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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why is there a star in my palm?

Anyone good palm readers out there, I don’t have a fate line. I seriously have a star formed. It’s a pretty big star also. Someone told me they mean great success. Is that true? If you know anything let me know! I also have a ton of little wavy lines all over my hand. Is that anything significant? And no, it’s not because I’m “old”. I’m only 16!
The star is between my life line and middle line.

Answer by tom my
You’re the Chosen One!!

Answer by pocahontas
i guess you’re lucky..(,”)

Answer by Alex
my mother used to read palms, she says it’s a sign of good luck, especially in regards to economic prosperity. I don’t believe a word of it, but take it as you will.

Answer by bucit
The “star” you mentioned on your palm is referred to as a “minor marking”. It symbolizes one of 3 basic things:
1… a temporary problem.
2… an important voyage (over water) or the fact that you are a person that does not become sea-sick.
3… the potential for winning (lottery, raffle, or inheritance).

Since you stated that it is located inside (or to the left) of your Life Line, which is around LUNA, it most likely indicates #2 as I described. I would have to see the “other” wavy lines to assess and “read” everything as currently shown.

Keep in mind, the lines on a person’s hands change in time.

Respectfully, the other responses you were given about “luck” , etc is not accurate. I would highly encourage you to seek out a respected and reputable expert in Palmistry.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should Harold Camping have consulted a psychic first?

I read that the offices of Family Radio are right next door to a palm reader.
Should Harold have gotten a second opinion concerning the Rapture?

Answer by Joe Bloe
Not him but his followers are retarded.

Answer by e w
No, but perhaps a psychiatrist and some medication would be good for him.

Answer by Thor is a loving God Too.
He should have consulted a psychiatrist.

Answer by Marika H

He should have seen a shrink the first time “god” spoke to him. There are medications for that.

Answer by MzDemc
He is a delusional false prophet. A true Christian would never consult a psychic on any matter.

Answer by ­­­­
I feel awfully silly. A little part of me believed it and then a boiler rumbled and my heart sank for a moment until I realised what it was.

Answer by Raji the Green Witch
Maybe a Psychiatrist would have been more in order for Mr Camping. Then again, I rather doubt that he would have had the wisdom to utilize such a resource. Pity, a damn shame, too.

Brightest Blessings,
Raji the Green Witch

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License to kill (1989) – A visit from Uncle Q

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