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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do people believe in mystical things?

And by mystical things I mean astrology, palm reading, horoscopes, religion, parapsychology etc.
If you stop and look around the world is a very rational place, sure there might be many mind boggling things going on, but at the end of the day everything has an input and and an output, a cause and effect. So what makes people stop thinking and rely on things without any evidence?

Answer by Mrs Logic
Well, it is easiere to prove something exists that for it not to exist. Not so very long ago people would have laughed at the idea of sound or pictures travelling from one part of the world to another almost instantly. They would have laughed at the existence of invisible waves upon which sound was carried.

People who believe in things such as you describe simply believe they are real. They don’t need proof that it exsists because to them, it does. Who knows……maybe something will happen that will make you say “Wow! So that is how it works?”

Answer by Maha Ishvar

Answer by Python
Good question. If you really think deeply about it the world is a mystical place as we are so removed from nature in this modern society. This is not the point though, we believe in mystical things because that energy we don’t understand exists around us. If that makes any sense…

Answer by A. Thorne
Because it’s more fun, reality stinks to high heaven.

Answer by Lalitha R
Human mind is always intrigued by the power of Nature. So many things which are beyond the normal level of human understanding happen and we wish to know the why and the how of these happenings.

Answer by Diogenes
It is the curse of a self aware mind.
We can imagine things and remember things and speculate about how things will change in a future we know is coming.

THAT is a lot of responsibility.
It helps if we can move some of that responsibility onto some other person or power we “know” is bigger and older, and smarter than us.

Now, don’t be so quick to condemn those people, as we all do it in some form or another.
I know you think you are ruled by logic, but all of us glance over our shoulders and hold a talisman every now and again.

Answer by Jesere
because they exist..

Answer by trueprober
Hello friend Mr. Nobody, people usually are easy going. They don’t want to be industrious and out of ignorance they have to rely upon some one else. So believing such mystical things. Astrology is truly a pure science. No doubt about it. But the true astrologers with all skills are very rare to be found. Palm reading has got very good indications of our mind. Deep understanding and much more experience is needed to read the palm so correctly. We believe that the world that we sense with these five senses are so true. But actually it is not so. It is just dreaming state you know. When we die we go to sleeping state. Again we come back to dreaming state. Waking up is the most important one. It becomes possible only when we realize our own selves. So as you said close observation of all things happen in nature would teach us a lot. Good keep it up, dear.

Answer by mary castilo
People are people they are alive with their beliefs and they always need smth to believe in,however some of them could be right and some of them could be wrong who knows what is right and what it isn’t anyway.

Answer by Dr weasel
Mystical is nothing more than science without structure. It lacks definition that can give us full understanding of it’s usefulness. Most of your examples suffer from people taking an observation and applying too much literary license. They exaggerated and in some cased waxed eloquent (fibbed)
But at the root of some of these “mystical things” is an observation that would give the mind pause. It should be re-evaluated in the light of the scientific process to learn what can truly be said of them.

For some people, however, the attraction is romantic in the idea of magical power. Consider paganism. Ever count the number of “spells” that have to do with love or riches or sickness? It is the romance of power for the powerless. They have no hope otherwise and reality is only a bitter thing. Their romance gives them something to hope.
In observing these things, though, be sure to observe closely because not all things are romance. A good story must always have a seed of truth to sell it. That truth, like all truths, is valuable.

@ Susan.. wow, really?

Answer by Ratz
We’re instinctively magical thinkers. Science is not really a natural mode of thought. You have to learn it and learn to think critically. Read “Why People Believe Weird Things” by Michael Shermer if you want a better explanation.

Answer by V∟И X
truth is stranger than fiction…

Answer by susan
When you have experienced the mystical, how can you not believe. (By the way, religion is something made up by people, so does not qualify to be included here, in my opinion.) In fact, I am not certain any of the other things could be considered mystical either. They are skills that can be taught. Mystical things occur on their own.

The real question is why does it bother you that there could be an unseen world?

@Dr. Weasel, yes, really… that is the difficulty I have with spells and all… they are not a natural connection with the spirit world that requires no special conditions (although it is admittedly more difficult to receive amidst a lot of confusion than it is when in a calm and peaceful environment).. Anyway, what I refer to is the way of life for many people who have resisted the influence of western culture and has been for thousands of years… nothing new and definitely nothing flashy!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does straight line on my palm means?

I have a straight line across my left palm and doesn’t break off. What does it suppose to mean?

anyone who knows about palm reading would be a great help. :))

Answer by cannibal one
i think it means a long life,,,good luck

Answer by westpenninewoman
It’s sound like the your “headline” which usually runs from over above your thumb. Usually the straighter the line the more sound and practical your judgements are said to be. A downward sloping one usually indicates someone who is overly emotional.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to fortune tell/palm read?

I’m being a gypsy for halloween and at a party I’ll be in a booth doing fortune telling and palm reading! haha Any tips for me? I have no clue how to do any of it! Obviously it is just for fun, but can you send me some links of how to do it? Or better personally tell me? Also, any crafty ideas you can think of. I was thinking of getting a crystal ball or something.

Answer by Henry
Look at the lines on their hands, tell gibberish about each line, like life line,
Love line, ect. Make you memorized what you said, so each persons life line is in the se spot as the other persons

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