Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i find free Applications for my Zire 21, and what features does my device have.?

My dad gave me a Zire 21 recently, and in the Memo Pad it told me that i can download applications. Where can i get free applications that i can use, and not just trials please. And what can my Zire 21 do for me (PDF Files, Games etc)?

Answer by providence0630
Zire21 is perfect for reading ebooks.
Check out freeware palm.. all the apps there are free

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Which one would you most likely believe in?

Past life -OR- Genetic memory? I believe Past Life is something invented to get “psychics” (bad spelling?) big $ $ over phonecalls and false palm reading. While Genetic Memory seems somewhat believable and scientists actually have evidence for it. Genetic memory = instinct.

Answer by BrokenEye Evoluted
I’ve got a feeling that you learned about genetic memory from playing Assassin’s Creed, because you are vastly overestimating it.

Answer by Shinigami (FAC)
Dawkins attempted to prove instinct was genetic, and failed. (He’s a zoologist)
I believe more in cellular memory rather than genetic memory….I think it’s a tad different…I would like to see genetic memory proved, but that would not explain how some “past life” experiences cross over different races.

This is how the Dalai Lama is chosen. Some of the children they pick to bring to Tibet are not even Tibetan. I know one guy who is Filipino and was brought to Tibet.

Answer by SDA*JESUS SAVES*–John 3:16
Look to Jesus. He will guide you in everything. Start trusting Him today. Proverbs 3:5,6

Seventh-day Adventist web-site:

Sabbath information site:

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I wrote 2 poems. Would you take the time to read over them and offer any advice?

My first one is called ‘Spring (Magic)’

Flower buds open up
To see the real world.
Join the chorus
That the birds chirp.
Beating their wings,
To the rhythm.
Waking up
In the morning,
To the smell
Of a new season.
A wondrous time of year.
December and January,
Have no appeal
To me,
What with their
Cold blasts of wind.
October and November,
Make no mistake,
The only things that are special are
Which I’m technically too old for,
and Thanksgiving,
Where you stuff yourself silly.
Summer sun
Burns your skin
As though you were on
A frying pan.
Thick and greasy,
Is definitely
Not appealing.
Spring however,
Has the beauteous
Waft of hot dog smell.
Cheesy goodness
From a cheeseburger
Gushes like a waterfall.
Luscious petals
In your palm,
Holds steady
The delicate material
Soft pink
Silky petals
Smooth like butter
Drifts off in the cool breeze.
Chocolate cake
Marks my birthday
On a day
Off of school.
Delicious slice
On my bubblegum pink tongue.
Flavor so
It’s a gooey,
Dew on grass
Just from
Last night
A peaceful scene.
The sun starts
It’s viscous glare,
And stares upon me
With hot eyes.
Sun tanning
Would be easy to do
If only that were my intention.
Summer’s coming,
Spring’s leaving,
Without a chance to say goodbye.
Clouds barrel
Down the sky
To reveal
The sun’s rays.
All may be nice,
But nothing adds up
To the phenomenal magic
Of spring.

And my second is called ‘Masterpiece’

Neatly write the name
Craftily in the upper-right hand corner.
Kitchen counter cluttered with mess,
Sketches and doodles spread all over.
Pull out a new pencil,
Sharpen the old.
An idea forming into a masterpiece in the mind.
Don’t forget the inspiration,
Put the implement on paper,
Begin your quest.
Start with a head,
End with the feet.
Color pencils scattered across the marble tabletop.
Shades of green leap across the page,
Varieties of blue follow.
Simple thought morphing into an embellished design,
Full of detail.
Girl on the page seems lonely,
Give the girl a partner.
Sitting across each other,
Add the background.
Think it through.
Insert an idea.
Now they’re at a formal restaurant,
But you’ve changed your mind.
Eraser hovers like an alien spaceship,
Scrapes over the land below,
Changing the scenery.
Now they’re having a picnic,
But you delete it again.
It’s not to your liking.
Add busy lights,
Taxi cars honking in the misty sky,
Dark shades of gray and black cover the landscape,
Bright yellow gleams in the streets,
Pouring rain jumps on the page,
Use light blue and bits of white,
Splashes and puddles,
Give everyone boots
And umbrellas too.
Erase for room to add apartments,
And shops.
This plan will stay.
Red light glistens in the humid air,
Tires splashing puddles onto furious women’s skirts.
Add in colors.
More colorful and bright,
The scenery becomes real.
Shut your eyes,
Put it away
In a folder
Before you can lose yourself completely.

Thoughts, anybody?
Any help is appreciated. =)

Answer by ceaseless becoming
It’s OK. With free verse the trade off with not having it rhyme, rhythm or meter is that they’re heavy in metaphors and significance. So if you’re going to write this way, make spring mean something much more than just that. After reading your first one and coming up empty, I didn’t want to read the next, only because it’s labor-intensive to connect the short lines.

Answer by Oakwolf
Too many line breaks without reason for them. It made me not read the whole post, honestly. I think you show talent but should try reformatting. Here’s what I’d do with the first part of the first poem, for an example. You may disagree entirely:

Flower buds open up to see the real world.
Butterflies join the chorus that the birds chirp.
Beating their wings to the rhythm.
Waking up in the morning to the smell
Of a new season.

A wondrous time of year.
December and January have no appeal
To me with their cold blasts of wind.
October and November…..

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