from the bottom, holding it by your thumb and index finger. this is the fulcrum. dont pinch it, just firmly grasp it. now take your remaining fingers and wrap them around the stick but these fingers dont squeeze the stick. the fulcrum wont rotate if you are squeezing the stick the same way you cant pull a lever if someone is holding it still. the proper stroke is when you flex your wrist up and let your three non-fulcrum fingers loosen off the stick, letting it extend up to about a 90 degree angle. dont try to do this with just wrist, youll regret it. the downstroke is moving your wrist down and pulling the butt of the stick to your palm with those three fingers.
you can look it up on youtube, im sure, on how to do that. Trust me, when i started drumming my piano playing improved, working finger muscle and wrist muscle. you can use that for guitar. bro, if you are serious about music you should follow my suggestions. and if you can, get lessons from school or something! still chop out though, thats good for playing any instrument.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why does my hand feel like it’s burning?

When I’m typing or browsing online for a while my hands start to feel like they’re burning. Usually just the top, but sometimes down to the palms. My fingers turn red and they really are quite warm. I’ve placed them against my face and they were very hot. Running my hands under cold water doesn’t do anything, other than get them wet.
It sometimes happens when I’m in class taking notes, but not as often.
What is going on?

Answer by Katie Freio
Carpal tunnel maybe?
get it checked out

Answer by stud daddy
to much masturbation

Answer by J
I was gonna say cuz you were jerkin it with a535, but then i read the rest of your question.

I’d say it’s something inside of you, not outside of you. maybe an overwhelming feeling of some sort?

hahaha, i dunno really, i’m just throwing out shit like a monkey.

Answer by GlassHalfFull
stud daddy is right

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