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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Which palm are you supposed to read in palm reading?

Right or left? Dominant hand?

Answer by Cindy
Left hand

Answer by undercoverbadass
both. whatever hand you usually use is how people see you or how you try to portray yourself. the other is what you are deep inside

Answer by Prince oF ThE RaJahz..
Right Hand for Males, Left hand for Females. Thats how it works! So if your a girl, you read your left hand, and the right hand shows the type of mate that is perfect for you and there qualities.

Answer by mrs.jacob black
both have meanings that are different

Answer by SlaveBunny
I’ve done a little studying of palm reading. The left hand is what you were destined for and the right hand is what your currently living.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : My palm reading claims he has a haunted past, is it true?

I recently went to get my palm read for closure, since me and my on and off boyfriend of years have split; for no real reason.
He says he needs time for himself EVERYTIME we’re at our very best and happy he wants to disappear from no apparent reason, to get his act right. He says I know too much of his past and he wants to battle his demons. So we left it at that, since he didn’t want me to help or have me in his life. So, I went to a palm reader. She told me things about me, things that I have experienced and things that are happening at my very present. She also brought up my last relationship. She said he has a very dark past. Which I do recall him saying he needed time to battle his demons. In other words. She knew it! What scares me is she claims that me and him are “soul mates” but he has dark spirits that are keeping us apart. Is it true? She claims that she has the right candles that’ll make us better. She said “don’t under estimate my powers” she said if the “door doesn’t open” she’s going to give me my money back. Is there such a thing as dark spirits keeping us apart? Help!

Answer by punklovr182
I definitely believe in palm and tarot readings, i do them myself. So yes i would say its true.

Answer by CaLeb J
I believe in horoscopes but the tarot readings is quite ludicrous and also is considered witch craft in a way. Don’t rely on that stuff.

Answer by Cassandra L
I do palm readings, tarot, astrology, etc… I will be the first to tell you to run from this lady and her special candles. The only force keeping you two apart is him. He has alot of healing to do. Only he can heal his self. You should give him time and space to figure things out.
This lady will not refund your money! In fact if you continue to give her your money and power, she will take advantage of you. People like that lady is what gives the true psychic’s a bad name. There is not a dark force keeping you apart. God has a plan for you and him but, you must remain patient and, have faith!

Yes there are dark souls but, they are people like hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer. I call them wolves in sheep’s clothing. If you want help heal your boyfriend, then pray for him. Ask god to surround him in a bubble of healing white light. You have the power yourself to help him. Pray to the almighty my dear. Don’t put your faith in a lady that is manipulating you and your pocket. If you have anymore ?’s about this feel free to email me.


Answer by shelmo
No, I seriously doubt it. The fact that she said you buying her candles will make everything better. I doubt she’ll give you your money back.

Answer by lala
Follow to the dot the advice of Cassandra L because she is telling you the truth

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone know where i can get a palm reading chart?

i really wat to know what the lines on my hand mean

Answer by FercheLahoos
by google search- free palmistry or reading from hand..u can try if u want…

Answer by mellen
Here is the site I use

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

Culture & Superstition in Japan – Palm Reading

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