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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Which books should I read?

I really want to get some interesting books to read. I love extremely dark fiction and horror. Anything about cosmology. Or anything quirky and bizarre!
If you suggest Twilight, you’re an idiot (I have already read it and it was s**t lol)

Answer by werterwu
i dont know. how about twilight

Answer by Violet Star
Not a big fan of twilight but I find one of her books alright it’s called “the host” nice story. It’s actually perfect it’s got something to about the world and everything.

Answer by Grant
i like 1984 by george orwell, written in 1940-something and it was his image of the future, very bizarre but also interesting..hope u like it

Answer by ArAgOrN
read lord of the rings. its an adventurous story and there are many creatures involved.

Answer by Sarah
Well, u could try vampire diaries? Or the second short life of bree tanner, i know bree tanner was in the 3rd twilight book if u have read but she was killed in that story and stephinie meyer made a short life story for bree and it was relly fasinating i liked it a bit more than twilight! I’ll give u a summary:
Bree tanner runs away from home at the age of 15 because of her abusive father. She meets Riley ( a vampire) who takes her somewhere and makes her a vampire, because he has to make an army of vamps which u will understand why in the 3rd book. Bree meets another vampire in the group called Diego and they become very close friends( diego even kisses bree twice so i think diego kinda fell inlove with her) anyway the two vampires want to find out why Riley has been making so many vampires for the mystery lady. I just wanna say the story is short and i know the summary sounds unconvincing but my friend made me read it and i really enjoyed it at the end! Plz try it! im not gonna spoil it for u for the end since i gave away a bit of info.

Answer by Anita Bachew
* cemetery gates – maryann paige

* frankenstein – mary shelley

* almost dead 1 & 2 – matthew watts

* the lair of the white worm – bram stoker

* dark highways – senaka la palme

* shadow in the darkness – senaka la palme

* the hunger – matthew watts

* soul stealers – matthew watts

* lost on earth or fateful love – lily alex

* evilspace – bill penning

* the tragic theatre – g.m. coronel

* bad angel – stephen huff

* near death – stephen huff

* palm’s inn – samantha foster

* vampire diaries – l. j. smith

* harry potter series – j. k. rowling

* red pyramid – rick riordan

* percy jackson series – rick riordan

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