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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do some countries salute with their palms up and others such as the US salute with palm down?

I have heard that if you salute with palm down it means you have never lost at war, and that if it is palm up it means that you have lost a war.

Answer by dchicano31
its pretty much a reflection of their military. the more the hand is tilted up the more times that countries military has surrendered. Such as France and Germany salute up and the United States salutes downwards.

Answer by Robin
The United States has never lost a declared War that’s why the palm is down.

Answer by Wayne C
The origins are fuzzy. The text below is rom the link.

The origin of the Hand Salute is uncertain. Some historians believe it began in late Roman times when assassinations were common. A citizen who wanted to see a public official had to approach with his right hand raised to show that he did not hold a weapon. Knights in armor raised visors with the right hand when meeting a comrade.

The guy at is retired military and does his research before posting info.

In the US there are slight variations between Army and Navy. Have never looked into the Marine Corps salute.

In the Army we march and walk with our fingers curled up and our thumbs straight down. To salute you open your hand just ot the point that the hand is cupped slightly. Where the hand goes then depends on if you are wearing cover or not. Watch the opening of the movie Patton. George C. Scott did a very good job getting it right. We tilt the hand ever so slightly so the palm is not visible from the front.

I read once that the Navy has the hand placed flat so the palm cannot be seen. It has to do with the sailing ships of old. Sailors hands would be covered in pitch used to keep the ship water tight. Keeping the palm down did not present a dirty hand.

The Brits use the palm up doing a fine job of replicating a knight raising his visor.

While how it started is not known it has ZERO to do with wins or loss on the field of battle. Many a moron falls prey to Bravo Sierra and myth though.

Today it is strictly a sign of respect to salute an Officer who in turn returns the respect by returning the salute.

Today many of us will take advantage of a law passed in Jan 08 and salute the colors at a service to honor those that did not come back, came back in a box or are still missing.

SSG US Army 73-82

Edit: The 2 answers above are from life long civilians or Gomers spreading Bravo Sierra.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there an electronic, hand-held device to which I can transfer online articles to read away from a computer?

Kinda like reading an e-book on an I-pod or Blackberry type of thing.

I receive online newsletters which are too long to print, but I want to read them at the gym or in a doctor’s waiting room (or where ever), instead of on my computer.

I can save the newsletters in a Microsoft Word file. Can Word files be transferred to some kind of hand-held device?
I’d like specific names of the devices that are available – thanks.

Answer by casey
there are lots. try the amazon kindle ( there should be other, cheaper alternatives though…

Answer by Colbi
hey ty for the sore gum ansawr! and yes there is!
My dad use to have a thing called palm pilot
Maby you want to check that out.
OH DUDE WAIT i found something

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to introduce friend to the idea of wicca/ paganism?

I have been into pagan religions/ traditions and wicca for a long time and would like to see if a friend of mine would like to practice as well and do rituals and divination with me. She is an open person and likes to do palm reading and enjoys when we do tarot cards as well. I just was wondering how to ask her if she would like to practice with me and such? Thank you for your help!

Answer by The Rational Thinker
“Now, I know you already are involved in make believe fortune telling, so I was wondering whether you’d like to come with me to Hogwarts as well.”

Answer by †Archangel TJ†
show her the vibrating broom.

Answer by Skip
Just say “hey wanna make money with me? We can rip off unsuspecting idiots together”
You know it’s not true, right?!


Answer by Have a Drink on Gazoo
Field trip to Hogwarts.

Answer by kartua
I would say that she is already open to such ideas! Speak of Mother Earth and see if she is open!

Answer by tacks
Just cast a spell to make her like it. Duh.

Answer by Margaret C
Just ask her. It sounds like she would be very interested. If she says no the first time, then let it go until she requests to go with you.

Answer by Nightwind
You make religion sound like a hobby. imagine this scenario: your friend comes up to you one day and says “I know in the past you’ve really liked going out for bagels, so I was wondering if you would like to sit around and and be Jewish with me?”

Interest in tarot cards doesn’t define someone’s religion in the slightest, and people do not do religious rituals out of amusement. imagine this one: “I know you’re not Christian, but how about we just hang out and pray to God for a while?” Why would she do that?

What you really seem to be trying is converting her to your religion, which Wiccans find obnoxious. If you are interested in seeing if she already shares some of your beliefs, perhaps you should talk about your beliefs and see how she reacts, but do NOT approach it as “introducing” her to Wicca. And if she’s not interested, respect that boundary. You apparently already share an interest in divination. Embrace that, but don’t but into her religious beliefs if you’re not wanted.

Answer by tehabwa
Just tell her, since she seems open to anything, you have been wondering if she’d like to do some wiccan rituals with you — and then describe what that would entail, exactly.

I guess you’re not likely to say “You’re willing to do stuff based on imaginary beings and powers, so why not do more of them?” LOL

Answer by Aandeg-Maiingan
Perhaps ask her her stance on the religion and belief system? Just to get an idea where she stands on the idea (interested/not interested/open to learning/find’s it ridiculous, etc).

If she shows an interest, perhaps loan her a book you felt was influential to you OR ask if she would like to participate in something of meaning with you.

However, if she’s not interested, don’t push it on her.

Answer by Elaine M
Paganism and Wicca are religions, not playthings. If you’re not committed to either as a religion, you’re only playing with it. You’re not serious enough to be taken seriously.

Stick with divination/tarot/palm reading.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
“would like to see if a friend of mine would like to practice as well”


Wiccans and other pagans do not prosthelytize. It is, in fact, taboo to go around seeking other people to convert. It’s considered offensive and rude. Imagine your friends went around trying to convert you to some other religion, like Christianity or islam. You’d be annoyed, offended, upset, wouldn’t you?

Also, I’m making a guess here, but you sound fairly young and I’m betting that you and your friend both still live with your parents/guardians. This makes the situation even worse, because what happens when your friend says, “Oh, sure, I’ll play Wicca with you!” and then her parents find out it was you that started the whole thing?
At your age, people tend to do things just because their friends are doing them. Your friend may feel pressured to take up Wicca because you want her to, but not really feel it. She may be insincere about her practice. This causes all kinds of trouble both spiritually, emotionally and also will damage your friendship when you get into ritual together and you realize she’s just pretending as if it were a game. It’s not a game to you, right?

Your spirituality is your business and her spirituality is her business. If she asks you what you’re about, that’s fine, but don’t try to convince her or encourage her to practice with you. You don’t need to hide what you are and what you believe, but don’t try to ask her if she’s interested. If she shows interest all on her own, then feel free to work together on it, but remember, she may still not take it as seriously as you hope.
Best of luck,

Answer by Melissa
What you said kinda just contradicted itself. Wicca is one pagan religions and spirituality out of thousands- it is a religion, not a practice. Just because you like divination doesnt necessarily mean that you are pagan or even a witch.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on palm reading

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