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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Whats the signs of labor on my maltese dog?

My dog maltese I think shez on her last days he boobs are starting to sag n she lost apetite n is very lazy… this normal?

Answer by Wheels †Bark At The Moon†
Ask your breeding mentor and/or vet.

Answer by Jennifer Gabriel
Yes it’s normal she will want to make a delivery bed so get her lots of soft material just lay it in a box or dog bed and shell fix it her self.
Make sure she has lots of water and food shell need it.
You’ll notice she won’t move much and have lots of hard panting it’s very normal.
Try not to bother her or she may try not to deliver or she may eat her pups.
Your better off to place her in a room that nobody will be walking in and out of a room she will be by her self in.

Answer by Show Breeders Sell Better Pups
Signs and Stages of Labor:

You need to be very careful. Moms can get over-excited and chew the cord too closely, resulting in a ruptured newborn puppy stomach. Please have your vet’s number on hand when she goes into labor.

Care for newborn puppies:

Around 4 weeks, or when they cut their teeth through their gums, you can wean them onto puppy food:

After this, please spay your female!
Puppies will need to stay with mom at least 8-9 weeks, smaller breeds need to stay longer.

Answer by ?

Dogs give signs, shortly after breeding to let me know that they are pregnant.
Yours will too. You just need to know how to recognize the signs.

1. Her vulva will stay slightly swollen after their heat ends.

2. Her teats ( nipples will be more pronounced and hard.

3. You will notice a big change in her temperament. She may get quieter or lazy or more loving

4. Two weeks after breeding they may experience morning sickness. It can last a week or so. Give her saltene crackers before she gets out of bed and a few throughout the day

By now I know they are pregnant.

Your vet has to wait until day 28-32 of her pregnancy, to palpate the abdomen.

To do this lay your dog on her side, slide one palm beneath her and your other palm over her other side, just below her ribs. Gently squeeze your palms together and feel for little golf balls, these are puppies. If you become good at this, you will be able to count the puppies.

5. In the 4th week you may notice thickening of her sides, between her ribs and hip bone.

6. She may start to show any time after 5 weeks. Larger breeds may carry the pups up in her rib cage so it might not be so easy to notice.

7. Most dogs show at 6-7 weeks. You may notice a normal discharge somewhere in the last couple of weeks. The discharge is clear and has the consistency of thick vaseline and is oderless.
If you notice a discharge that is green or bloody and fowl smelling seek a vet.

8. In the 8th week you can fell the puppies kick and turn around. I just love this part.

9. If you own a stethoscope you can hear heartbeats in the 8th week. It sounds like short quick tic,tic,tic,tic,tic. I have learned to tell a sex of pup this way. Males tic faster. Like in Morris code, males are the dot, females are the dash.

10. Its safe to get an x-ray in the 8th week, but not just to count pups. Do it only if you suspect she may have a small birth canal which may present a problem. 11. In the 9th week her belly will start to change shape. It appears to lay lower to the ground. This is caused from the pups lining up in the uterine horns. In a human is called when the belly drops.
The 9th week lasts forever, by now you should have started recording her temperature, and have all your whelping supplies on hand. Her bed needs to be ready for the big day.
Your Dam may exhibit all or just some of the following signs.

Stage 1

Temperature will drop to 98 degrees or so…
Eyes will dilate
She will stare at you and want you near
Refusal to eat
Hide under your bed or a dark place
Laying on her side but can’t seem to get comfortable
Mucus Discharge

Stage 2 – pre labor

Staring at her rear end
Licking vulva excessively
Mild Uterine Contractions

Stage 3 – Labor

Hard Uterine Contractions
Extreme Shivering
Water Breaking
Grunting and pushing
Visible sign of the First pup and delivery (Whelp)
Note # If the Dam is pushing and grunting and crying out in pain
that lasts for over an hour with no visible pup,
you maybe in trouble.
This is when you need to search your gut.
Ask yourself, How do you feel?
Do you feel you are safe or in trouble.
Go by your gut instinct.
Read the Dams signs, her body is talking to you.
She is probably safe if she is napping between contractions,
but if is she becoming exhausted from constant pushing and straining,
if she appears close to collapse you maybe in trouble?
She is telling you something is wrong and a puppy maybe to large to pass thru her pelvis.
If you feel you are in trouble. Call your Vet and get ready to seek help.

Answer by puppylove
Pregnancy in dogs usually lasts for 63 days (give or take). Do you know the date(s) that she was mated?

Enlarged teats, loss of appetite and tiredness are all normal signs of a dog in the late stages of pregnancy.

Signs of impending labour are panting, restlessness/ nesting, digging, pacing, loss of appetite, slight clear discharge and vomiting.

Also you can take her temperature rectally with a digital thermometer. (Make sure you have clean hands and use a sterile thermometer, she is very susceptible to infection right now) Her average temp should fall between 38-39 degrees celsius (100-102 farenheit) Do this three times a day, and when her temp falls to 36.1-36.6 she will most likely have them within 24 hours.

If you are not experienced with birthing puppies, please find a good vet and put them on speed dial. They can help you through the process and tell you if anything is wrong. A lot of vet offices will answer your questions on the phone for free. Also mom and puppies will need to have a check up right away to make sure everyone is healthy.

Keep a close eye on her and don’t let her go outside to potty by herself. Also make sure she stays hydrated and call your vet ASAP if anything seems wrong!

Good luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : help with the names of the main characters in 80s movie?

he is ‘chainsaw’ in summer school and also the main character is ski school. i also want to know the name of that one blonde guy.

Answer by LilyRT
Dean Cameron

Answer by Kankles
Dean Cameron was Chainsaw

Answer by willow song on wind
dean cameron
Dean Cameron (born Dean Eikleberry on December 25, 1962, in Morrison, Illinois) is an American television and film actor. He is best known for his role as Francis “Chainsaw” Gremp in the 1987 Mark Harmon comedy Summer School.

Dean has starred in some short-lived television series like Spencer (1984), Fast Times (1986, a spinoff of the 1982 film Fast Times at Ridgemont High), They Came from Outer Space (1990), and Mister Sterling (2003).

He has made guest appearances on many TV series, including The Facts of Life, ALF, My Sister Sam, Will & Grace, ER, and Felicity.

Played Dave Marshak in Ski School and Ski School II.

Married to Jessie Marion and lives in Los Angeles. He plays bass guitar in a band called “The Thornbirds”.

Tours with a two-person show entitled The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam, in which he and actor Victor Isaac read from Cameron’s 11 month correspondence with a Nigerian 419 Scammer. The show was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Festival in 2004 and 2005, the Just For Laughs festival and the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in 2006 and ran in Los Angeles from September 2004 to December 2004.

Co-wrote the 2001 feature film, Hollywood Palms, wrote and directed a short film, Glutton Falls and directed/choreographed “Bukowsical”, a sell-out late night musical theater parody at the Sacred Fools Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Since late 1999, has made a living as voice over talent for radio and television commercials, and recently decided to stop auditioning for roles in feature films and television shows, preferring to create projects with respected friends and others outside of the “sinking ship” of the entertainment industry.

In 2006, he originated the role of Carl in Love Tapes, a play based on video tapes sent by a fan to guitarist Steve Vai. Love Tapes was written by Steven Banks and Penn Jillette and directed by Cameron’s wife, Jessie Marion.

[edit] Filmography
The Benefits of Drinking Whisky (2005)
The Curse of the Hideous Gimp (2004)
Grace and the Storm (2004)
Tan Lines: The Making of Suntanned Bikini (2003)
The Palindrome Affair (2003)
Mister Sterling (2003) (TV series)
Sit and Spin (2002)
Hollywood Palms (2001)
Deep Core (2000)
It’s a Shame About Ray (2000)
Two-Eleven (1999)
Hi-Life (1998)
Some Girl (1998) (uncredited)
Midnight Blue (1997)
Highball (1997)
Kicking and Screaming (1995)
Ski School 2 (1995)
Sleep with Me (1994)
State of Emergency (1994) (TV)
Charlie’s Ghost Story (1994)
The Killing Box (1993)
Miracle Beach (1992)
Ski School (1991)
They Came from Outer Space (1990) (TV series)
Men at Work (1990)
Disturbed (1990)
Rockula (1990)
Bad Dreams (1988)
Summer School (1987)
Fast Times (1986) (TV series)
Prince of Bel Air (1986) (TV)
Facing It: My Friend’s an Alcoholic (1985)
Spencer (1984) (TV series)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What sort of party should I have at the end of the year?

I am 13 and all my guests will be between 12-14 probably girls and boys. I am moving schools and starting at a different high school to everyone else so i am throwing this party but i have no idea what to do! I’m not sure how many kids i’m having yet but i want around 20 if Mum allows. The party is not for 3 months so you have plenty of time to answer! thanx and i hope u can help! ;P

Answer by Bea Real
Mai, Also one of my other fave parties is a Winter
Wonderland..this is so beautiful & easy to decorate
for.You can do this no matter what time of the year
it is because most everyone loves the beauty of a
winter wonderland theme.For the invitations be
creative. Cut out snowflakes (ask a young friend if
you forgot how to do it), decorate with silver and
gold glitter pens and write the party details on the
back. This is one invitation that will still be
hanging up long after the party’s over.If your party
is at home, decorate outside with little white
twinkling lights. Line your walkway or driveway with
white snowflake luminaries. Snow or not, your house
will glitter and glow. A snowflake banner hanging
outside you home will let everyone know where the
party is! Have your message say something like “Happy
Holidays from the Smith Family”, and you can leave it
up all season.
Once inside the party, there are endless decorating
possibilities. Bunches of snowflake balloons on
either side of the doorway will add extra sparkle.
Near the front of the party, place a life-sized
cutout of the host as a snowman. “Frosty” will be the
hit of the party! Create a wonderful winter backdrop
with scene setters. Choose from a snowy village
border, snow flurry scene or winter wonderland. Add a
snowflake ceiling decoration to your hallway and over
the buffet. Pine, peppermint or spice scented candles
will make the room smell as well as look like winter.
Or Let them all go hawaiian..inexpensive to dress for & they
can at least have their hawaiian clothes on & so
masks are optional tell them.You can get them pretty
cheap at party favor stores or do make your own ones.
Serve smoothies and other tropical drinks.
Palm trees and tikki torches add to the atmosphere.
Have a hula contest with guests wearing grass skirts.
Hand out a lei to each guest. You can make lei
bracelets for a craft too.
Create a lagoon effect by hanging streamers in green,
aqua and blue colors from the ceiling. Add a string
of white lights for more of a glow.
Attach helium balloons to pineapples for a themed
All this can be done pretty cheaply. party stores
sell those lei’s pretty cheap.
Also do like a Rock N Roll party..have everyone dress
up in their best rocker outfit..tell them current
style or the old fashion at the hop..have plenty of
music z& fun foods to snack on.
Have like a Mardi Gra party! great masks & tons of
colored beads, etc and easy enough to decorrate for &
it shouldn’t cost too much but can look so rich. They
use such royal colors remember, purple, gold & green.
By hanging balloons and streamers in these colors,
your party will already begin to take on a New
Orleans flair
“Murderer” and the other “Detective”. Let the players
pick no one can say who they are. To play, turn out
the lights and have everyone mill around. The
Murderer must “strike” one person and they should go
down. This “Victim” cries out and the lights are
turned back on. Everyone then freezes. The detective
then must determine who the killer was by asking
questions. Everyone MUST tell the truth except the
Murderer, who may lie as much as they want.

Potato Chip Taste Test:
Use about 5 different brands of chips in numbered
bowls. Give each person a pad of paper to record
which they like the most or comments about them.
After everyone is done let them pick which goes to
each empty bag. Let them read their comments.

Spaghetti Drop:
Need-bowls of cooked spaghetti noodles, plastic
gloves and coke or other bottles (set for each team,
relay style game)
To play-Have the teams line up. The first player, on
go, puts on the gloves, picks up 10 noodles, runs to
the bottle and must drop each one in. When the get
all of their noodles in the need to run back and turn
the gloves over to the next in line. First team
finished wins.
Scavenger Hunts:
Nature hunt-list of items that can be found outdoors.
Use Neighbors-Find items on list by knocking on doors.
Unnatural Nature Hunt:
This one takes work on the part of the parent. They
would need to make up things to find outside.
an orange on an oak/pine etc;
a daisy “growing” from…;
rocks wrapped in foil;
Pickles growing in the soil;
other “freaks of nature.” Give each person or team a
notepad to keep track of what they find. Do not give
them a list of these unnatural items…let them try
to find them. Make sure you tell them the designated area

Answer by Ash
In 3 months, it will be December. So, you can have like a New Years party. It’s kinda like a gift exchanging moment. Put all your guest’s name in the hat, and make them all indiviually pick one, including you. So say you have Allison, Addison, Sylvia, Bella, Steph, and Alaina. Alaina pulls Sylvia’s name, so she has to get a present for Sylvia. Sylvia ends up pulling Addison’s name, so she has to get a present for her. Addison pulls her OWN name, then, she puts her name back in, and re-pulls Bella. And so on and so forth. Me and my friend’s like to do this every once in a while just to tell each other we love each other. You could have fake wine (by making it like this : )
and have a mini dance in your basement (if it’s big, and if you have one.)

Stay Warm!

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