Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do i love birds so much?

… Its an obsession… It started with a breeding pair of rock doves.. And went downhill from there…

4 rock doves
8 society finches
12(?) Zebra finches
3 budgies
1 cockatiel
1 stellars jay
1 herring gull
1 dark-eyed junco

And in my future… I hope to acquire a palm cockatoo after I get exp. With other parrots, like macaws and other parrots… I am particularly attracted to the blue and gold macaw… Almost like I have a spiritual connection with that species… I just look at b&g’s and they remind me of myself… I love birds so much. They make me feel so happy and alive and free… I’ll always love and keep birds until the day I die… But.. I’ve wanted to know… Why am I so attracted to birds? I love other animals, like reptiles, for example, but there is just something about the class of Aves… Don’t be a jerk when answering this. Everyone in my family has, and I just want someone to be sensitive to me about it…

Answer by stephanie
Im not a bird specialist or anything fancy, i just got my budgie the other, hes name is Charlie 🙂 i love him already, i think your love for birds great, no reason for people to be a jerk about it. Birds are such innocent souls that i believe do so in fact connect with people on a spiritual level. Also, you feel so happy, alive and free around birds because naturally in the wild, beautiful birds are free and alive and happy with their life. I read to my budgie, he loves it and looks so happy which makes me happy.

I hope this helps and feel free to email me if you want to have a bird talk 🙂

Answer by Sara Martin
I am a proud owner of 5 cockatiels and they are my world.I have hand tamed and half reared with there mum 4 of them.They all have different personalities and characteristics and I have to say they are so loyal and give you hours of love.I never knew how great having a bird would be and it started of with me re homing a cockatiel from my partners sister in law and I haven’t looked back.I never knew how special birds were and how they make the world a brighter place untli I re homed one nearly 10 years ago.

Answer by Saphine
Well, I might be the jerk here but it’s illegal to keep the last three birds on your list. Unless you have a permit? Juncos are migratory too…

But I don’t blame you. I’m just drawn to birds. If I had it my way, I would have peacocks, chickens, finches, parrots, you name it. Pretty ambitious for a 14 year old! Right now we have a GCC, a budgie, a Lineolated Parakeet, and just got a pair of Button Quail! 🙂

Answer by Paris
I love birds too! I spend almost all of my free time researching birds and learning something new about them. I really like the hyacinth macaw, they’re so beautiful! But I also love wild birds and parrots alike. I just look at them and they look so free and independent and alive, and I just admire and love them (I admit, I envy them too!) so much. I really wish to own many species and have much more experience with them. They’re so amazing!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : does any one know any websites of palmistry? and i want to know when reading my Palm do i do my left/right.?

Answer by milly_1963
Depending which is you dominating hand the opposite is what you planned in life and the other is what you are doing or direction you are heading

Love & Blessings

Answer by ♥baby girl♥
i dunno!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Samsung Impression vs. Palm Pre?

My contract with Sprint ends in 5 days. Yahoo!! No pun intended. hehe. Anyhoo, at first I really wanted the Samsung Impression. My coworkers had it and I kind of fell in love with it until they told me about the text messaging/freezing problem they BOTH had. I researched it a bit more and found out it is a widespread problem that MANY many impression owners had. I wanted this phone because it was not a smartphone. I was looking simply for a messaging phone that was data compatible. Plus, it was with at&t. I’m looking for a new carrier, as Sprint has given me lots of probs in the past.

The thing is, I might just have to stick with Sprint. I’m wary of getting the Impression now that I know I’ll be in for 2 yrs of problems if I get it. So my next option is the Palm Pre. It sounds pretty reliable and cool – plus it’s small! I haven’t read up on too many problems with that phone. In fact, it sounds great. But it’s with SPRINT! Gah. I was reallly looking forward to getting away from this carrier, with its dropped calls and unexpected charges. Cost plays a big part in my decision as well. Their 69.99 plan sounds great compared to Verizon and T-Mobile.

Any tips on what phone/carrier I should get/stick with?? Is the samsung impression worth all the hassle or is the pre the way to go – despite terrible service?!

Answer by -★Dark Stars Above★-
Get the Palm Pre Plus with Verizon!
if you like taking pictures, long battery life, and easy to type keys, I don’t recommend this phone. It’s keys are tiny. The battery drains in 9hrs even when not used, and you cannot zoom or edit photos with the camera. But oveall it is a good phone! Get a cover for it. Without the cover it’s kinda ugly especially with the screen cover.

how about samsung reality w/verizon? It’s around $ 20 and I think it’s $ 10 a mth for the data plan…

Answer by TJ J
First off Sprint is less expensive than other carriers. I have a Sprint Pre and I can’t remember the last time I dropped a call. Dropped calls can also be a problem with your current phone. EX: The iphone is very bad with reception and drops calls all the time. People blame ATT but its been proven to be an iphone issue.

Most people really like the Palm Pre. Technical reviews call it the best mobile platform on the market. That is why when Palm sold, HP, Apple, Blackberry, IBM and others were all trying to buy Palm. HP won and Paid 1.2 billion to get WebOs which runs on the Pre. Now if the phone was bad like other people here have said, do you think those very smart companies would have been so interested in Palm and WebOs.

The Pre is the only phone EVER to get a 5 star rating from G4Tv. Won laptop magazines best phone and many other awards. The camera works great. Wifi hotspot and tethering are very good.

The Pre’s multitasking is awesome.

Palm updates their OS every couple months. SO the phone never is outdated.

I have had my Pre for almost a year and would not trade it for anything else out there today.


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