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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Which Smartphone would be best for Verizon Wireless?

My main purpose for the phone will be to get online and send e-mails.

I am looking at the:

Palm Treo 650: Doesn’t have Wi-Fi, but gets pretty good reviews. I like that it has touch screen.

Samsung SCH-i730: Has Wi-Fi, but no modem for a laptop. I like that the keypad slides away, so there is a bigger screen. But, you can’t use Wi-Fi and phone at same time, not sure if this is important. Seems to get great reviews from users

Motorola Q: Have read it has a hard time with POP 3, which may be an issue for me. A little worried it may lack because of the size. No Wi-Fi and no modem. I like the size, but would like the touch screen.

Verizon XC6700: I’m not sure if I am considering this one, but it may be an option. I like the deisn of this one, with the large screen and keys. It has Wi-Fi. But it doesn’t seem to get as good of reviews, if I can find them and I read it is has lots of glitches.

Which one is best? Or should I look at something else?


Answer by stunfire316
I’d recomend the Treo 700. There are 2 versions- the 700p with a palm-pilot like system, or the 700w, with the same Windows setup as your regular computer. It CAN be used as a modem, and operates at dsl-loke speeds in metro areas. Its the best out now.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : whats the big hype with acai berry? Has anyone tried it? Does it taste ok?

Would take any imput to someone who has actually tried this and it works. And what does it do? I’ve read online, just want to hear truthful stories on this.

Answer by abacaxitoo
Most of the “medical nutritional miracle” is just hype: conveniently for the sellers, it’s tropical and photogenic and has a mysterious sounding name and grows in the Amazon.

It’s really the fruit of the “cabbage palm”, that grows in swamps all over South America. (not so marketable, but the truth)

The berries are common in South America … they make a fabulous ice cream topping syrup, and ferment into something that leaves you with a world-class hangover. Makes good sorbets and ices too.


Written by PsychicWilliam

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