Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what is the best way to own a psychic phone line working from home?

I like talking with people. I am good with advice using astrology and intuitive senses. I want to learn to read the tarot better to use in my work. Are there any audio packages to help with learning tarot in that way? Numerology is something I want to get better with and reading palms. Any helpful audio that can assist me?

I love the work I am trying to get better with. I do apply the master key system in my work.

I use the power of love and my spiritual strength to guide me in all my readings.

What else can I do to perfect my work? I want to work with my own psychic line.


Answer by Mme55
Talk to thats so raven from disney channel

Answer by lala
I do not know how you can start a psychic line ; but why are your not doing readings in your home If you studying the palm reading ; you will need the person in front of you

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : help with how to read a poem homework?

okay, i have two of these. So you have to “read the poem” and the guide line questions that we have to answer are:
1. Summarize what is happening in this poem.
2. How is the title important to this poem?
3. Describe the speaker in this poem. What kind of person is he? To whom is he or she speaking? In other words, describe the speaker’s audience.
4. what is the situation and setting in time (era) and place?
5. What is the purpose of this poem?
6. State the poem’s central idea or theme?
7. Describe the structure of the poem.
8. How does the structure of the poem contribute to either the meaning or the reading of the poem?
9. Indicate and explain (if you can) any illusions. Do the allusions share a common idea? How do they contribute to the purpose or theme?
10. What is the tone of the poem? How is it achieved?
11. Notice the poem’s diction. Discuss any words that seem especially well-chosen.
12. Identify any figurative language you find in the poem, and describe how it contributes to the poem.
13. Explain the significance of any sound repetition (Alliteration, assonance, consonance)
14. Discuss whether or not you think the poem is successful. Explain why you feel the way you do.

and the first poem is called “If we must day” By Claude McKay

“If we must die, let it not be like hogs
Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot
While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs
Making their mock at our accursed lot.
If we must die, O let us nobly die,
So that our precious blood may not be shed
In Vain; that even the monsters we defy
Shall be constrained to honor us through dead!
O kinsmen! we must meet the common foe!
Though far outnumbered let us show us brave,
and for their thousand blows deal one deathblow!
What though before us lies the open grave?
Like men we’ll face the murderous, cowardly pack,
Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!”

and the 2nd one is called Sonnet by Silvia Plath

“Alright, let’s say you could take a skull and break it
The way you’d crack a clock, you’d crush the bone
Between steel palms of inclination, take it,
Observing the wreck of metal and rare stone.

This was a woman: her loves and stratagems
Betrayed in mute geometry of broken
Cogs and discs, inane mechanic whims
and idle coils of jargon yet unspoken.
Not man nor demigod could put together
The scraps of rusted reverie, the wheels
of notched tin platitudes concerning the weather
Perfume, politics, and fixed ideals.

The idiot bird leaps up and drunken leans
To chirp the hour in Lunatic thirteens.”

Answer by Milieu
Why don’t you answer what you have completed so far, and we can help you with clarity and padding.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My characters in my story…what do you think?

Brief plot to help you understand – it is set in a library that controls the different planes:

Plane of Earth – Regular humans etc (the modern world we live in today)
Plane of Magic – Humans who live in a world ruled by the laws of magic where magic is taught from a young age
Plane of Spirit – Not actual spirits but a race of people who spend a lot of time worshipping the spirits and have a druid like air to them.
Plane of Dragons – A plane that has both humans and dragons, the humans train, care for and study the dragons.

Anyway, what do you think of my characters?

Aliya (Ali) Rose (main character) from the plane of earth, 18 years old, mother was from turkey? Father was English. Has been brought up in England all her life. Long dark hair and big brown almond eyes, an Arabian princess was what her friends used to call her. But she hates her figure (size 12 and 5”7) and wants to change it and is sensitive to what other people say. She loves nothing more than to read. She will often be found sitting in the loft of her house (which is small but cosy and has been changed into her own little library). She reads and reads and loves nothing more. She was planning to go to uni to study English and then open her own book shop. She is a little shy at times but has an overwhelming sense of curiosity and always wants to know why things happen and if she is told not to go somewhere or do something 9/10 she will do it. She hates people who are two faced but can be herself without meaning it sometimes. She tends to trust to easily and is sensitive when is hurt but tries to put on a brave face…she won’t let anyone see her insecurities if she can help it.

Marcus Finn (plane of dragons) 19 years old, short spiky black hair, toned body. Was training to be a dragon rider when he was taken. Studies dragons a lot and know s everything there is to know about them. Reads books in his spare time about dragons. Is always up for adventure and loves nothing more than doing something reckless. Tends to get into trouble a lot but always manages to get out of it. Hates being told what to do and can have a temper at times. However he is sweet and always puts the needs of others (or dragons) before himself.

Bree (no last name as she was adopted by the priestesses) (plane of spirit) 16 years old, long silvery blonde hair, pale skin, small, blind but is guided by the spirits around her. Can read between the lines in the book and can find things that aren’t obvious through the guidance of the spirits and through touching the paper. Is wise in the way she sees things. In her world she was about the be accepted into the priestesses. Is always honest and this sometimes mean she is very blunt and can cause offence without meaning. She is very naive to the world having been brought up pure and away from the world to keep her that way.

Gypsy Silva (plane of magic) 19 tall, willowy, skinny, short dark red hair, bright eyes that always seems to lure you in and mesmerise anyone. She can be very manipulative and two-faced. Will support you when your winning but will dump you as soon as you start loosing. Loves getting her own way and will do pretty much anything to get what she wants. She is used to being the best and doesn’t like others being better than her. Can be vulnerable at times and sometimes lets her façade slip. She loves to read books on magic and often as a child accidentally absorbed the content of the book causing her to know a lot of things about magic.

Smoke, A dragon, born during the story, is one of the small breeds of dragons (which normally do not grow to be bigger than the size of a dog). She was given to Ali by Marcus when he found a dying mother dragon surrounded by a litter of dragons. Smoke was the runt and they were going to kill her but Marcus wouldn’t let them and gave her to Ali to look after. She starts off small enough to curl up in Ali’s palm and grows to about the size of a cat. Her scales are a dull crimson colour but on one wing there is a grey stripe. She has ridges all along her back and tail. As she was the runt of the litter she didn’t develop as well and is unable to breath fire, instead she just puffs out smoke (hence the name). She is excitable and loving and loves to do everything that she is told not too. Can behave like a child (because after all, she is one)
Sorry it’s long but i copied this from my actual planning in my word doc =) its detailed lol xxxxx

Answer by Kaylee Kirpes
They all seem very complex with good definIng characteristics. I can already see probably who will clash or be the peacemaker. Very good job. They all have room for character development too. This book sounds very interesting… What have you decided to call it? I can’t wait to hear more!

Answer by Deana D
Alliya seems like a good character, but in a world of dragons and magic, her self hatred due to her dress size (12) seems simplistic and shallow. Thats more of a 21st century common American social issue, than that of a person who lives in a fantastic world like that you created here. Other than that, the characters seem to have depth and charm and make for a great base for your storiy (or stories). Good luck and have fun!

Answer by Sarah (Yeah my name is creative)
I think Aliya sounds pretty average, but still interesting. It seems like you know her well, and understand her flaws. I would probably read a book about this character, and she would be easy for other readers to relate to and like as well.

Marcus sounds cool, but he can’t know everything there is to know about dragons. It probably wouldn’t even be likely for someone to remember every detail about something that they had been opened to, such as him remembering every little detail that he’d read in books about dragons. Perhaps he is just far more knowledgeable about dragons than most of the other people training to be dragon riders, and he thinks he knows everything.

I think Bree might be my favorite of the characters you’ve described, because I like the blunt characters. But sometimes the blunt, open characters are overused so that there is someone to tell the main characters what they are doing wrong, so they can figure things out more quickly and don’t have to actually think about things themselves… Having a character with extra knowledge can lead to other characters gaining knowledge too easily… And what do you mean by reading between the lines? Like she can see the background of the book or she can piece together information that isn’t directly given… It seems like a cool power to have.

Gypsy Silva seems to be somewhat unlikable, as she is “two-faced” and only involved in things for her own advancement, but she also seems like the type of character you like because you know that she could be real, and that people are more likely to be like her…. She still would probably be widely disliked, as she does have the traits that people dislike.. I like her, anyway… More than Aliya, but less than Bree.

Smoke sounds cute… but more like a pet than a character, so… It is implied that she can communicate with the human characters in some way more than a pet, though… (Behaves like a child, understands that she is told to not do something but does it anyway, sort of like Aliya…)

The only problems I could find is that Bree and Gypsy don’t have specifically outlined wants. I suppose Bree probably wants to become a priestess, as she was about to… But Gypsy who seems to be ruthless in what she does to get what she wants doesn’t have a specific desire? I’m sure you probably know about it, but didn’t think to put it in, as everyone else had plans and things. If you don’t know what she wants, I would advise thinking about that, as it’s a very important aspect of her character.

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