Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What tools are a must have for home improvement?

I’m moving into my first home and want to purchase good quality tools that I’ll be using to build a new wall, tear down an old one, refinish some cabinets and things like that. What brand of tools should I go with and what specific tools do you suggest?

Answer by Bob
Its all a function of your check book and how much life you want to get out of the tools. I have been in my home for 31 years and done major owner builder remodels over time. Most of my heavy tools are Dewalt. If you are just starting out , don’t know you capability , you will need the basics. If you like air tools a compressor is mandatory. A saws all, chop saw,drill motor,sander, a good level and your basic craftsman all purpose wrenches and such.

If you are handy and plan to do most of the work don’t skimp on quality. If its a one time investment go to harbor freight, the stuff is cheap and disposable.


Answer by Coyote
I’ve been working in mine for 3 years now and I love it! It’s a 134 yr old farm house in Georgia! Here’s what I needed
Safety glasses
A good pair of work gloves
A good quality circular saw Mine is Porter Cable but most of the other mid to high end ones will do.
A reciprocating saw for demolitions and cutting holes for electrical stuff.
A good hammer. Mine is a 28 oz Estwing
A flat pry bar and a cat’s paw for removing nails and prying open walls. Both of these are usually about 12″ or less long.
A speed square for marking off stud locations and making square cuts
A good level. wood and brass if you can get it, 4ft and 2ft and a small torpedo level
A good razor knife. I like the ones that open like a pocket knife because when you press down on those they don’t close up on you
For sanding a random orbital sander is a must. This will put the best finish on those cabinet doors.
For sheet rock you’ll need tape knives. Standards are ok, but you have to wash and dry them well after each use or they’ll rust. Stainless will last longer if you are going to be doing a lot over the years. You’ll need a 6″, a 10″ and a 12″ to finish any substantial sized rooms.

that will get you going pretty good. Have fun! And be Safe.

Answer by corynne
but the craftsman warrantee does not cover professional use.

I advise for home repair/renovation/remodeling:
a sliding compound miter saw – DeWalt is the one I see the most of on job sites.
a lightweight table saw. – I see a lot of brands of these. make sure the saw feels solid, and the controls work smoothly.
a good hammer – I prefer a Vaughn wood handled framer. If you can’t get a smooth face, get a good file and take about half of the depth of the “meat tenderizer” teeth off the face – brand new, they can splatter a nail… 16 penny or thumb. don’t get a cheap lightweight one, and don’t get the heaviest one either. a “stiletto” titanium hammer is probably overkill for a homeowner
a good cordless set. I love my Milwaukee set, but other comanies are making good ones. spend the extra on a li-ion set, the batteries are truly that much better. mine has sawzall, circular saw, hammer drill, and flashlight. I only pull out my extension cord for production drilling, or other heavy tools.
good ladders: bypass the lightweight fiberglass and wood ones, and get the better grade. look at the side rails for the weight rating. for homeowner use, you can exceed the rating slightly, but the bigger the ladder, the more you appreciate the higher rating.
a palm sander, if you expect to be doing your cabinets
If you plan on doing your own drywall, there’s a tool set for that, but the ones above are the basics.
for hand tools, I prefer Klein tools, again, don’t buy the small cheap ones, or you will be fighting them.

In short, stay away from any brand that uses price as its primary enticement. If you invest in good tools, they will take good care of you.

Answer by counterexample
That being said, you’ll need the following tools for typical maintenance and small home improvement projects. A metal framing square, a 4′ level, a palm sander, a 7-1/4″ circular saw. A 50′ extension cord w/ multiple receptacles, a 16 oz. plumb hammer, safety glasses, ear protectors, vapor/dust masks, #2 wooden pencils, pencil sharpener, nail sets, 25′ retractable tape, chalk box, chalk (blue), rechargeable drill w/ charger and extra battery, misc. bits, attachments, channel lock pliers, hack saw, 4-way screw driver, torpedo level, plumber’s adj. wrench, crescent wrench, wire-cutters, needle-nose pliers, wire strippers, plumb bob, electric chainsaw, speed square, a 2-1/2″ paint brush, a 2″ putty knife, a 6′ or 8′ step ladder, a 3′ crow bar, a 9lb. sledge hammer, a flat pry bar, a 24′ metal extension ladder, a lot of time and PATIENCE, a first aid kit, tweezers, a tool box, good quality handsaw, elec. sabre saw, a utility knife w/ extra blades. Optional items would be compressor, pneumatic nail guns, elec. mitre saw, portable table saw, router, belt sander, misc. shop tools.
PLEASE NOTE: This is my short list and all pretty basic except the optional items which are basic to the professional. There are 30-40 other tools not named here that we carry on our truck and trailer everyday. You can go down to Lowe’s, Sears, Home Depot, your local hdware store, or try your local building supply co.and tell them to cut you a deal and you’ll be back for material! Pick-up some do-it yourself lit. before you try re-wiring or anything too challenging. Good luck.

Answer by Avery
17 years as a GM mechanic taught me that Snap-on tools where worth the money when you used them daily, for the average home owner I would go with craftsmen, husky, etc. that have a lifetime warranty for sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. as for power tools the brands I like are Milwaukee, makita, dewalt, in that order just to name a few. never owned a bad Milwaukee tool, the others seem to make good and not so good lines so I buy the better (more expensive) ones.

now if your tearing down a wall and building a wall, you’ll need a good framers hammer. I’d go at least 20 oz. (26-32 is best but what ever your comfortable with) steel handle is my preference. Erwin I believe is the brand I own, but there are many good brands. a good pry bar or three big, med, small. a 12-14″ flat bar is a must, start there. A saws-all (hint: Milwaukee invented the saws-all) with a variety of blades, all purpose and a metal/hacksaw type, for starters. with those three tools you can tear down a house.

to build the wall you have the hammer. you’ll need a good circular saw, I love my makita! 99-110$ would own no other! A combination/framers blade, and a good finish blade (32-64 teeth) if your going to cut plywood or other finish wood. A framers/carpenters square, not a framing square unless your building stairs. A plumb bob and a good level (all levels need to be checked for accuracy, buying an expensive one doesn’t work here) check each bubble on a level/plumb surface and flip the level 180 deg. end to end and check again. you should get the same reading then turn it over and repeat. check all bubbles. nails I four building a single wall but an air nailer if you finishing a basement. drywall screw gun, utility knife, drywall square, 5″, 8″, 14″ taping knife, stainless steel mud pan, 18 volt cordless drill, corded drill-with 1/2″ chuck, mud mixer, orbital palm sander, belt sander, mini-rotary cutter “dremmel”, just to name a few.

17 years as GM mechanic, 7 years as building contractor, 3 years home inspector, have bought over $ 40,000 worth of personal tools. I’ve only scratched the surface so far, contact me if you want more specific info. I could go on for days…… wife hates any tool sales place, but she loves my repairs!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What to expect when attending Eastern Orthodox Royal Hours?

I’m a Lutheran but am unable to make it to my Good Friday Service and due to my work schedule, the only church offering a service that works with my schedule is Eastern Orthodox. It says on the website calendar that Royal Hours begin at 9:00 am. What does this mean and what should I expect? Any other tips on proper etiquette would be greatly appreciated since I have never attended an Eastern Orthodox service and I really do not wish to offend anyone or draw any attention to myself.

Answer by Dexter Morgan
a bunch of people acting illogical but dressed in their best sunday dresses

Answer by Uh oh!
secret karate

Answer by Eclectic Heretic
Dress conservatively. Slacks, sport shirt, maybe a tie/sport coat if you wish. Just show and follow the lead of the people around you and you will be just fine. I kind of like the older sects, they still do ritual very well, you might very well enjoy it.
Blessings on your Journey!

Answer by ☭Nemo me impune lacessit☭
Royal Hours is a special celebration in which the king used to attend the church service. It isn’t exactly Great Friday Mass (Good Friday in the Western Church). It is called Royal Hours because the Royal Family attended to signify his devotion to Jesus the true King.
The Eastern Orthodox Church is very different then the Lutheran Church during service. It’s mass is much longer then Lutheran Church Services and they do many different things.

I would dress formally, or conservatively. Follow the lead, and do what others do. If they have communion during the service do not take it (Only Orthodox Christians are permitted to in a Orthodox Church).

Answer by Tricky Dicky
Well usually there will be a friendly greeting when everyone is seated and some hymns will be sung. After that the priest will read from the Bible and discuss the relevance of the teaching in todays society. After that everyone takes of their cloths and summons the lord Xenu who comes down from the Galactic federation and has sex with all the women in the parish. A heavily pregnant woman will be brought into the church and the child shall be devoured as communion.

Answer by David N
I used to be a Lutheran, now I am Eastern Orthodox.

If this is your first Orthodox Service, just take everything in, don’t attempt to “follow it.”
The “smells and bells” are incorporated into Orthodox worship to allow every sense to participate in worship (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.)

I was enthralled (there’s no other word for it) with my first Orthodox service.

Another person mentioned “Lamentations” which is basically a funeral service.
Lamentations and The Royal Hours are different services.

The Orthodox Church has a LOT of services during Holy Week.
Mine has 17 between Palm Sunday evening and Easter/Pascha Sunday!

Be prepaired… this service very well might not be in English!
Depending on what kind of Orthodox Church it is, the service might be in:
English, Greek, Russian, Serbian, Romanean, Bulgarian or even Arabic.

If Communion is held, Orthodox practice closed communion. A person may bring back a piece of bread and give it to you after they have taken communion. This is BLESSED bread, not CONSECRATED bread. I love this part of Orthodox communion… it allows everybody — even visitors — to share.

Have you ever heard of “Praying the Hours?”

The Hours are devotional services set for a specific time of day.

The Orthodox Church day starts at sundown.
The non-liturgical (no communion) services (especially those at monasteries) consisit of:

Compline (before going to bed)
First Hour
Third Hour
Sixth Hour
Nineth Hour

When not going according to the sun,
First Hour is usually said at about 7 am.
Third Hour is usually said at about 10 am
Sixth Hour is usually said at about 1 pm
Nineth Hour is usually said at about 4 pm.

Lutherans know about Matins and Vespers.

At Royal Hours all of the Hours: 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 9th, as well as the Typical Psalms, are sung as one service. The service is read on the eves of the Nativity of Christ and Theophany, as well as on Holy Friday. It is characterized by special Psalms and hymns, as well as special Old Testament, Epistle and Gospel Readings, relating to the particular Feast or events of the day.

Historically, it was customary for the Byzantine emperor to be in attendance for the entire Service, hence the title Royal Hours.

Answer by Я тебе кoхаю!

Holy Friday Night – The lamentations

This is a Greek Orthodox church.

2007 Great Friday 9–Burial Procession 1

Basically, the Great Friday services are a funeral. It’s sad in tone.

When visiting, dress conservatively and watch what others do.

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