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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why cant See that Jesus loves them and he died for Us?

many people will bend over backwards for evil, sin, and witchcraft like harry potter, mediums, Palm readers, and such. people are so into the supernatural world and will discredit what jesus did, or that angles are real, yet they believe in magic (of the devil) easly. What is wrong with this. ps: if you are going to be a dick head or smartass dont comment this go wash your mouth out enough defending your lies and evil.

Answer by the donut kid
I stopped reading at witchcraft like Harry Potter. Get help.

Answer by Sin ‘jari
Actually, I prefer Dumbledore

Answer by Kosher Jewish Spy™ JPA Repub
Why can’t you have good grammar?

Answer by My†h ß۞mber
Since he’s allegedly immortal, Jesus didn’t “die” for anyone. If anything, he just had a bad weekend.

Answer by Kjelstad 3.0
Zeus loves you.

Answer by Dreamstuff Entity
Why cant YOU See that Mithras loves you and he died for you?

Your Jesus is based on him, Horus, Apollonius of Tyana, and other assorted myths.

Answer by Pastor Bill
Because Satan has them blinded to the truth of Christ.

Answer by Green Phantom
What you believe in is not what every one else believes in. Some would believe what you believe, and others believe what you mentioned. It’s their choice. People do what they do because they do it out of their own free will.

Answer by Hail Naw!
You can’t change people. You can only share your passion for God and Jesus Christ. People are going to have to make a decision to go to God all on their own. Don’t be so offended though. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. As long as your faith is strong and serve as a good example, then you would have done your part.

Answer by Rico JPA
I invoke Poe’s law.

Answer by infested by mindworms
bridge for rent

cal 911-I SEEK HELP and ask for rapid response team.

Answer by Ralfcoder
You forgot us atheists.

But I bet you couldn’t pick me out of a line of believers. I hold a job, I have a family. I volunteer my time to my community where I think it’s worth my effort. I pay my bills, I obey the law. I don’t kick my dog.

The big difference is probably that I believe in one less god than you.

I really don’t mind if you believe – if it makes you a better person, go for it. Just don’t try to convince me, and don’t ask me to pay for your religion, and don’t use it to hide bigotry or criminal acts.

Now, if you still believe I’m evil because of this, feel free to do so. I’ll live…

Answer by ICE
Because of their harden heart that made them blind in seeing Jesus.

NOTE: your language “a dick head or smartass” isn’t christian language. One day we will have to give full account to God on every idle word that we say.

Answer by Jean Valjean
and yet christians used to have the most knowledge on daemonology

Answer by inwardbound
huh? so you’re saying that twins, that are born, talking about the ones that are very much in tuned with each other even if they live somewhere else, they are the devil?

The prophets of the bible must have been into the devil as well.

how do you know that these people who can read minds see dead people aren’t gifts from god?

Answer by MAS2008
Calm down you will pop an artery in that delusional mind of yours.

Not every one can share in your mental defect.

Hopefully someday you will recover from the mental virus of superstition.

Answer by Tao Man Chi
Troll… but I got it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any palm readers out there who can explain this on my fingers?

I have three lines on one of my pinky fingers, not including the one where it is attached to my palm, and two on the other. No other person whom i know of has this.

Answer by Trey
im not a palm reader but weird

Answer by K@k3s
i can read palms and are you right handed or left handed which ever you are is the one you would go off of and depending on how long the lines r mean different things too just message or IM me if you want to know more

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