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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : When your in love with somone that is futer a head of you in life?

and you want to end up with this person and your finding ways to get famous and help people and one day meet this person and have him fall in love with you . but i never know if its going to happen and the only way that i seem fit to find out is to have someone see in the future and tell me whats my destiny and who am i going to marrie i want it to happen the way i want it but i dont know if its possible but i long for him every day and one thing that i hope for is that he will be apart of my future and thats what i want but i dont know who to obtain it and its easy to talk to all of yall cause you dont know who i am but i dont know what to do with my thoughts of possibly being with this person i am lost in love and i cant let go of the thought of what is going to be apart of my future i just wish what i want can happen what do yall think ??

Answer by Sloth-lover
I think that maybe if you learn how to use full-stops and are able to breathe, then you are in with a chance 🙂

Answer by crischinn
you wrote an entire paragraph, and i am still extremely confused.

Answer by Just me
Sorry, would like to help but I couldn’t really understand what you are saying.

Answer by kittycatchile
I know the feeling. You should be careful though. First of all you should not mistake desire for love. You should be certain that you truly know the person, who they are, what they believe in, before you decide it is love. I do have a bit of advise for you. If you do go seeking someone to tell you what your future holds look for someone who will do it for free. Those who truly have the gift use it to help others and not for their own gains. Second know that the future is not set in stone. Whatever you are told may be alterable and you should use what you learn to improve your life as best you can. Finally readings can only be for up to about six months to a year.

Now I will tell you how I know these things. I read runes. I have always known these things to be true even before I began. One day a friends of mine wanted a reading and I told her she would have car trouble because that was the way the cards fell. We laughed then, but we were not laughing two weeks later when her car broke down and she ended up selling it to a junk yard. She could have avoided it by going to a mechanic before then, but she did not heed the warning. Sometimes the method of divination can give insight into what to do to solve a particular problem or achieve a goal. A good diviner can not only tell you these things but also tell you in a manner in which you will understand as opposed to being cryptic and vague.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are you an individual who enjoys spiritual readings?[and this ques. is for those who do]?

What are all the reasons why you like getting these readings
[this question isn’t for those ‘against’ it, but rather specifically for people who do]
How often do you get tarot readings, and have you ever had a phone reading done?

Answer by 4nonymous00
I haven’t….but I have always wanted to.

Answer by me julie
I would love to get a real reading of any sort, I am a Scorpio and always feel drawn to the spooky, weird and supernatural things in life. The problem with phone readings is that its most likely to be an actress on the line.
I saw a program about a woman who worked on a sex phone line, her add was a picture of a really sexy young woman and her name was something like Candy. But the truth was she was about 56, overweight and called Margaret, but she had a really sexy voice. I thought what a con and since then I think all phone in lines are a con, they are also payed more to keep you on the phone.
If you ask around, word of mouth, someone may know of a good tarot reader or palm reader and you could go and get a real reading from a real person.

Answer by lovely_lady_lavender
Just because, I suppose.
Strange Pisces here.
Any time I want, I just pull out a tarot deck and do for myself.
Not everyday, just when ever.

Phone readings twice, freaked the people out by the cards they pull. Asking me if I am a psychic.

Answer by pj333
hi :}
i am a tarot reader and have done them for a number of friends ,i feel anyone can learn this ,the truth of the matter is to learn it not so much from books but to get a deck your drawn too ,look and study the cards your self how they make you feel [you will need some understanding of what they represent ]but overall you can develop your own understanding of them and read for yourself .
they truly can be very insightful ,as a younger person i had several readings and became interested in how often something actually developed that was told to me .
as far as future though i strongly believe the future is subject to change and therefore can not be told completely accurately .within a 6 week period more then likely someone can “SEE” or read ,but beyond that circumstances can develop that disrupt the possibility of what was seen in the first place .
but it is fascinating and not all that difficult to learn yourself .

Answer by Stoney W
Spiritual readings are highly questionable — For one thing, you really don’t know who’s spirit they’re reading. Online spiritual readings make me skeptical and I’m a horoscope and tarot reader. I prefer to use the cards and the horoscope to get the timing of what and when an event is about to take place.

However, the world is full of people that want to hear what they want to hear, and apparently, there’s more spiritual readers and psychics out there then there were 40 years ago. We all use our spirits in readings, but the real spirit to your destiny lies within you. The reader is there as a guide, not a supervisor.

If you’d like more help with this and a confidential reading and would like to listen to what my perspective is please listen to the audio and see for yourself.

If you want an accurate reading (personal and confidential) I can help you with that. I will not post that information publically.

Please listen to what I have to say at the link posted and if you’re interested in pursuing this question further, I’d be glad to help.
There are so many people asking questions about horoscopes what they need to know is that accuracy and efficient horoscope forecasts are not fast-food — a good astrologer spells the issues and provides choices.

For more details listen to my audio at:…
You’ll get the details.

Written by AlyciaRose

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