Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where Can I Get My Palm Read?

I am wanting my palm read, but I’m actually wanting someone to do it for me instead of doing it myself so I know that I won’t mess it up. lol. I’m just wondering about a lot of stuff right now, and I just want to see what my palm had to say. I’ve always wondered about this but never knew where I could get it done at. But I found out that I have a destiny line (from the internet and I read that hardly anyone has that.) I want to know about my love life also. I just want to know what all my palm has to say in general. Thank You for your help,

Answer by **snowboarder**
don’t get your palm read because it means nothing. trust me.

Answer by caprinicerus_cub
i have been in2 palmistry 4 a while now, & i can say that there’s no completly accurate way 2 have ur palm read online. the only way 2 do that is 2 have ur palm read by sum1 personally, i.e. in person. there r however, many good books & sites that can help u understand ur hand. when i 1st started out i had 2 study my hand. it was a bit hard but i think it was the best way 2 start. in palmistry, or chiromancy as it was originally named, there r many elements. just like astrology, it cannot b summed up by just lines & shapes & sizes. evrythng counts. ur hand size, ur finger size, ur lines & mounds, ur fingernail length, the shapes u have on ur hand & where those shapes fall, etc. its not what movies make it out 2 b either. in cinema, sum1 walks up 2 a palm reader, sits down, & in a matter of seconds the reader says sumthing like, “ur gonna die in a car crash at 1:23 am next friday.” WHAT?! let me tell u now, there is no way that a) a reader could make a prediction in that little of time and b) a reader could make that thorough of a response. is a good site, & is a good site 4 starters. if ur just wanting 2 have ur hand read, & ur not interested in learning anything, then i dont no what 2 tell u. chances r, any1 around ur area is possibly & probably a fake. maybe not, but many palm readers r. i assure u im not, but still…many r. there’s really no way i can read ur palm bcuz i’d need 2 c ur hand. in astrology, sum1 can just email me their chart info, but u cant really email me ur hand info. however, i can try 2 attempt 2 read ur hand. u have a destiny line, that’s actually quite rare. i dont have 1 ( but i do have a fate line on 1 hand & not on the other) destiny lines indicate 1 who is, yes, u guessed it, a believer in destiny. deep, thick lines indicate that lines power is prominent within the life. faint lines mean just the opposite. ur love line tells abt ur love life. it tells how 1 views love, how 1 loves, how 1 wishes 2 b loved, & how 1 is loved overall. the love line is actually refered 2 as the heart line & is found above the head line & below the fingers. ovals on the heart line indicate relationship problems & possibly partner difficulties. back 2 the destiny line. a double line may indicate 2 careers at once. by the way, the destiny line can sumtimes b refered 2 as the career line. if the line(s) is(r) branched, it indicates changes within the career. if not, then 1 career may b the only career u have. is prbably the best website i’ve been 2 so if u dont mind studying it, that’s a good site. otherwise, i dunno. i hope i was of sum assistance, but if not, i tried.

Answer by ja_ne_jp
thailand :p they do that a lot here…

Answer by blue_star12111
at a psychic reader place in your town.. we have those in my town and i have done it and it was right about everything in my past.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Treo™ 755p by Palm or Treo™ 700wx by Palm?

Which one is better? I want to have a phone first and internet access second, so which phone would be better for me? I read a article online that was incredibly bias, and there what absolutly no specs that were assesed. Please guide me to some sites that would help me make my decision, or give me your personal opinion, preferably ones who have used either phone. Thank you

Answer by y2chunke
both are decent phones just make sure you have a good carrier. dont use cricket.

Answer by jbcoolio
Ok here you go…… i use the 680 and the 750 (both from cingular but are the same phones as you are refurring to on sprint CDMA network) and if yiou want a good phone first get the P or palm version if you want an amazing PDA get the Wx or windows mobile both are good phones but windows takes along time to load and it is primarily a PDA with a phone the 680 (the plam version for cingular) is my favorite and i carry it more offten!!!! i would go for the 750p

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do you believe in horoscopes, palm reading, stuff like that???

I kinda believe in it, but its readings are from 1000 years ago.

Answer by Nancy
no i dont. sounds too supersticious

Answer by Benny
No…..I don’t believe in this. Most of the time they’re so vague, that the readings can apply to anyone.

Answer by
i went to a palm reader this last spring on a wim i was walking by in a tourist area and went in.

this gal said my dad was sick, i said i dont think so and she went on with the reading.
my family lives 3000 miles away from where i live and work.
so when i got home i called the rents, guess what

he was sick some intestinal stuff going on. so
yes i think there people out there that are conected to the big picture of life and they have been given a gift to help folks.

Answer by ~Haunted~
yes I do. But there are also a lot of scam artists

Answer by shatteredegg
Sidereal astrology vs. tropical astrology, the first is what is actually in the sky, the second-the kind you find online & most everywhere is about 2000 years out of date. Originally it was Sumerian priests & priestesses who would look directly at the night sky, mostly for gods & goddesses, then for kings & queens. The Druids are said to have done the same but there are only reports from the Romans about them. Astrotheology is something that has determined what the major deity will be for about 12,000 years; most stone building like Stonehenge, the pyramids in South America, the temples in Asia-all are aligned astronomically. I don’t have much confidence in palmistry.

Answer by Mariah
Yes, I do. It has never been wrong in my case. My horoscope is perfectly me and if I take it’s advice I have a good day. i’ve never had my palm read, but I do Tarot and it works.

Answer by Leelah
See (horoscopes in particular) can’t apply to a millilon other ppl, and me..It won’t come true for all of us..honestly…it makes no sense..idk..thats just me..

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