Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Will I ever find love? Fortune teller said I was doomed?

About 4 years ago I was teaching English to some students and we were in a pub and one of them grabbed my palm and started to read it. It is turning out to be the biggest regret of my life. He said “Every night when you go to bed something’s missing. You have love for children etc but no romantic love. You will have a very hard life.” I was absolutely guttedbut more so now. I hate all that crap and I am not generally a spiritual person but I’ve been thinking about it this last year…My last relationship was 5 years ago (I’m 24) I meet a lot of people I have dated a lot of people for a couple of months at a time but I can’t explain it – it all seems to go fine and then something snaps in me and I don’t want it anymore. Or vice versa. I am an attractive healthy girl and I have a lot of friends and a good job, but I do suffer from depression and every night I am going to bed thinking will I ever meet anyone? I went to another fortune teller in NYC hoping she’d tell me different – I know it’s a dumb thing but I just couldn’t resist. She told me my aura or something was fucked and I will be doomed to never meet anyone again.
Anyway, this week my fears are even worse, I met up with my first love from 7 years ago and we got together (he kissed me, said we should try again). It was a good r’ship that only ended cos of uni and being young. I thought about it and said yes but then had that feeling again. And guess what, he’s turned round and said he has changed his mind. I feel like I am poisonous sometimes? I know my negativity isn’t doing any good. Have you ever had a bad fortune read to you? Can’t get it out of my head.
Thank you.

Answer by Nessie
Everyone finds love if they open themselves up to it! !

Answer by It’s Gaivalee!
U can’t always trust these kind of things. Sometimes they’re wrong sometimes they’re right…But if u wannt to prevent that u can! Just get out ther and look for somebody. They always say, there is always someone out there for everybody!

Answer by marilyn m
your only problem is listening to fortune tellers in the first place.

Answer by nerdy_vegan
There is no such thing as fortune telling. You are letting this person’s words affect your beliefs about yourself, and so in turn your actions and your life.

You can find love by finding a suitable partner, and making an effort to maintain a healthy relationship.

Self-help books on relationships may be helpful for you.

If you are depressed, then this is something you should seek help for. It’s not your fault, and it’s not always something we can control. Talk to a psychotherapist about it.

Answer by teranam92
Jeez, fortune tellers and Love. At least go to a reputable astrologer and he/she will tell when things will change for the better if there is some reason for delay.
Yes, you are born with a natal chart but it starts to change, morph and mutate from minute to minute. Nothing is forever and anyone who tries to tell you this is cursing you in a very subtle way. Those types are on power trips and by believing in them, you just give away your power to depression and despair. Even with a so called “bad” chart there is always free will. Hitler didn’t have to manifest his destiny the way he chose to do. Also, expect around the age of 30 for things to change for the better for you ( maybe you will attract some better friends for one)

Answer by NotreDame4ever
This occult thing is a pile of crap. You’ll find love one day. Everyone does. Don’t let the fortune control you.

Answer by pipster
You are in luck because “fortune tellers” are charlatans (to be fair, some are honestly fooled themselves by it). None have ever shown their ability to be any better than most good magicians.

Why would you believe anyone who only does what most magicians can, but don’t tell you they are entertainers?

Answer by Joan
What you have is a case of self-fulfilled prophecy. You were told that you will never have a successful relationship and when get close to someone, your negative thoughts guides you down the path the you have become comfortable with.

The person that told you that rubbish was trying to earn a few coin. He was doing it for money. But I would wager to guess he was good in sizing up his clients and he said enough things to make it appear he was genuine.

Anyone can play that game.

You control your own destiny. Don’t let other people control your future with insensitive vague remarks.

Answer by And you are?
If you believe that, then you are naive. No one can see into the future except God.

Answer by paparazzizoo
This is where I get very angry. I have been a psychic my whole life and worked as one for years. Professional psychics have a code of ethics and the rules are very clear. A real psychic would never tell you negative garbage beacause it is our job to lead you onto the right path so you can find happiness. As soon as any psychic mentions bad auras, curses, hexes, spells or anything like that ask for your money back they are unethical. You have allowed this to affect your life and your attitude is ‘I have no luck in love’ and so you don’t try. So this is what I pick up, the ex will come round again and there could be something, but he is not your soulmate. Well he is in a way, you have something to learn from him which you didnt the first time hence the universe brings him around again. Learn the lesson, you will know it when it happens and move on. The man that comes your way has dark blonde, mousy hair, he is cute and I feel studious like you but not a teacher. You have at least one son, with more to come. You will marry this man when you are around 30-32 and will meet him later on in your twenties. But not to worry there will be other offers for you, just whether you practice your free will or not to take them. I feel life lessons for you surround the self, self esteem and stop letting ppl push you around. You need to stand up for yourself and I feel a male figure older, is very bossy over you and you have tried to or have broken away from him. These next few years for you are about learning to do for you and NOT let others interfere with your decisions. You really need to allow yourself freedom in that way. I hope this helps.

Answer by H M
What stands out to me about your question is this: “I do suffer from depression”, this is probably a big part of the problem. Depression can influence every area of your life. As far as the fortune tellers go, Joan is on the right track. And even IF those people were “sensitive” they were probably picking up on again… your problems with depression. When you get it under control (therapy, meds, whatever works for you) then your outlook will change and more people will be attracted to you. Fix yourself first, then deal with outside relationships (or the lack thereof). Hang in there.

Answer by BLAH!
dont let it get to u cuz if u do u really could end up alone
do u think ur doomed?
u choose ur own destiny u kno
and u shud never look for love let it find you
just chill and move on with ur life i kno its easier said than done but just try it hang with friends have fun you kno!
then time will tell =] k

Answer by mojoman
This is just the subject about which my wife writes many articles (she is a palm reader).
She has just written an article which should give you some clarification on your concerns, the article is called “When to run from the palm reader” but also concerns psychics, fortune tellers, numerologists, tarots etc,

All the best

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Poll: Have you ever had your palm read?

If so what did the palm reader say?
Mine said I was gonna live till I was in my 80’s, I was gonna have 3-4 kids and I was gonna travel a lot because of my occupation. She also said I rush love and I need to choose my friends carefully.

Answer by ♥ mιss ναη dεr ωοοdsεη ♥

Answer by Nyu
Nope; I don’t like physical contact from a stranger.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I have only love my spouse because he is the father of my children. It is more like a brotherly love.?

What is wrong with me? I don’t miss him when we are apart. I don’t enjoy his company. I don’t hate this guts or wish him dead.
But he is boring and dull. (in all aspects!)He never wants to go anywhere. He sleeps and reads 24/7. He is a workaholic. He is tied to his 2 cell phones, palm pilot, television, blackberry, newspapers, etc…. at all times. (in restaurants, at home, while driving, etc…) His attention is always elsewhere. He has Always been this way. Now the kids are all grown but one and I can’t stand it. They kept me busy and happy. Now I am bored stiff. He is not up for suggestions and says we will have fun when the 3rd child moves out. We snap at each other all the time. He never makes eye contact with me. He says he loves me.? We have been married 22 yrs. We never were friends. We have coexisted and tolerated each other for the kids sake. We seperated for 2 yrs. and I didn’t miss him at all. Is this normal? Is this healthy? Any suggestions on what to do

Answer by pogstar
It’s complicated. You’re not alone. You might want to read this:,,1883935,00.html

Answer by Marty K
Try to work things out and be thankful for what you have.

Answer by l2wh
Due to the fact you two were never friends might be the problem. It is no kind of love at all, it sounds like a prison of your own making. You two should have never been together in the first place and now your kids are going to suffer for it.

Answer by Princess of Egypt
Obviously, it’s been like this all along. This is very common in arranged marriages. And when I say arranged, I don’t only mean when your family arranges your marriage, it also includes when you get married because it looks like the right thing to do at the time. I don’t think there is a chance that you fall in love with him after all those years. Stay with him and keep your brotherly love. You should keep yourself busy with something else now that your children are leaving. Why don’t you take up learning something you wanted to learn? Or work on a project? Life is full of many things you haven’t tried yet. I feel for you. Good luck!

Answer by Keebler
If you want to stay married then find yourself a hobby or friend to do things with. If you want out to see what is out there and you are missing then divorce him take only what you need not everything he owns unless you are a golddigger. Just remember you may find that what is out there is less than what you have.

Answer by 504Boy
Get a hobby, something that you like, bowling, gardening, tri sport racing. It seem that the spark has left, but you just have to know how to reheat that meal and add some sauce to it. First, while your engage with your new hobby, he will become nosy and ask why or you always there. Explain to him that he’s not making you want to stay home and play. (That a pride thing for us men) He will start trying to get your attention by doing things with you more and you will start seeing the man you first met. After all people who swore they love each other didn’t stay marry as long as you. If everything goes right, yall (that southern for you and all) should be back in the saddle and you would have gain a great hobby to go with it. Good Luck.

Answer by Butterfly
It is normal in the sense that many couples are living that way. Go to marriage couseling and they will advise you on how to get your spark back.

Answer by BluePassion
I know what you are going through. You have been busy raising the kids while he has been working and I’m sure he’s had some fun without you. You did what a lot of women do, lost yourself in your marriage and your family. It’s time to do for yourself. I was married 24 years. Separated from my husband 6 days after our 24th anniversary. We used to have lots of fun and we used to be good friends, unlike yours. But he started to do his thing on his own many years ago and I got stuck taking care of the house, the kids, etc. while he would come home, dinner was done, the hosue was clean, etc. And I worked outside the home too.

Well, I don’t miss him. Eventually he cheated on me which through me for a loop but now that he is gone, I don’t miss him. I am finding out who I am. I am enjoying who I am. I am not saying to give up on your marriage. You can try counseling if he is up for it, if not go for yourself. I am. And I don’t regret it. Although I have bills piling up, I still feel a sense of freedom that I’ve never felt before. Like I was let out of a cage. I know I am going to be alright and so will you.

Have a good talk with him and if you don’t get anywhere then have a good talk with yourself and decide what it is that will make you happy. I still have a son at home, 14. And he is just as happy as I am.

Answer by Kathi C
We’ve been married 36 yrs, only the last 10 have we finally fallen in love all over again. Marriage is always a work in progess, kids take their toll, finances, work everything is taxing, but when the road finally gets less stressful you realize you care for each other and life gets great. Hang in there!

Answer by Fortunato

Your situation is not uncommon. Like others have said, you managed to have the kids to occupy you while he’s been absent. Now that the kids are leaving, you realize what a predicament your marriage is in.

Did things start differently? Did you marry for convenience? Did you actually “love” him emotionally when you married? Or was he fun then? What exactly drew you to your husband in the first place? The answer to that will help guide you now.

You’re indifferent to him now because you’ve simply been roommates for 22 years. He hasn’t engaged his family emotionally, been personally involved with any of you; and instead of dealing with that and challenging him, you were willing to focus on the kids instead and become preoccupied with them. People do that sort of thing to avoid conflict and/or avoid being hurt, but now you do have a hard situation to deal with somehow.

It sounds like you are a person who needs human stimulation (i.e., constantly being involved with others). You need to decide if you are committed to making this marriage better, whether you are willing to view the marriage as a convenience as you have been and work on finding other people to occupy much of your time, or whether you will leave completely because the marriage feels false to you.

If you can recall how you once cared about your husband and if you can find value in him, then perhaps you can still work on the relationship. You will need to have heart to heart talks with him, though, and go through some counseling just so you both can recognized where your marriage has fallen short. He has not been present in your life; you might not have shared your disappointment with him directly, in a way he really understands.

It is important for you both to understand exactly “where” the other person is right now, in terms of emotions and commitment, so you can get your bearings and decide what to do next. If you are each unaware of the problems the other person might see, you cannot fix anything.

Some people/cultures are able to view marriage as a professional relationship, where ‘romance’ is secondary. You now have a great deal of time you could use to help others and get involved with a variety of outside activities and good causes. If your home is stable and your husband is still committed to preserving that base on an impersonal level, and you don’t want to leave the marriage, you can at least find fulfilling ways to devote your time to others and get the interaction you crave. Maybe if you had some “outside experiences” to bring back to the marriage, that could help him find interest in your marriage again.

There are 22 years of a bad pattern here, though, so it won’t be easy to change. Decide what you are willing to commit to, then work towards that goal. Take each day slowly, since things can change only slowly. Be up front with your husband throughout the process; be engaged with him even when he isn’t engaged with you; and invite him to interact with you. Maybe he’ll come around.

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