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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the main theme/message in The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway?

I would like to know some more information about this book. I read it for school and my assignment is to illustrate my own cover of the book. I have no idea what to do!

Answer by potejohn
Santiago represents Christ suffering. Hemingway compares him to Jesus Christ on several occasions. He describes Santiago’s cry as a “…a noise such as a man might make, involuntarily, feeling the nail go through his hand and into the wood” (107). Santiago also “…picked the mast up and put it on his shoulder and started up the road. He…[sat] down five times before he reached his shack” (121) much like Jesus did on the journey to his crucifixion, carrying the cross. Later Santiago sleeps “…face down … with his arms out straight and the palms of his hands up” (122), the position of Jesus on the cross. All throughout the book the old man wishes for salt, a staple seasoning in the human diet. He is a fisherman, similar to Christ’s disciples. It is also quite ironic that he is longing for salt in the environment that abounds in besides open space, salty sea water. Quite like the predicament of man, he feels he is surrounded by “it” yet it is precisely “it” that he longs for. He wishes the dissolved salt (it) could crystallize and be intelligible to him.

The marlin represents what man is searching for whether it may be good or bad. Some men love their gods, but he hates the fish as men hate their gods. The fish was very beautiful and huge and Santiago felt a connection with it, he considered it his brother. Hemingway says that Santiago is not a religious man, but he seems to have some faith as shown by his offers to say his “Hail Marys” and praises if he catches the marlin.[

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Answer by John T
When you catch fish, haul them into the boat, or they might not make it in to shore with you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some good ideas to keep me occupied during school tomorrow?

I’m in some weird program at school where it’s me and 4 or 5 other guys in a room basically all day with a few breaks and lunch. We sit in a room and don’t talk to each other, and it’s basically like the whole day is a study hall. The time seems to go by so slowly and I don’t have anything to do in there, and the teachers dont care what you do. I had a book to read to keep me occupied, and I finished it today, so now that won’t help. A lot of times I just sit and stare out the window. What are some good ideas of things to keep me occupied while I’m in there?

Answer by sidekickpoodle
Talk to those guys or surfing on your cellphone. Is there a computer? Thats how i keep occupied during summer school

Answer by Julien
In school suspension, mate? Sounds like it…Just doodle or if oyu have a video iPod, pack some vids into it and watch em…Sleep…

Answer by some guy in a house in the USA!
Doodle. Try to talk to one of the guys. If the guys don’t want to talk to you, just ignore it. If you don’t like doodling, try reading another book that is a sequal to the book you just read, or find another book with the same author if you like the book. Whatever program you’re in, it’s screwed up.Hope it helps. ^^

Answer by EnviroDude
Hang out on Yahoo! Answers and answer questions all day.

Answer by hardcore straight edge pac nmb
We have all been bored out of our fucking skulls in school from time to time. Here is a list of interesting and fun things to do I have compiled from my own personal list.

1. Make a paper football and get someone to play with you. When they put their hands up into a little goal, flick the football at the teacher and immediatly go back to doing your work.
2. Out of nowhere, or when it is quiet, say loud enough for the class to hear “When I say heeee-aay, you say hoooo, Heeee-aay” and see how many people say “ho”
3. At another quiet time, shout out “Marco” and then in a squeeky voice shout out “Polo seinior”
4. Practice your ty-chi. Wave your arms all around like your really know what you are doing.
5. Meditate. Humm as loud as you can and when your teacher says something about it, act all offended. “Do you have a problem with my religion, sir!?”
6. If one of your friends is drinking something, in the middle of a drink start chanting “chug! chug! chug!”
7. When the class is very quiet, say in a casual voice “Knock knock”
8. When the class is quiet, sigh and say “This class is really boring”
9. Shoot rubber bands at someone, when they accuse you look confused and point to the person to the left of you. After that, point to the person on the right of you ect…
10. If you are black start singing country music, if you are white start rapping.
11. Make as many paperballs as you can and set them on your desk in a giant pile. If anyone looks at you, look tough and nod at them.
12. If you are a male, start singing Brittany Spears’s “Hit me baby one more time” complete with raise the roof action.
13. Take everything out of your backpack and stack it on your desk. Take out a sheet of paper and take invintory of your stuff.
14. Take an empty gum wrapper and put it in your palm, then signal someone by going “pssssst. Hey!” Make them lean all close to you and get them thinking you have something interesting to say. Look around and then give them the gumwrapper.
15. See how many tiny paper balls you can set on the person in front of you without them knowing it.
16. Tie someones shoe’s together and kick them.
17. Use a kick me sign. As a challenge, see how many people you can put a kick me sign on without them knowing it.
18. Start singing “Can you feel the love tonight” from the Lion King.
19. Fall asleep. When you wake up say shit like “I had a dream and you were in it. And you! You too!…
20. Blurt out chinese waiter talk. “SHICKEN FRIE RIE, SEVEN DOLLA”

Answer by Patsy A
You and your parents need to contact the school and protest this misuse of their tax dollars. If you don’t get satisfaction from the school, contact the school board. Make this the project to keep you busy during your useless day. Write letters, look up names of people to contact, even the name and phone number of your local paper.
A mind is too precious a thing to waste this way.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What plants are easy to grow inside?

I don;t have alot of places to put plants so they will get natural light. My window sills are narrow.
Can anyone tell me some that would do well?
I do not live in a high humidity are, and I can kill jade plants,cactus, ferns and ,most plants.
I have had luck with a certain palm, and philodendrons.
I’d like to have something new….got any ideas??

Answer by AJ
I really enjoy both boston and english ivy, quite hardy and are good for those who happen to have a less-than-green thumb. I would also recommend buying an already grown bonsai, the chinese sweet plum is nice.

Answer by joselito b
spathiphyllum, fortune plants, aglaonema, spiderplants, seifritzii palms, birdnest fern, watreplants

Answer by kat
to kill cactus & jade you must overwater them; overwatering can kill as fast as not watering them at all; if you have good luck with philodendrens, have you seen some of the new colors etc they have come out with recently? Their is a beautiful black beauty that is stunningly beautiful I hope to get this year, & i have seen wonderfully colored red ones as well. You mentioned having narrow window sills, have you considered putting hooks in the ceiling & having some hanging ones?

Answer by dragoncreep
Two, 4ft, 40w, full spectrum flourescent bulbs, left on 24 hours a day,will grow just about anything indoors.

i have personally grown (with flourescents):

peppers *(seedling starters)

and btw, ferns are not easy to grow for anyone lol

Answer by Ankleboots
well you could plant a indoor herb garden using a cat litter tray
buy a air plant, place in bathroom it will get all the moisture , when you have a hot shower or bath.

Answer by jackyblu
Prayer plants need little light and have varigated green leaves some with red veins that make them interesting looking. The reason for the name is that at night they fold their leaves as if in prayer and in the morning fold down again. My husband got spooked by mine thinking that something was in the pot moving at night! LOL

Answer by jim m
TOP 10 Easy to Grow plants in doors
easy-to-grow plants will brighten up your kitchen.
1. Daylily, ‘Stella de Oro’
Bring a beautiful summery yellow into your garden with the ‘Stella de Oro’ daylily. Not only is this plant easy to grow, but its elegant flowers make for a great variety that is the first to bloom and the last to stop.
2. Black-Eyed Susan
Once you plant this native daisy, you’ll never have to worry about it again. It is virtually void of pests or diseases and it’s yellow blooms are full and long.
3. Hosta
Who doesn’t love the hosta? Perfect for a shady corner, this leafy hosta will bring a great green texture to your garden and is easy to grow.
4. Blanket Flower, ‘Goblin’
An extremely popular plant in the south where it is known by its heat-tolerant reputation, this blanket flower will keep your vases full with scarlet blooms all summer long.
5. Strawberry, ‘Surecrop’
The USDA picked the name because it was the most descriptive of this high-yielding and sweet berry. Think of the ‘Surecrop’ as a berry factory!
6. Yarrow, ‘Paprika’
Heat and drought tolerant, this spicy red flower can brighten up any garden. Also great as a dried flower, the yarrow’s color will keep you fascinated for months.
7. Rose ‘Felicia’
This low-maintenance rose will brighten your garden and bloom profusely all summer.
8. Stonecrop, ‘Vera Jameson’
This is a must-have because it’s low maintenance and gardeners will love its late-season color. Its thick, fleshy, succulent leaves and dusky, pink flowers draw butterflies by the droves.
9. Tomato
Don’t miss out on this easy-to-grow vegetable! You’re lying to yourself if you think growing tomatoes are hard. All these varities some sun and support.
10. Lamb’s Ears, ‘Silver Carpet’
Use this plant as a silvery, gray-green edging in your perennial beds or mix it with colorful annuals. Children will love it for its furry texture and adults will love its velvety leaves.
Here are several tips that will enable you to spend less time caring for your plants. The more of these tips you can follow, the better your chances of succeeding under difficult circumstances.
Even if you don’t have a sunny window, try to give your plants at least 10-12 hours of light. While stronger light would be better, it can even be the same lights you would use to read in that room. The less intense the light, the longer you should keep it available. Light surfaces will also reflect additional light to your plants.
Your choice of potting soil will have a huge impact on caring for the plant. The best potting soils are either soil-less (made primarily of peat moss and vermiculite) or a high quality soil-based mixture (usually made of equal parts of peat, compost, sand and garden soil). While a soil-less mix is lighter and retains more moisture and air, soil-based mixes provide a healthier balance of microbial activity, making your plants more resistant to diseases. Avoid inexpensive, low quality soils. They are often too heavy and have poor drainage, aeration and moisture retention. In fact, their only virtue is their low cost.
When you do have time to water, be sure you thoroughly soak the root ball of the plant and, if possible, mist the foliage. Even though letting a plant stand in a saucer of water isn’t usually a good idea, it won’t hurt if it happens for a day or two every now and then. If you have a chance when you are potting or repotting, consider using a polymer crystal. Mixed into the soil, these crystals will hold a considerable amount of water, releasing it as it is needed. The crystals expand and contract as water is available, which also helps with aeration. If you have rain, well or distilled water available, it is healthier for the plant.
Unless the plant is looking unnaturally pale, don’t fertilize. Fertilizing just asks the plant to grow and growth requires lots more light and water. If you do fertilize, use a water soluble food at half the recommended strength.
When you know you aren’t going to have much time to care for a plant, put it in a container slightly larger than is recommended under average conditions. Plastic pots will retain moisture better than clay or wood.
Most plants can tolerate a wide range of temperatures if they are not in a draft. In addition to windows, heat/air ducts and cold air returns often create problems for your plants. Drafts will also cause your plant to dry out more quickly.

I hope this helps you a bit and good luck?

Have a great day princess xoxo

Answer by mink
I don’t know the latin names or much about the plant itself other than that it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with an air fern. They were very popular with apartment dwellers when I was a youth. I think they were even sold in a little shell with a magnet glued to the back so you could stick them on the refrigerator door. They don’t need water or soil and little light. They were a big deal in say the seventies or early eighties. Also, what about outdoor container gardening? I, too, have a small apartment and only 2 small windows in the place (basement apartment). I purchased several generous containers (Big Lots and Walmart have good deals) and put herbs and some vegetables in those and they are my little patio garden. I’m sure the library would have a good selection of books for how to, etc. I bring my containers in for the winters which are fortunately short here as I am able to bring them outdoors in the nick of time as per sun deprivation…

Answer by Midnight_Angel

I’m terrible at keeping in door plants they always seem to die on me, but I’ve always been successful keeping spider plants, they are also pretty in a hanging basket. 🙂


Answer by windrainlove1055
I can tell you what I do, bonsai@75.00 was a little pricey, I felt bad for the little guy and freed him from his constraints, the same as I did for my jade and both failed me wanting to be tied up and all that? I started a sweet potato on my fridg and with the warmth it grew absolutely wonderfully down my fridg with bright yellow green ivy.
The avocado split by a toothpick and allowed to sprout became a stupendously wonderful and huge plant.
Water plants I use comparable to floating candles and use for decorative purposes.Sometime I add a koi, a particularly dirty fish that the plants thrive on.
I use window hooks from flush on the ceiling to slowly dropping down to provide a slanted look over my dish area and add plants to provide privacy and beauty.
I had a peace lily which was huge and had to have rollers in order to move.Outside I have to have my wild jimson weed, not recommended but beautiful, opens up at night, very fragrant flowers(moon flower) toxic to humans. I use aerated soil of vermiculite and peat but my gardenia likes to be packed in tightly with a cast iron pot as she is very hungry for iron and thrives under these conditions.
I normally give a good soaking when the rain pours or a full moon or when instinctively from testing the soil for dampness make the determination on watering and how frequently, a great deal has to do with the aeration of the soil.

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