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I wanna know what you love about the person you’re with and why you love them? 😛 Not the big things like….LOVE and SECURITY (bleh) but the little things!

I’m feeling a little love sick at the moment cos my bf is away (maybe that’s why I’m thinking of this question!?) butttt there are so many things he does that make me smile!….
(I don’t expect yas to read this btw but typing it makes me happy…….lol)

*When we’re holding hands, he makes little circles in my palm with his fingers.
*When he kisses me, he’ll sometimes stop kissing…and kind of just run his lips over mine (sounds weird :S)
*Sometimes when I’m in the middle of talking, I’ll notice him looking at me funny. I’ll stop talking and i’m like….”what?”….and he just goes “I love you” 😛
*When he sneaks up behind me and hugs me really tight from behind 🙂
*He calls me “lovely” and “my wee girl” (he’s from Scotland originally) 🙂
*Whenever we’re fighting or he’s annoying me, he’ll just totally interrupt me and go “but you do fancy me, right?”…and i just caaaan’t keep a straight face.
*He one of those those guys who doesn’t propppperly smile that often. But when he does, it’s fuckkkking beautiful!
*He’s totally gorgeous and he knows it. He’ll say stuff like “oh you only like me cos i’m hot”. But…if I ever randomly call him hot, he gets fidgety and he’s like “no i’m not”.
*He loves nerdy stuff like UFOs and NatGeo documentaries. None of his friends know that though. lol
*He’s convinced there’s a ghost haunting his room. Sometimes he gets freaked out at night and phones me. lol.
*His confused face 😛
*He’s not afraid to admit he has a crush on Simon Cowell. ha ha
*He’s hilarious. When we first met he actually had me convinced he was a male prostitute :S lol
*He has the dirtiest mind evvvver!
*My friends, little sister AND mother have a crush him 😀 lol
*Sometimes, all I have do is look at him….and I get a rush…this funny feeling in my stomach. He’s so hot. Ughhhh.

Anyyyyway! What about ya’selves? 😛

Answer by Misha9642
What I love about the guy I was with is…
The way he always looks down when he smiles and then gives you puppy dog eyes when he looks up
The way he makes everything seem better when nothing goes wrong
The way he won’t let me feel stupid or guilty when I’ve done something wrong
His perverted mind hahah
How he makes me less nervous for something I have to do
I love all the little things he does <3

Answer by unknown
-hahaha the fact tht he talks nerdy, n tries 2 explain things 2 me
-wen he got nervous wen he 1st kissed me
-wen he says he loves 2 b aroun me
-wen we walk each other to class he always hugs me, n kisses me b4 i go in my class
-he holds me 4 a really long time
-wen he holds my hands he plays w/ my fingers
-he calls me by nicknames
-the way he loks at me (w/ a smile)
-wen i make a mistake he always makes me laugh n feel better, n sumtimes calls me a dork
-wen he kisses me he holds me, n his lips r messin w/ my lower lip
-his laugh, n the fact tht hes so curious just like me n incredibly stuborn again like me
-hes really sweet, n funny, n cute

Answer by Jordan
He’s really sweet
The way he hugs me
The fact that he liked me since I was 10
He’s quirky
So funny
Just nice to be around And It is really hard to pin point exactly why I like him. I just do

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Tarot Reading… Where should I go?
I did my own tarot reading, I want to know where is my next destination, I picked three card for each place, here are the cards…

China/Taiwan/Japan – Magician, Pentacles ten, Pentacles four.
Los Angeles/Orange county – Emperor, Swords five, Cups nine.
Hawaii – Pentacles seven, Pentacles five, Swords queen.
Las Vegas – Cups Ace, Wands eight, Cups four.
Palm Springs – Cups ten, Wands Page, Swords six.
San Diego – Swords king, Cups seven, Wands seven.
Santa Barbara – Empress, Wands king, Devil.
Europe/Australia – Wheel of fortune X, Pentacles eight, Wands six.
New York/Florida – Pentacles nine, Cups six, Moon.

Can you tell me where is the first, second and third choices for me? What is the area I should avoid ?

Answer by Actualmente, Disfruto Siendo Lycantropica
China/Taiwan/Japan: Overall: The Tower suggests that the querent will have to let go of useless thought patterns. They may feel that their world is constantly being shaken up here and might have to be very resourceful.

Los Angeles/Orange County: Overall: The Moon suggests that the querent may be too idealistic here and must be wary of shady characters.There are likely to be many possibilities here for the querent to take advantage of. They may learn to be more disciplined with themselves and more discriminant about whom they associate.

Hawaii: Overall: The Hierophant suggests that this may be a place in which the querent becomes more spiritual or interested in such matters. The querent may meet a highly intellectual, critical woman here that can aid them in achieving financial security. But it is likely to take much patience and hard work to achieve success here, financially.

Las Vegas: Overall: The Death card suggests that this place may be the means of teaching the querent to let go of old, useless though or habit patterns that may have been holding them back. It encourages the querent to see their own truth.The querent may find this to be a dreamy place, that plays upon their ideals and fantasies. It may take a lot of energy to get things done.

Palm Springs: Overall: The Star card suggests that this may be a place in which the querent feels more inspired and hopeful. This place is likely to provide the querent with new learning experiences and many opportunities.

San Diego: Overall: The Justice card suggests that the querent may learn to be more responsible here. They may have difficulty adjusting here. A highly critical man may be encountered here, that aids the querent in being more discriminant. Many possibilities abound, yet the native may feel at odds.

Santa Barbara: Overall: The Sun card suggest that the querent will enjoy themselves immensely here. They may feel that there is nothing that can dampen their enthusiasm. There is likely to be excessive indulgence in the passions and leisurely activities or casual relations. The imagination is likely to be potent as well as possibilities for many sexual encounters.

Europe/Australia: Overall: The Lovers suggests that these places may be very fulfilling. The querent is likely to feel balanced and at ease here, as well as become more self-reliant. These places may herald great happiness for the querent. They may feel that they an really achieve whatever they want, but must work hard for it.

New York/Florida: Overall: The Lovers suggest that the querent again will learn how to become more self-reliant here. They may feel separated from loved ones, but may learn many lessons here. It may take lots of hard work to attain stability financially, but also many opportunities abound. The Moon warns against being to idealistic and getting involved with shady people.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Would you read my book?

Hi, I am 15 and I have been working on a book for a few months now. I have recieved postive reviews from my family, but I would like to hear some un-biased opinions. I just want to know if by reading this one part you would be interested in reading the rest of the book. Thanks for your time to those who read and respond! I apologize for the length in advance! (Please keep in mind that it is rough! And please don’t take any part of it and claim it as your own.)

Andy climbed into bed beside me. We laid there, both wide awake, silently begging for the other to break the silence. I exhaled loudly, I was getting restless, and I wanted him to get it over with. It was selfish, but all I wanted was to replace my pain with a different feeling, anything. Andy propped himself up on his elbow, and he whispered quietly.
” Lauren, you awake?” I rolled over to face him. He was closer than I thought; we both repositioned ourselves to make the space between us bigger.
” Lauren, there’s something I need to tell you.” I could see his confession plain on his face.
” Okay” I breathed.
” Lauren, Kelly and I didn’t break up for the reason you think.” I nodded, and my reaction took him off guard.
” What? You know? How, I mean…” He trailed off shaking his head, not knowing what to say or how to feel.
” I’m sorry, I heard you two fighting. I didn’t know what to do. I figured you would bring it up eventually.”
” You’ve known this whole time? I have been going crazy Lauren!” He took a deep breath, composed himself and looked me in the eyes before he spoke.
” I love you, I always have.” I felt a lump rise in my throat. I couldn’t speak and the tears started to spill over. Andy pulled me into his chest and rested his cheek on my head. My tears were not ones of relief, or even ones of joy. The tears that came from my eyes now were ones of anger and sadness. I wasn’t in love with him. The only thing I could feel was pain, mine and his. I was going to break his heart. He was so much braver than I was, he didn’t know how this would turn out but he did it anyways. Now everything was different.
” Lauren, say something please.” He begged. I heard the panic and uncertainty in his voice and my sobs grew louder.
” I’m sorry.” Those two words said it all.
” You’re sorry? Lauren, I don’t understand…” He was genuinely confused. I wish he would have gotten the meaning behind my apology. I had to explain it now, I didn’t know if I could inflict that kind of pain on him. I pulled away from him and I prepared myself.
” Andy, I-” I didn’t get a chance to start. His lips were on mine then and I couldn’t help but long for another set of lips. I kissed him back, in an attempt to unlock my feelings. I only saw one face in my mind, and it was different than the one in front of me. I felt so many things at once; pain, regret, anger, guilt. All of them were negative and I had to stop this now. I was letting it go too far, and each second made the truth grow more and more malicious. I put my hands on either side of his chest and I pushed him away from me. I saw the pain and confusion on his face and the shattering of my heart was almost audible.
“Andy, I’m sorry… I don’t love you.” I barely managed to say the last four words out loud. My voice was thick and my vision was clouded with tears. I was thankful that I didn’t have to see his expression.
“Not at all?” His voice was no more than a whisper.
“Of course, Andy your my best friend.” I managed to choke out.
“You know that’s not what I mean.” He sounded irritated.
“No, I’m not in love with you.” I buried my face in a pillow.
“Then what was that? Why didn’t you say anything! I have been going insane with anxiety for the past two days Lauren! You knew, and you didn’t say anything.” He was angry now. Angry with me and I deserved it.
“Andy. If you think for two seconds that I haven’t been going crazy for the past two days too, then you really are insane. I was in love with you, Andy I was. I have been trying to feel the same way again, but I can’t.” My voice broke and I didn’t bother continuing. I felt the searing acidic pain in the pit of my stomach.
“You’re not over him are you?” I didn’t answer his question. He took my silence as a confirmation.
“He left Lauren! He obviously cared more about bettering his career than he did about you.” What he said was probably true, but it didn’t matter. I laid there in silence, and I let the acid burn me from the inside out. Andy put his hand on my hair, in an attempt to soothe me.
“I am here Lauren, and I will never leave you. It can be like it was before, all you have to do is let go.” He knew me better than anyone. Everything he said was the truth, but it still didn’t change anything and I hated myself for it. I sat up and faced him.
“It can’t be like before Andy. I want it to be so badly, but it can’t. When you love someone as much as I love him, it isn’t easy to forget.”
“You haven’t even tried. How can you know that it isn’t easy?” I
Sorry for the cut-off! I posted the rest below 🙂

Answer by jenny
its good, but a little confusing.

Answer by Meghan .
Sorry here’s the rest!

shook my head as he spoke. “It sounds to me like you don’t want to try Lauren.” He voice was voice was pleading at first, but it became serious.
“I don’t think I can try.” I let my face drop and he took it between his hands, ignoring my struggles when I tried to protest.
“I love you. I am offering you everything I have, but I can’t give it to someone who doesn’t want it.” He was serious as he spoke. I looked into his eyes and I saw nothing but sincerity and pleading in them.
“Don’t waste it on me; I don’t deserve it, any of it. I am altered Andy, I won’t ever be able to accept it.” He let his hands drop, pain replacing any trace of hope in his features. He got up off the bed then, and he went to his closet. I was frozen. I had just ripped his heart out and stomped all over it. I heard the snapping of coat hangers, and I knew that I ruined everything. He exited his closet and started for his bedroom door. He had a duffel bag slung over his left shoulder.
“Where are you going? Please don’t leave.” I said pleadingly. He turned to face me, his pain contorted into bitterness.
“I’m leaving; I’ll stay at Matt’s for tonight. I’ll be back for the rest in the morning.” He started walking again; I caught up to him at the front door. I put my hand on his right arm, a futile attempt to prevent him from leaving. He shrugged it off, and I slumped to the floor. He didn’t look back at me when he spoke.
“Don’t make this harder than it already is. It’s going to be hard, but I will eventually let go, I’ll do that much for you.” He shut the door behind him and he was gone.
I couldn’t breathe. I was sobbing so violently that it was preventing me from breathing. What did I do? I couldn’t get his words to stop repeating in my head.
I’ll do that much for you.
I’ll do that much for you.
I’ll do that much for you.
Each syllable stung me as it pounded against the confines of my memory. His words roughly translated into the fact that he cared about me a million times more than I did him. I felt myself admit that it was the truth; it was a sick and callous truth. I wanted to move, but I couldn’t. My body didn’t belong to me anymore. I didn’t know who that person was. I would never hurt Andy like that, yet I just had. I tried to seek comfort in the fact that he knew the truth, and there was no more pretending. I couldn’t allow myself to feel relief; I deserved every throb and stab of pain that hit me now.
I didn’t know how I had been curled up on the floor for. It didn’t seem like a long time, until the sun began to rise and fill the empty apartment with light. I didn’t want to acknowledge that another day was starting. I crawled along the floor, on my hands and knees. I didn’t stop until I got to the doorway of Andy’s closet. I shut the closet door behind me and I let the darkness swallow me. I felt the broken wood hangers under my hands and through my flannel pants. I felt a sharp splinter slice through the skin of my palm. I didn’t wince, I sighed, relieved. This injury proved that I was still human, no matter how monstrous my actions had been. I pressed my gashed palm against my knee, allowing the fabric to absorb the blood. I nestled myself in the far left corner of the closet. I rested my head against the cool wall. I closed my eyes, eliminating the small line of light that snuck under the door.
I was fairly sure I was dreaming, but I had become so numb, I wasn’t sure if I could distinguish between dreams and reality. The pounding on the door, did not fade, it seemed to get louder with each beat. It was too real to be part of a dream. I wasn’t going to move, the person on the outside of the door would get the hint eventually. The pounding stopped abruptly, and I heard the door separate from the frame. My pulse accelerated, I felt fear rock through me. I stayed very quiet, hoping that this person was someone familiar.
“Lauren? Andy? Is someone here?” I heard the nervous calling of Sarah. Relief washed over me, only to be quickly replaced with the pain I felt when I heard his name. I was hoping that Sarah would assume that we had forgotten to lock the door and leave. I knew she would probably just sit around until one of us got home. The pain increased then, this was only my home now. I let out a sob, a subconscious effort to be found. Once the first one was out the others followed. I was sobbing uncontrollably while I sat in the dark confines of Andy’s closet. I hugged my knees to my chest, attempting to make myself as small as possible. I wished more than anything that I could will myself to disappear entirely. I wouldn’t have to face Sarah or anyone else if I disappeared. I was still sobbing and I knew I only had seconds until Sarah found me. I was sobbing now because I would have to explain what happened to her. Surely she would want an explanation when she found me, sobbing and bleeding, secluded in the back of a dark closet. My bleeding was not limited to the blood that

Answer by Ronny R
Yes I would.


I am a Medium investigator for a psychic team called Spooks. (NOT THE TV SHOW)
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I was a Pagan high priestess and used to be the teacher of my coven.
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