Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : why does my left nut hurt?

im 15 and all of a sudden today my left nut has been hurting I’ve read online just now saying that it could be an infection or maybe because its growing and getting bigger can anybody tell me why its hurting.

Answer by Samantha
A docotor will know. Visit one.

Answer by Douglas B
The nerves for your testicles go to the back of your body where they enter the spine to go to the head. If you have tight back muscles they can press onto the nerves going to the testicles to cause pains in them. To get rid of the pain you have to free up your back muscles to release the pressure on the nerves and here’s how to free them up:
(do while sitting)
Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm in the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I compete when my ex is talking to somone online?

Ok this sounds dumb but I still love my ex but now she is talking to a guy that she never met before online and its driving me crazy. Me and my ex have been together for 5 years and we have a 3 year old together… so you can say that we have history. Now me and her have made up and broken up many times and this time around she said that she is done. She told me that she still loves me (Pulse her sister mother told me the same) but she said that she doesn’t want to be with me because she is tired of the make up and break ups. Now what gets me is that she is talking to this dude that she HAS NEVER EVER EVER EVER MET BEFORE IN HER LIFE ONLINE. We live in West Palm Beach Florida and the Guy lives in Australia and the only way that they communitcate is via text and sometimes he calls her when Im at her house. Now I have been reading about love and what makes people fall in love… and in reading it said that love involves interpersonal connections and attachments… basically face to face connections to establish memories and get to know the person. So I was reading up on this topic because Im competing with someone from online, and I was readying that many people fall in love with the idea of the perfect person that the online peson portays. But isn’t that a false love… because you would only be falling in love with your own imagination becasue you would be filling in the blanks on who that person is. Like I know my ex like a book… I know what makes her happy and what turnes her off. I physically have experienced her good and bad… but this person online is only showing her one side of who he is. So how could you really like or even love someone when you don’t know them on an interpersonal level? You need to establish chemistry and you can’t do that on the phone… you can establish what you want to because you would be filling in the blanks. For instance these sex hotlines and online sex live chats its the same thing… you are trying to connect with an idea of who that person is rather then connecting on a personal level with that person. So how can I compete with this online lover… when she is filling in the blanks of who he his and by her filling in the blanks she is making up this perfect person when she doesn’t even know him. We have a family together and I want my family back. How can I compete with her imagination?

Answer by Serenity
You can’t. You can only work on your own flaws that drove her away.

Answer by Adriana Ramirez
i wish you luck

Answer by LADY
You need to get a grip on yourself and in short order. Cant say as i blame her, irregardless of who’s fault it was, it does not sound as though you two are compatible, not to mention that you barely mentioned the most important aspect of your life right now; your child. THAT is and will remain the most important thing in your life. If your relationship with your [girlfriend…x wife?] was that dysfunctional, why on earth would you want to bring it all back and expose your child to it? another ‘issue’ that you seem to be having is that you are taking her current social situation and completely distorting it. OK, you know everything there possibly is to know about your x…still there was failure to expound on that in your relationship and make it work. Texting someone and talking to them on the phone does not = ‘false love’. You did not mention weather or not she tells him the words ‘I love you’ when they speak [and, I say that to a lot of people that I don’t actually love in the sense that i love my husband]. Bottom line, you cannot ‘compete, as that is not what true love is all about. That ship has sailed, and right now, i think it best that you focus on your child and learning to co-parent with her. Any relationship that she chooses to have is none of your business, and if you keep your nose out of it, you will be able to move forward with your life in a much more productive way. Be well.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does olive oil really make hair grow faster?

I read online to microwave some olive oil and put in your hair roots to tip. It said to stay upside down for 4 minutes and leave it in for 2 hours. I feel like this wouldn’t work because you can’t speed up hair growth, right?

Answer by shane
I’m not to sure how true this is. First thing that I thought of is that I’m not to sure if its best to be upside down for 4 minutes. Also I know that olive oil does help moisten and condition your hair

Answer by Lavender-Grey
You can’t speed hair growth, the growth of your hair is dependent on the individual and their hormones, things like olive oil and any product that claims to make your hair grow faster won’t do anything you change your hormones, it will simply just make your hair look healthier.

But you need to be careful for olive oil, people with thinner hair (those from a Caucasian background) may find that their hair will fall out or become weaker if too much olive oil is put on the hair. People from an Indian, Oriental or African background has hair that can manage lots of olive oil without their hair from falling out.

Instead of olive oil, there is something called argon oil which is especially suited for hair of all types and it doesn’t have to be heated. You just simply rub it through your hair before styling everyday and leave it in. It makes your hair healthier and gives it a lovely shine.

Answer by Angel
olive oil helps ur hair with a lot of things the thing is its not going to make your hair grow faster but it is going to make it look longer (shiny and soft)

Answer by Mia Mia
It does help hair grow faster.It helps speed the growth because when olive oil seeps into the scalp, it absorbs the nutrition that make healthier hair.Lets say your hair grows half an inch a month.By a year your hair ould be six inches longer, right.But olive oil helps the hair grow a tad bit every month if you app,y it the right way.Those few cm that grew because of the olive oil, add up over time.Meaning your hair might be seven inches longer than a year without olive oild ( six inches) long. My mom noticed my hair is longer and I’ve been applying olive oil.

Answer by Lila
lol. Upside down? Huh? 🙂

Hair and nails are both “dead” cells.

Your hair and nails grow approximately 1/4 inch per month, faster in the summer, slower in colder weather.
Your hormones will also speed or slow the process.
Usually during ovulation, your hair/nails will grow a bit faster.

I think using olive oil will definitely help moisturize your hair and might help with limiting breakage.
But staying upside down won’t help you any. *chuckling* ; )

Answer by Aly
So your having hair trouble? First of all, I would guess that about 60% of what your hair is like is just flat out genetics and theres not a ton you can do to change that, but the other 40% is how you take care of your hair and the products that you are using and thats the part I’m going to talk about.
So, first of all: Some just general, basic hair care tips:

#1 – Drink Lots of water

#2 – Eat Fruits & Vegetables (Because what your putting in your body is whats growing out, helping that hair grow out healthy & strong)

#3 – Take a good multi-vitamin (Its what makes hair healthy and shiny)

#4 – Regular hair trims (Even if your trying to grow your hair out, make sure that you are still doing regular trims just to keep your ends from splitting and getting brittle & dry and dying)

#5 – Don’t Overwash Hair (every time you wash your hair your stripping all natural oils off of your hair and then your body ‘”thinks” your hair is dry do it builds back up that oil so your hair gets more and more oily. So if you wash it every day your hair is just getting really oily) Its VERY important that you wash your hair every 3 or 4 days just depending on your hair type. That way your hair is staying nice and refreshed. People always ask how I go 3 or 4 days without washing; its just because my hair is used to it. When you first start doing this your hair is going to be oily and you’ll probably hate me but after a month you’ll love me because then your hair is gonna look great!

#5 – Don’t use too much heat {use a good heat protectant when you do…} I recommend the Got 2b heat protectant. No heat is better though.

Now, to move onto my personal beauty regiment:

Shampoo = I dont believe expensive products are necessary to your hair. I tend to switch and swap and buy whatever I can find on sale. Right now, Im really enjoying the Suave Professionals Anti Dandruff. Even if you don’t have dandruff it hydrates your scalp and I really like the foaminess. It smells good as well.

If you are a person who has tried all your generic store bought products and hates all of them I suggest something like BedHead. Its like a professional hair care line and I do like their shampoos and conditioners.

If your somebody who likes more of your organic products that has less of alcohols and stuff in them I do like the Organics stuff. I like the Tea Tree mint one in particular. It smells so good. My other sisters use it and its fantastic.

Any of those three you can mix it up and try to find what works with your hair
I’m less picky about my shampoo and conditioner and more picky about the products I do other than them. One of them would be my coconut oil. Make sure when your buying coconut oil, you buy pure, raw coconut oil. Thats the best stuff. You can buy this in most local grocery stores by the cooking oils. It comes in a hard, gooey paste. What I do is put it in between my palms and rub it around. It will start to melt from the heat of your body. Then I run it through my hair. I do this in my shower when my hair has been steamed by the hot water and the cuticles are nice and open. I let this sit on my hair for about 20 minutes then I just wash it off as I would normally wash my hair. Sometimes you might have to wash it twice to get some of the residue off the tops of your hair. But this is going to soak down into those cuticles and really moisturize your hair. Great, great product for ANY type of hair. On my hair I do this maybe once every two months, not very often. Just once in a while when i I need a deep, deep condition.

My next favorite product is probably my oils. I use two; pequi oil and argon oil. You might be familiar with argon oil, its usually called Moroccan oil. Its made from the nut of a tree in Morocco and the pequi oil is made from the nut of a tree in Brazil. They are very similar, they are made chemically very similar to each other. The argon oil is a little lighter. I think the pequi oil is great for dry, oily, frizzy, really thick hair and the argon oil is good for your thinner, straighter hair.
I love them both, I use them both. I put it on my hair after I am out of the shower immediately so my hair is still wet. Ill put one drop in between my palms, rub it then massage it into the nape of my neck down cause its an oil and you dont want it up in your roots. It keeps my ends healthy, and reduces fry from my heat. Just so you know, I believe these oils run from maybe 20-30$ a piece but they last forever. Ive had a bottle for maybe 6 months and its about an eighth gone cause i use so little of it.
When my hair is still wet, I put in a mousse (some people put in root boost). This is just to help the roots of my hair (when im blowdrying it) fluff up and be nice. I really like the Suave volumizing mousse. My sister really likes the Tre Semme volumizing mousse as well. So take your pick. The Tre Semme has kind of a natural heat protectant in it which is kind of nice because then when your blow drying its also protecting your hair. I love both of these. Just take a little in your palms and run it through the roots of your hair then blow dry it like you normally would. That just helps get fullness on top. Then I will just style my hair like i normally would and when im done styling I like to sometimes take a drop of my oil again and apply it the same way just to protect my hair again.

I LOVE my dry shampoo.The saving product for when your going 2 or 3 days without washing your hair is Suave dry shampoo. You just take it {it spritzes like a really super fine baby powder in your hair. It absorbs any oil in your roots, so it helps your hair stay really refreshed and rejuvenated so you can go those two or three days without washing your hair.

Whew, This is all the stuff I use and how I use it so I hope this info is helpful to you. If this is worthy of a “Best Answer” you can always link me to another one of your beauty questions and ill respond as soon as I can.

Good luck!

Answer by Chloe
Biotin pills seems to work for lots of people and oil treatments are good but I wouldn’t use olive oil because it’s too heavy for hair and it takes ages to wash out. Use argan oil instead, its lighter and it actually has more benefits than olive oil anyway. I used one called Pro Natural’s argan oil and you don’t even have to leave it in as a mask for hours, you just put some on your hair after a shower and thats it, it wont make your hair greasy or smelly. I got it online, they have argan oil shampoo and hair masks if you want. Also eat lots of protein and massage your scalp every night to stimulate growth. Keep getting small trims every few months too.


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