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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where Can I Read Ebooks By Shannon Greenland Online??

And please don’t give me all the crap about how it’s wrong to read books online for free, because I’m willing to PAY for the book.

Answer by txbookshelf
I am not sure about her YA books in the Specialists series, but her adult romance books, LAURA’S SECRETS, DESCENT INTO DANGER, and DISCOVERING VERONICA can all be purchased from Echelon Press directly, or you can check

You might also try the Palm eBook store.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find Palmistry software i.e.when we put hand on scanner it shows result on Monitor screen in hindi?

Answer by Hand Research
Hello akarsh,

Sorry, such software is not available on the internet – though some websites may ‘suggest’ that it is available.

For example, the first source below does provide a few links to some ‘online palm reading website’ – but you will find out there that such websites usually present very general readings. SORRY, NO HINDI READINGS AVAILABLE VIA THAT PAGE!

By the way, have you ever heard of a ‘Barnum reading’? – It’s sort of synonym for a bogus reading!

In general, you should expect to receive any quality from ‘free palmistry readings’.

My advice for you is also to take some notice of the ‘psychology’ behind palmistry – the second source below presents quite a lot of information on that aspect of palm reading.

Again, I hope this answer will be helpful for you (I also tried to answer your other question).

Greetings from The Netherlands,


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : correct technique for a volleyball dig?

Why is it wrong to interlock your fingers to do a dig? Ive seen online that youre supposed to make a fist with one hand and place the other on top…

Answer by led65
If you interlock your fingers when you go to dig a ball up there is a chance you could hurt your hands. On the other hand if you make a fist with one hand and place the other on top then you have a better chance of digging the ball up and not hurting yourself.

Answer by Anna G
it’s a bad idea to interlock your fingers, because when you hit the floor and your hands come in contact with the floor and the ball at the same time, you could bruise your fingers or knuckles

Answer by Evanescent Soul
Interlocking your fingers is a bad idea, but doesn’t putting one hand on top of a fist put the wrong side of the arm up? I don’t really get what you mean so I’m probably doing it wrong…
Interlocking your fingers is just not right for volleyball. You will not be playing up to your skill level if you interlock your fingers. First, interlocking your fingers makes it harder to create a good passing platform, even when passing the softest balls. If your fingers are interlocked, your forearm wants to point in toward the other arm when it should be pointing up. Interlocking your fingers makes some errors worse. If you miss read a hit, which will happen against skilled attackers eventually, and it hits your hands the usually nonuniform structure of interlocked fingers can send the ball any which way, and you most likely just gave a free point to your opponent. If you try to pass and you have interlocked fingers you can easily break your fingers. If you are straining your wrists to make a flat platform you can also break or dislocate them as well. Because you specifically asked about digs we have another point. Interlocking your fingers takes far to long for a dig. It takes to long to come together, and it takes to long to come apart if something unexpected happens and you need to make a one handed play or if you need to dive.
A proper dig begins with your hands around chest height, because you need to be able to play both high and low balls. Keep your knees bent and your weight forward. If you play a high ball set the ball or pop the ball up with a prayer (Put your hands forward with your thumbs behind the opposite hand and play the ball off of the palms.). Tomahawks and claws are also common. Sets do have the best control, but you risk breaking fingers against harder hits. If you dig a low ball you should lay one hand in the other, palm up and fold the thumbs over the top. The priority though is to get your hands together, secondary is getting a good platform set. Beyond that form is an extra. If all you can do with your half moment is to press your hands together, it will have to do. Play the ball up off of your forearms, and absorb the extra force with your body, as well as by shrugging your shoulders and slightly moving your arms backwards when you need to.

Answer by Dan_Ye
Interlocking is the technique we offer to beginners. As soon as they get more experienced, we teach them to do one fist and wrap the other palm around the fist.

The way to pass for a very experienced player is to have two fists separated, thumbs pointing down, wrists together, forearms twisted so that elbows are as close as possible (to form a better platform). You pass the ball with the platform of your forearm, while shrugging your shoulders (raising your shoulders) and pushing up your legs when contacting the ball.

Answer by BrankoZ
Follow Evanescent’s advice. Another note regarding stance is that you should have one foot slightly ahead of the other, not side by side. Your body should as often as possible be facing the direction that you want the ball to go. NEVER SWING YOUR ARMS; keep your arms rigid, using your knees to move your whole body toward the ball. Eventually what you want to be doing is having a somewhat circular motion with your body: slightly backward and down as the ball is coming toward you; slightly forward and up as you contact the ball.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free online palm reading

tarot astrology palm reader must see!

Written by PsychicWilliam

Psychic William….. Likes to keep it simple and jargon free! Rather than me say how good I am, why not ask those in my room who have had a reading… Anyone can talk a good story.. You decide if I am what you’re looking for :oD

I don’t use any tools although I can use cards if you wish me too. My connection is always given in context and I present evidence all the time. It may be random but it makes sense….