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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why is the horoscopes section classified in the “Entertainment & Music” category?

Isn’t it accepted as something more than entertainment? I mean something like let’s say, real? Some people say part of it, it’s real and some other things are not, but I’d love to know what ya’ll think about this? Pls let me know your views on this. Thanx in advance folks!

Answer by Duey
Its not a science…And it shouldn’t be looked at in that way.

Answer by sidney so special!!!
idk thats just where it ended up because its kinda entertaining 2 read about the signs and stuff….

Answer by hi
Yeah, I know. I think it should be taken more seriously and everyone would be better off. Horoscopes aren’t entertainment like video games and the P&S section, they’re about life.

Answer by Sandora
Have you seen some of the questions .

Answer by PC Pumper
There are 2 sides to a lot of things – the general mass of the public is given a watered down version of astrology based on sun signs which does not work but they don’t seem to want to delve any deeper into individual birth charts which do. It is entertainment to most of these people.
I think there should be 2 astrology sections – one for those who understand birth charts, synastry, composite charts, transits, progressions etc which should be in alternative science section and one for those who just understand sun signs which should remain in entertainment

Answer by Isabelle (back up account)
It has been discussed before ad nauseum. Petitions and all to yahoo and move it to have its own section. At the time it did sound OK but now…

I believe it should remain there now since it has turned into a total farce anyway.

Answer by ChainLightning ⅜
No evidence for any kind of astrology and it’s strictly belief oriented. I do agree is should be a section with all the rest of the pseudo science and magical thinking. Many questions here are off topic, having to do with palm reading and tarot cards. But few seem to mind. But if you look at the questions, most are about compatibility, asked by teens. Few are serious and none get serious. Every answer is based on point of view speculation, not evidence.

Until astrology’s claims succeed to do better than chance or other alternatives, it is not a science.

Answer by The Ancient Mariner
That’s because it’s exactly that. Horoscope have never been believed to be real and if some people believe that they are then they have very little information to support their claims. In fact there is no real way to prove that astrology is a science. There is no test that you can possibly run that will prove that its a science.

Birth charts have not been to be scientific either. They’re just as vague as the sun signs, they are made to look as if they go into more depth, but there is really no way to prove that they are scientific.

Nevertheless, I am not saying that all of astrology is completely empty. In fact I believe that there are a few good insights that can help people in their lives, but that doesn’t mean that anyone should believe that a horoscope can accurately predict your future or that it will help you find a better life partner, but it might have some interesting insights about what relationships can work best, which doesn’t mean that you should stop seeing someone just because they aren’t “compatible” with you.

Answer by Sea Goat
Tell you the truth, it’s pretty darn funny in here sometimes.

Answer by David Firepig
I really don’t understand why 🙁

Answer by FranKie Loves Drums
Yo. I don’t mind cuz I find it entertaining and I love music. Best of both world. Its more entertaining because the serious questions are rare and users make this section a quessing game like ‘what’s my sign, what color should I dye my dog and other questions that limits this section to entertainment. Add a little background music and you are set LOL.

Answer by Quid Carol faciet?
No, people do not believe it is real. That’s why it’s so powerful. They could put us in Jokes & Riddles, for all I care…wish they would.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why is it such a problem when white men say that they like or love white women?

I recently had a report to do in school about where I see my self in the future personally and career wise, this report was also to be present in front of class. In my report I talked a lot about how I want to marry, have children, and basically live the white picket fence/dream marriage to a white women. I also talked about how I thought white women are most beautiful, caring, sweet, hardworking, intelligent, and motherly women in the world. After my teacher(I won’t mention her race) read my report she took me aside and told me I could not mention the part about wanting to marry and liking white women because its inappropriate. Keep in mind some of the kids doing reports talked about wanting to grow up and be pimps, hustlers, rappers, pornstars, and one kid who was gay got to say he would hopefully be able to marry his boyfriend in the future. But for some reason a white male saying that he wants to be with a white women is deemed inappropriate. I mean I see lots of Latin guys in school and even in the media talking about how much they love Latin women, but it seems like it sort of an unwritten rule that if your a white guy you can never specify that you love white women. Why is that? If I praise white women it doesn’t mean I hate non-white women, I just can’t see myself every marrying or growing old with anything but a white women. I just look around my town and see so many happy and loving white couples and families that I want something similar.

Answer by goldensparkler61
I would not take offense to such a statement and I think it is a disgrace in the USA that you cannot have free speech in this area. We all have our preferences and you should be able to express them.

Answer by samee
it’s racist

Answer by coconutmonkeybank
That sucks, man. School will be over before you know it. Just keep being yourself.

Answer by carly
Because of your teacher’s own insecurities about Anglos, and her low self esteem, you should ignore what your teacher said. To want to wed and be in love with a person of your own race , religion, and morals is something another person has no right to question. Your teacher pulled the race card…. you answered honestly, and from what I can infer, quite eloquently as well. That other races take offense with that presentation shows lack of understanding and perhaps even jealousy.

Answer by lovezel05
This seems racist. Does it matter what color the woman is as long as you truly love her. In my eyes your report was basically sayin that you could love a black or Latino woman but you wouldn’t marry and spend your life with her because she isn’t your typical “white woman” You make it sound as white woman are a certain way because of there color. i have met plenty of African American women who “act” like your white next door neighbor. It seems as your stereotyping white women to be and act a certain way.WHY CANT YOU SEE YOURSELF MARRYING OR GROWING OLD WITH ANYTHING BUT A WHITE WOMAN??? is it because white women act a certain way in your opinion??? everyone’s personality is different and the color of there skin doesn’t could very well meet a Latin woman who talks,walks,and lives her life like what you would call your “dream white woman”. so give every race a chance. The big deal is that your report was totally racist! and i agree with your teacher it was totally inappropriate . why couldn’t you just say i see myself marrying a woman. you didn’t have to say a WHITE WOMAN. i do understand that everyone has there on outlook on things but this time i think you are totally wrong. sorry if it offends you.

Answer by sweetness
You poor thing, you should talk with your principle. It’s not right for your teacher to tell you it’s inappropriate to say what kind of female you want to marry….unless you said she had to have big boobs or something lol.
Like you said i’ve heard Latin guys say they love their Latina women, and Black men who love their sisters and so on.
Don’t be intimidated to say what you feel, you’re not hurting anyone with your statement just stating your prefrence. What next you can’t say you want to marry a woman with blue eyes knowing that the only women (mostly) with blue eyes are white women. Wow i’m babbling now so just stand up for yourself is all good luck 🙂

Answer by solisue
Why would this be a problem?

Answer by obscure
Anyone who targets a specific race with a specific ideal about them without knowing them is racist.

Answer by Bonzai Betty
Well next time try naming a particular ethnicity that way the teacher will not be able to say anything. For instance you could say “German, Irish, Norwegian,” etc. You are not wrong in what you said at all, but you have to realize the hypocritical society we live in, and protect yourself from retards who would deny you a right to the same freedoms they enjoy.

Answer by levade0
Well, it’s the same thing when you make a joke. Blacks, hispanic, asian, indian, etc. are abosolutely off limits. You must not mention them in a joke unless you want to branded racist and spat upon. But jokes about Irish, English, French, Newfie, Scots, etc. are absolutely loved and accepted by all. I can’t see the difference.

I chalk it up to this – some people are more equal than others in our two-faced, double standard society.

Answer by schamm45
It’s the same reason black and mexicans can go on and on about how proud they are of their heritage, but if a European is proud of his heritage he is suddenly a racist. Welcome to PC america.

Answer by Mr. Curious
Some people are perennial palm wringers and live their lives in fear of offending someone. There is nothing on earth with preferring one race over another. I am white and I NEVER found women of any other race physically appealing to me at all. So what? I don’t care if Asian men don’t find white women attractive. Why would I? It makes NO DIFFERENCE who black men find attractive. I could not care any less what black men think about women. If Hispanic men find black or Asian or Native American women alluring–good for them. I don’t. Just blow off that teacher and be yourself. Don’t succumb to the political correctness virus that is plaguing the nation.

Answer by Victoria R
White Supremecy was NEVER ERADICATED so it’s no wonder why you would assume your narrowminded view isn’t racist.

Answer by wendy g
I get where you’re coming from…and I know your intentions were honorable. The problem is that your statements can be easily misconstrued. It sounds a little too much like “white supremacy”…do you know what I mean? It’s idealizing the “white American dream” and white women. Now, it would have been a real problem if you had said “…in an all-white America,” but you didn’t (and don’t believe in it, I don’t think), so there really shouldn’t be a problem. But your teacher had to make a judgment call. She may not have even been personally offended (who knows?) but she was worried others would be, and all it would take for your teacher to be fired, and for you to get suspended, would be some kid misconstruing what you said (which, considering the content, could be easy to do), and getting upset and telling his parents that the teacher let some “white supremacist” talk to the class about the “superiority” of white women.Teachers always have to consider things like this, and try to create an environment where a lot of different groups feel “safe” and not stigmatized. In other words, ultra “PC”, and in our litigious society, schools are highly motivated to make sure teachers understand this. I know it seems unfair, but try to see it from another perspective.

Answer by ariadne_oliver
I have to say that everyone who has preceded me in answering this question has made very good and valid points. Reverse descrimination is a very real thing, too. I would only add that, in my perspective, there is a definite reason for this “PC to be against whites”. It is because white people still make up the majority of the population in the USA and are still considered the most successful race here, so we are subject to the most resentment. When that changes, which may be soon considering the statistics concerning the rate at which the spanish-speaking population is reproducing, we may be treated differently, because we will be viewed as less of a threat. “The underdog is always right” seems to be the motto of PC America.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what are the suggested books and materials for undergraduates “medicine”?

I’d like to know the famous trusted suggested material for different subjects in anatomy , physiology , patho , anat , opthalmo , bio , ect ?

Answer by MathJakko
try google books
for pathology:

by Arthur S. Schneider, Philip A. Szanto, Sandra I. Kim, Todd A. Swanson – Medical – 2006 – 448 pages


Answer by Gata de Barrio
Some books I personally used:

Anatomy – Moore. This was the official book I was suggested to buy and got it and I personally don’t like the book that much. The book covers blood vessels and neuroanatomy poorly (otherwise for stuff like bones it’s okay). Get the Netter instead, great book. For the text block of anatomy books, I love the Rousoviere or however you call the book, it has a french name. I’m thinking of buying it for myself someday because I loved that book so much.

Histology: I have the Genesser but the Gardner is another good book. Tedious BTW, but histology is supposed to be like that.

Physiology: You’ll hear the Guyton soon enough. It’s a pretty good book. I never bought it (70 dollars minimum per book kind of piles up after a while), but I did rent the book a lot in the library. I feel that the content of the Guyton can be obtained in other books if you’re like me and prefer to buy specialty books (Neurology, etc..).

Pathology: I have the Robbins in english (probably my only non spanish med book). Very good stuff, I have tons of lovely memories reading over 1000 pages of that book for exams in less than 7 hours. I feel like an idiot I packed it in a box without knowing we weren’t moving yet. Definitely a book to have accessible. You’ll never know when someone asks you to tell them all of the types of blood cancer or ovarian cancer.

Pharmacology: I bought the Goodman. T-E-D-I-O-U-S and expensive book(s). Sadly there isn’t a lot of better options of spanish pharmacology books. I only use the book on occasion. In real clinical practice, people use Vademecums in book form or palm form anyways.

Surgery: I didn’t buy it, but the Schwartz is a famous book. When I took the course, they had an old version of the book I heavily disliked and didn’t buy because I simply didn’t like the book (100 dollars isn’t exactly cheap for a book you don’t like). I survived through the course and since I don’t want to become a surgeon, I doubt I’ll buy the new edition anytime soon (the new edition in spanish is pretty good, it even includes selected topics about endocrinology).

Ophtalmology: My course is using a mexican book which isn’t available in english. Not a bad book, but 40 dollars for a 250 page book with just a handful of images is a pain for me. I’m considering not to buy it, it’s a good book and the course really uses it, but I have too many other expenses (I just bought a Danforth yesterday for 80 bucks). You’ll soon learn that ophtalmology books are famous for being insanely expensive.

Biochemistry, hrm.. I bought a book that seeme pretty good and never used it. Biochemistry isn’t heavily taught in mexican universities, they focus on clinical medicine so I can’t reccomend any good books.

Microbiology: I used mexican books that specialized in parasitic diseases that are endemic here that aren’t available in english.

The best input you’ll ever get is the input from people from your faculty that are ahead of you. If you’re lucky, someone might even want to sell you one of their old books they don’t need anymore for real cheap.

Don’t fuss over the specialty books yet, you’ll only be seeing ophtalmology just a few months before you become an intern (currently my case).

Answer by N
Gray’s anatomy, Netter’s atlas for anatomy, Harrison’s for medicine. Go to Barnes and Noble and search medical texts.

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