Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What would have happened to a respectable girl if she became prego in the 1960s?

I’m writing a book about a girl from this era, she is just a girl that makes mistakes and she is not a free love hippie either.

Answer by ladystang
would have shipped off to have her baby and everyone told she went away to school. her baby would have been taken away and adopted out and she would go home.

Answer by Digi
Well, it depends.
Many factors to think about would be where she lived, what her life was like before pregnancy, and you need to clarify a bit more.
Like, do you mean, what would her parents do with her, or how the world would in general look at her..what?
Just be a bit more specific, please. 🙂

Just go with what would work in the book. If her parents are really strict, you might say the girl got an abortion without telling them. If they’re lenient and understanding, they might be there for her and help her with the baby. All depends on where you’re trying to take it, dear.

Answer by Lori
sent away for a few months and come back like she’s been at some camp
no baby with her either

Answer by chelsey c
Teen pregnancy was actually higher during that time, as were teen marriages. Most families insisted on the two marrying as this was looked at as the proper thing to do in this case. Most ended up in low income situations, as they didn’t have the options available to teen mothers now a days as far as WIC and other government programs go.

Good luck with your book and have fun writing! Sounds like an excellent story to me! 🙂

Answer by Nicole 84
It depends but depending on how old she is she could possibly get married as soon as she finds out. My grandma claims her first child (who was born 6 months after she was married) was 3 months premature, and born just perfectly healthy. Well everyone in the family knows that she was pregnant when she was married but she just won’t ever admit it. This was the middle 50’s, and I’m sure that a lot of people got married as soon as they found out.

Answer by Divine Oubliette
Herbal Abortion
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Back-Alley Abortion
*Project Jane was one of the safest illegal abortions routes a women could take –
But many had quacks preform who knows what on them rendering them sterile or the women bleeding to death.

Sent to a Maternity Home for Unwed Mothers, Baby Adopted Out With or Without the Mother Consent

~Pro-Choice Momma; Have had an abortion and I have a 14 month old daughter . I believe in protecting my daughter’s choice.

Abortion: There is a Consensus

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you know where I can get free magazine subscriptions?

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Answer by shiveshshaktidivya

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Read books free online for more comfort?

I love reading, but don’t like sitting looking down at the book.
Is there a site on the computer where i can read just about and book online (free and maby even Accelerated reader)… Any thing will be helpful
sorry about all the mistakes i was eating and trying to type at the same time.

Answer by Nadia E
try this website

hope i helped


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