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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Which is the best way to pursue my writing career?

I am only 18 and i haven’t been to college yet. I love to write love, drama, romance and relationship stories

Answer by opinionatedkitten
By writing, simple as that.
Set some time aside everyday and write.
Don’t be afraid to re-read what you’ve written. Try to find a few subjects that come out often (Maybe ideas for characters, plot twist, etc…) – When you feel ready, try to blend them all into one big project.

Answer by Laura
Find a school with a writing program – (Univ of Iowa and USC in California are two good ones) and start with an undergraduate degree (will probably need to be in English and not Writing as most Univ’s don’t offer undergrad writing degrees). Take as many writing classes as you can. Try to get published in student magazines, journals or collections. Take classes in journalism to help you be a more well-rounded writer. Try to find a student job related to writing (writing for the student newspaper, editing scientific journals, etc). Attend as many readings as you can (typically offered by English departments or large bookstores). Read as much as you can, in both the areas you like and other genres you might not like but can still offer you insight into your writing. Pursue an MFA in creative writing if you can after your undergrad degree.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are other ways to involve close family and friends in the wedding?

We originally wanted to have 3 groomsmen/bridesmaid on each side. We ended up with 4 and 4. 4 groomsmen – my fiance’s cousin, friend and 2 step-brothers. And 4 bridesmaids. 3 of my friends, and my fiance’s best friend. Ther other people we’d want to involve are my brother, my two best male friends, and one of my female friends, and my fiance’s half brother and half sister. His half-brother’s kids will be in the wedding, so we’re thinking politically it will be OK and giving his half sister a reading. I was thinking of just adding my brother/and my female friend to the bridal party, because it’s more convenient than trying to think of something else they can do, and the wedding party is primarily my fiance’s people. And I still have two male friends that I would like to be involved, we’re really close. Any ideas? We can put in 2 more readings, but it’s only supposed to be a 1/2 hour ceremony.

Answer by beccasmom99
Readings, Guest Book Attendant, Ushers, Cake Table, Servers, Gift Table Attendant, Candle Lighter

Answer by in2one
You can have your brother and two best male friends be ushers (to seat guests upon arrival)…it would be nice to have another woman to help seat the single men as well.

Answer by Kitten
Using readings could work. My fiance and I actually decided to have a ‘family’ blessing where the family is asked to stand and the minister asks if they will support and love us during our marriage. I think you’re trying to please too many people. The guests at the wedding will get twitchy and impatient if the wedding is too long.

thats tricky, i was thinking be more creative, why do you have a theme at the after party, so each table has a theme

table 1 – loud personalities
table 2 – shy table
table 3 – caring

Place your family and friends at the table accordinly, you can do something similar, this will be fun. Have quizzes and 1 person from each table has to give an answer.

At the end of the day a wedding is supposed to be remembered!!!

Good Luck x

Answer by jennyss
We had a lot of people to involve too. Most of the were children though so it wasn’t too hard. We used extra people for the guest book, ushers, readings, handing out the wedding bulletins, music (vocal, piano…), and handing out the bubbles after the service. Good luck!

Answer by Amity S
Ideally we all love to be ale to include our entire family in our ceremonies, but just can’t do that! You didn’t specify, but if you don’t already have ushers, you can have the males usher the guests to their seats and walk the Grandmothers and Mothers down the isle! For the females, one can be a guest book attendent and do a reading…if you have anyone that sings or plays a musical instrument, they can do something special for the two of you or before the ceremony while guests are being seated. You can also have two people light candles at the beginning of the Ceremony. For those who can’t be included, just be sure to mention them at the reception and thank them for all their love and support!

Answer by schatz101
a grand wedding can have the following “parts”:

maid of honor and best man (2)
3 sets bride’s maids and groomsmen (6)
3 sets secondary sponsors for veil, cord and candles (6)
3 sets ushers and usherettes (6)
first reading & responsorial psalm (1-2)
second reading (1)
prayers of the faithful (1)
offertory (6)
pairs/s of host & hostess for the reception (2 or 4)

good luck! and enjoy! congratulations!!!

Answer by silverneedlesandpins
I asked my SIL and one of my best friends to do readings for us since they weren’t bridesmaids.

Don’t just stick family and friends with jobs so they can be involved in the wedding. Unless they’re really sociable or into that sort of thing, being a “guest book attendant” or handing out programs can be torture for someone. If you do ask someone to do that for you, take their personality into consideration, and leave it VERY open ended for them to decline if they want to.

My best suggestion would be to think about what talents and skills and interests these people have and ask them to do something based on those. Maybe your friend is really crafty and would like helping you with DIY projects. Maybe a cousin is really into music and can help you put together some songs for your wedding.

And make sure you send these people a thank you note and maybe even give them a small token gift (something as simply as a restaurant gift card would do) in appreciation for their help, even if they’re not an official part of the wedding party.

Answer by melouofs
I was thinking more along the lines of using their special skiils to make your day even better. Can your male friends cahuffeur you in a fancy car? Or does anyone bake–they can make you your wedding cake, or photography? Then at the reception, you could specifically acknowledge them for their help.


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