Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find certain textbooks online?

I’m desperately searching for the textbook “The American Tradition in Literature” 12th edition, Perkins & Perkins, online version. Does anyone know where I can find this?

Answer by oldfella
Our E-Books
Like many other writers, we have begun to publish books in electronic formats that can be read on line or downloaded for reading on Kindle, Sony Reader, the newer Palm Readers and most other hand held devices designed for e-books. They may also be downloaded for reading in PDF format. These early titles will be augmented with others as the publishing industry continues its historic shift to digital publishing.

The American Tradition in Literature gives instructors the option of using electronic technology to modify its contents or build textbooks to their personal specifications at the Primis ATIL site: CLICK ON THE LINK TO THE LEFT.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can i teach myslef to play the electric guitar?

im 13 yrs old and tomorrow im gonna go get a Fender Telocaster. woo hoo!!!! my 1st guitar ever! but im already taking paino classes so i cant take guitar lessons. 🙁 my frenn taught herself how to play and my bro said he’d teach me what he knows. but do u think that i can take free online classes? or just teach myself over time?

thx in advance!

Answer by Tbone
Good choice kid. Good choice. I learned without instruction 25 years ago and no internet. Of course you can. I wish you luck. Just remember the word EVERYDAY. Use the web. It has everything you need. You don’t need an instructor nowadays and I don’t care what anyone says you don’t need one. Learn your chord charts and take it from there. There are a gazillion tutorial sites for learning the art of guitar.

Answer by Paige G
i was 13 too when i got my first and i taught myself to play im 15 now and i didn’t have anyone teach me anything. i learned by reading this book that taught you easy things t start off with and then i would go on to and they also show you some chords but yes it is possible to teach yourself you just have to be patient and keep playing when your fingers hurt (they get callast) it will go away. you will be able to do it cuz i’ve been playing for only 2 and a half years and im already going to do a demo…you can do it

Answer by Mark G
If you have some music background as you say you do then it will be easier to learn guitar. You can get a simple lesson book and learn a scale and play simple songs in the book on your own. You will only go so far on your own, you will benefit from videos at least and certainly lessons after you get rolling. You Tube is a wonderful source of free tutorials,

There are a few things that you will need someone to show you that you just can’t get easily from a book. (hammer ons, palm muting, holding a pick etc) . You can read for hours or get shown in a few minutes, your choice…..

BUY A TUNER!!!! Korg GA-30 Guitar tuner runs around $ 15. Makes tuning a snap.

I am on the fence about weather or not one should start on an acoustic or electric. Each have there advantages, my recommendation is to start on Acoustic:
1,) its cheaper to buy
2.) no amp is required (contributes to lower cost)
3.) Acoustic strings are harder to press down so you build hand/finger strength. If you can play acoustic chords then electric will be real easy. Your piano playing should already have helped you build finger strength and dexterity.

You can play some simple songs from on-line videos. THere are many free ones JustinGuitar,com is one of my fav’s he has a few tutorials of easy songs. I also found a cheap book “Simply Guitar” and DVD at Barnes & Nobel that was on sale for $ 10. THe dvd has some finger exercises , chord charts etc and is worth the money. (You will find fingers are labeled differently than Piano. Guitar doesn’t number the thumb and starts with the index finger as #1, piano labels the thumb #1.)

Check out your local community college non-credit courses to see if therre are any music courses. “Bristol Community College here in Massachusetts offers a group Beginner Guitar lesson (non credit) for 1/2 a semester.

Also don’t overlook your local library for books and dvd’s on guitar.

Answer by Code Shred
Free Online Video Guitar Lessons:

Answer by teezybizkit
I agree with the guys that say a guitar teacher is unnecessary these days. There are lots of sites that have free lessons including all the ones mentioned in other answers. If you want more just type “free online guitar lessons” with or without the quote marks, into google. If I had to get shipwrecked on a desert island with only one free guitar lessons website it would be

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What Verizon cell phone should i get?

My 2 year contract is up and I get a new cell phone this month, I need suggestions for what to get.

I was interested in the enV2 because of its full keyboard, but I have read some reviews online that say the phone is crappy and it isn’t worth the cost that it is.

Is this true?? What are other some other good texting phones from Verizon?

Also, is it better to go through Verizon to get the phone or some place like BestBuy?

Answer by Gloria
I have the EnV2 and I love it!

Answer by ?
chocolate 3.. best phone

Answer by Yari D
hey hey well i have verizon too!!! and the phones with that company are the most stylish phones out!! i suggest the venus BUT if you dont like that one you should get a touch screan and that it slides up or to the side it looks the best!!! and it is soooooo in style!!

Answer by diablo
The LG Voyager is my top choice (not just because I have it). Unless you have an issue with touch screen phones it’s a awesome msg phone especially if you like to text.

The Blackberry Storm is my next choice.

The LG env2 is a pretty cool phone. 3 of my cousins have it and they have no complaints what so ever. Check some Verizon stores – although they don’t advertise. some still carry the old enV.

The Palm Centro and the Verizon wireless Blitz is also not bad.

But whatever you do, Save yourself the trouble and pass the Samsung Glyde – Seen too many reviews saying that the touch screen sucks.

As far as the price differences between the 2 stores – I would research both for the better price. I find getting the actual phone from the Verizon store and going to Best Buy for cables, accesories etc is better.

Answer by Sarah
I don’t care what you get. But I hate the verizon store by my house. the sales lady is a total slank.

Answer by xspacemonkey85x
my chocolate is pretty sweet, but you could a douche though and get a blackberry…oh and you might be able to get the phone with someone’s discount…you know, cause they worked for target…

Answer by MariF
I have a Blackberry pearl and I bought it through Best Buy. Go where the best deals are, sometimes you can get a better deal at Best Buy or one of the independent stores.

Answer by AliG
Maybe if you spent a little less time worrying about what phone your going to get and a little more time working, you’d be able to afford a better iphone

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